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Tourism in PhilippinesThe name “ Philippines” is derived from the name of the Spanish king Philip II during the colonial period. Its official language is Filipino, in addition to the English language that is spoken by most of the population in the Philippines. It is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world.The Philippines is among the few countries that its history has combined Asian, European and American influences. The cultural and civilizational diversity that the country has witnessed and which has left its effects on its buildings, archaeological sites, streets, and old neighborhoods until now, along with the picturesque lush nature reflected by its volcanic mountains and green hills with its coastal islands, rivers, and fresh waterfalls made the Philippines a country attractive to tourists and advancing on many countries of the world in terms of tourism Globalism. Philippines tourism plays an important role in the Philippine economy.Types of tourism in PhilippinesThe Philippines is known for its magnificent beaches, the diversity of its culture, various activities, wildlife, natural beauty, and its festive lifestyle. So you have many types of tourism to visit and explore.The beaches of the Philippines are among the longest coastlines in the world. You can explore hundreds of tropical islands and beaches by yourself. The culture of the Philippines is very diverse, Its unique location has made the Philippines the commercial, cultural and intellectual center of Asia. The lifestyle in the Philippines is full of celebrations. Filipinos are one of the friendliest people on earth. They love to celebrate, there are many festivals that are celebrated throughout the year, and foreign guests are always welcome at home. The activities in the Philippines are diverse, especially water activities. It has the best locations in the world for water activities such as Scuba diving.Nature in the Philippines is the most enjoyable. You can find an underground river, Chocolate hills, Sunken underwater islands, and a lake inside a volcano.GeographyThe Philippines is located in the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Southeast Asia, and in the north, you find Japan, Taiwan, and China, and in the west Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, covering an area of ​​more than 1,840 km. If you want to visit the Philippines, you must devote more than 20 years to spend a day on each island, as it consists of more than 7000 islands.WeatherThe Philippines is known for its tropical climate. Average temperatures range from 25 ° C to 32 °C, and humidity around 77%.From November to February are the coldest months. From March to May is the summer “ the hottest period”, during summer, the country suffers from drought. And the rainy season begins in June and runs through October with the chance of strong storms. Who would enjoy it and why?The Philippines is suitable for families and its magnificent beaches make it a romantic destination for honeymooners. It is a great place for diving, swimming, and surfing. There are countless coral reefs to explore. It’s cheap, it’s easy to get around, the people are lovely and friendly, it makes you feel adventurous. It also has many impressive beaches and varied cuisines.Best time to visit philippinesThe best time to visit the Philippines is from December to February when temperatures are around 24℃-31℃. In particular, February is an amazing time to visit the Philippines as the rainy season has long since passed and the slightly cooler temperatures make it easier to fully explore the beautiful Islands.Tourist destination in PhilippinesFrom bustling cities to stunning beaches and mountains, the Philippines has many tourist destinations to see, adventures to experience, and activities to do. Here are some places to visit in the Philippines to enjoy your trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world:See some sights in Manila Manila city, the capital of the Philippines combines history with modernity, wealth, and poverty. It has the most famous scenes is a walled area called Intramuros. You have many things to do in Manila including museums, shopping malls, parks, and churches, as well as nightlife. Manila is also famous for its varied cuisine.Snorkel in Cebu City Cebu City is the oldest city in the country, it has many historical and religious monuments. And it is considered one of the best destinations in the Philippines, where tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking in the Kawasan Falls. Dive in El NidoIt is part of Palawan Island, it has white sand beaches, coral reefs and clear blue waters full of fish, making it a popular spot for swimming, diving, and kayaking.Make a tour in Davao city Davao City is the central city in the Mindanao region, southern Philippines. It features many natural elements, including the Eden Nature Park, and the Philippines Eagle Center.Head to the museums that focus on history, art, and culture in Davao. Then visit the temples and finally, you can enjoy shopping where you will find a variety of souvenirs and pearls.Explore BoholIt is a destination that displays the country's natural beauty. One of the island's most unique natural wonders is the chocolate hills. Also, there are more activities to do, where diving can be practiced, ideal for kayaking,  and white sand beaches.Engage with the nature in BanaueBanaue deserves a visit to the northern Philippines. It is surrounded by terraces of rice, the rice terraces cover 4,000 square miles of mountainside. It is impressive for its carved beauty. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.Go to the beach… BoracaySince the Philippines has thousands of islands, visitors are never far from the beach. Boracay is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in the Philippines and is a famous beach destination with many tourists, where they can take an outrigger sailboat tour. And we see colorful parasails fill the air.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow many tourists visit the Philippines each year?According to the Department of Tourism, more than 2.204 million foreign tourists visited the Philippines in the 1st quarter of 2019.What is the Philippines known for?The Philippines is known for having white sandy beautiful beaches, expansive rice paddies, delicious food, especially fruit, and unique shopping malls. It is also known as a country full of culture and history.Is the Philippines expensive?Manila and Cebu are a few of the tourist hotspots that can be expensive. In the rest of the Philippines, you can easily spend a day within a budget of $35.Is the Philippines cheaper than Thailand?Yes, Thailand is more expensive than the Philippines only because there is a tourism boom in Thailand.

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