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The Philippines is an archipelago in South-East Asia. It is comprised of more than seven thousand and six hundred islands. Each of these islands features its own landscape and its own distinctive personality. If you decide to spend one day on each island you will need around 20 years to explore the Philippines. This variety of geography and culture is why things to do in Philippines are varied and plentiful.
A large number of islands gives the Philippines one of the largest coastlines in the world, as well as a culture that displays a unique mix of different traits and traditions. The archipelago is divided into three main island groups: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

When to travel to the Philippines

The weather in the Philippines is a typical tropical maritime climate, meaning that it is often hot and humid. The hot dry season or dry summer is from March to May, while the rainy summer season is from June to November. Winter time is cool and dry, it lasts from December to February. But the weather can change significantly according to the area, for example, some areas in the mountains have an average temperature of 18°C year round. Mid-January to early March is usually the best time to visit the country, the weather is beautiful and you can enjoy many things to do in Philippines when it is not heavily raining, although some people say that tropical rains do have their charm.

Where to go in the Philippines

The capital, Manila, is one of the most heavily populated cities in the world, the crowded city posses an undeniable beauty though despite the traffic. Manila is an imposing cosmopolitan city that still features an authentic oriental aura.
The most popular tourist destination in the Philippines is Iloilo City. It is a tourist hub where tourists pass, either to stay or just as a stopover in their way to other beachfront destinations. If you are looking for things to do in Philippines you definitely need to stop by Iloilo City, you will find an abundance of tourist attractions there. You may even catch the city’s renowned Dinagyang Festival which features amazing colorful celebrations. The annual festival is held on the 4th weekend of January.
If you are looking for a city that features an unbelievable beauty and serenity you should head to Baguio, which is the country's summer capital because of its cool weather. The mountainous city boasts lush parks, beautiful landscapes, and picturesque buildings. It is definitely worth visiting.
Another popular tourist destination in the Philippines is Vigan. Listed as one of the new 7 wonder cities in the world, Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ancient city center of the stunning city is considered the best example of Spanish colonial architecture in the Philippines.

Things to do in Philippines

If you love adventure travel you will find numerous activities and things to do in Philippines. From whitewater rafting to scuba diving to island hopping, you will never lack for adventure in the country.