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Travel Activities: Indonesia
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An archipelago of 17000 islands comprising a multitude of temples and beaches, it's Indonesia.

Indonesia is considered a mixture of hundreds of unique cultures and languages. it is a marvelous country. located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Indonesia features gorgeous beaches, a tropical climate, and a rich cultural heritage. Indonesia tour packages often focus on showing tourists the countless wonderful natural locations in the country.

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, it is comprised of more than 17000 islands, however, when people think of Indonesia, all that comes to mind is Bali.

Best time to visit Indonesia

Weather in Indonesia is mainly comprised of two seasons, wet and dry, there are some regional exceptions though. The best time of the year to visit Indonesia is between May and September when the days are dry and sunny. The wet season is from October to April. The temperature remains fairly constant with an average of 27°C.

You can visit Indonesia alone or with your partner or even with your family because Indonesia’s weather and landscapes are suitable for all type of travelers.

Things to do in Indonesia

Whether you are interested in watersports such as scuba diving and snorkeling, or in exploring different species of animals and plants, or in trekking up mountains, or even if you favor shopping in big cities and enjoying delicious cuisine, Indonesia may just be the best place to visit in Asia.

By browsing the tour packages in Indonesia, you will find that the most popular activities are related to watersports, like snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing, you have to try at least one during your tour in Indonesia.

Where to go in Indonesia

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. Home to over 10 million people with different backgrounds and different cultures, it is located in Java Island.

Jakarta is subject to a tropical climate and houses numerous elegant shopping malls so if you are excited to go shopping, Jakarta might be the best place to go.

Bali is situated 8 degrees south of The Equator, so the island features warm tropical climate all year long.

Bali’s white beaches are the best destination for family holidays. They feature a variety of water sports, such as parasailing, fly fish, jet ski and banana boats.

Komodo island, which is located East Nusa Tenggara, is a popular destination in Indonesia tour packages.

The climate in Komodo is the driest in Indonesia. The beaches of the island are full of colorful coral reefs and a variety of seagrass beds. Komodo is home to a very famous pink beach that has resulted from the degradation of red corals which in combination with the white sand has created a unique and charming color.

Java is so popular in any tour packages to Indonesia, this island has been formed as result of volcanic eruptions.

In Java, you can travel to the city of Surabaya or have a beach holiday in Anyir or visit Borobudur or go shopping in Bandung or explore the waterfalls of Baturaden or climb mount Bromo.