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ماشاءالله فكرة المكان مختلفة و غير تقليدية والاسعار مقبولة

My girls enjoyed the day at Kidzania. We spent around 6 hours there so we were tired after trying different jobs and activities. The way it is set up is so creative, it felt like if we are in a small city just for kids.

ممتاز جداا

we spent a lovely day and my child was impressed with everything there and the staff was so friendly with the kids, highly recommended!

February 17, 2024

مكان جميل جدا و مرتب ولكن الدخول اخد وقت طويل ارجو من كيدزانيا تعديل نظام الدخول لتقليل الوقت


كيدزانيا مكان جميل جدا و الاطفال بيستمتعوا فيه

My kids enjoyed coming to Kidzania with their friends.