Horseback Riding: Best Horse Riding Tours around the world

April 27, 2019
Riding horses is fun, imagine creating a bond with such a powerful animal as a horse! Horses are one of the kindest and gentlest animals you will ever meet. Riding a horse and going for a hack is all you need after a stressful day or week. Whether you rode a horse before or not, you will always find someone to help or a riding school near you to suit your needs. If you're looking for something special to do and suit all the family members, so it's definitely horse riding! People of all ages enjoy it so much, so don't be put off. This article shows you the best horse riding hacks tours all over the world, so don’t miss it and start looking for the nearest tour for you.

Benefits of Horse Riding

Benefits of Horse Riding Horse riding is a healthy exercise, and at the same time, it is a unique form of entertainment. Building strength and confidence are good things, that you will gain from riding horses. Also, there are many other positive things that riding a horse can do. Besides building strength in the body, it can also be used as therapy. The physical benefits that can be improved from horseback riding are circulation, respiration, balance and body metabolism. It also can help with the movement of the riders’ legs and increase coordination in their muscles. Benefits of Horse Riding

How heavy of a person can a horse carry?

How heavy of a person can a horse carry? The general rule is that a horse has to carry between 15 to 20% of their weight, including the riding equipment and the rider. Based on the recommendation of a study, horses should not be loaded with more than 20% of their body weight. For example, a 545-kilogram horse would be able to carry about 109 kg of equipment and rider. How heavy of a person can a horse carry?

The Best Horse Riding Tours

The Best Horse Riding Tours A unique experience to feel like a real nomad exploring the amazing scenery. Take one of the best horse riding marvellous trips through a magnificent landscape, incredible mountains, or even along the beach shore while the blue skies are hugging you. Every horseback riding adventure includes highly qualified trainers and trained horses to let you go throughout an unforgettable experience. The Best Horse Riding Tours


Malta Horses are an important part of Maltese life. Horse riding is a fun way to explore the countryside of the island. Also, it is possible to arrange sunset or sunrise tours. The island has many stables that offer rides for adults and children. Enjoy one of the best horse riding trips while exploring Malta. Malta


Bali During your holiday in Bali, don’t miss experiencing one of the best horse riding tours. This tour will take you for an hour and a half on the back of a horse. You can ride a horse on the Saba beach while enjoying the marvellous view of Batur volcano and Lake Batur. Enjoy plenty of tour packages in Bali and discover the beauty of Bali on a horseback. Bali


Egypt Although Egypt has plenty of things to do and discover, the most interesting thing is to have a horseback ride. One of the best horse riding tours that you can ever enjoy is those you find in Egypt. Discover the beauty of the Egyptian desert or take a ride along the beach. Beginners and expert riders are welcomed for any horse riding trip. Many places in Egypt offer you a fantastic horse riding such as The Pyramids of Giza. Also, one of the best things to do in Luxor is having a horse riding trip. The beauty and wonder of the red sea is another place to discover while you are enjoying tour packages in Egypt. Egypt


Jordan Interested in horse riding? Examine one of the best horse riding treks in Jordan. The best adventure you can experience in your travel packages in Jordan. Among your horse riding, enjoy the view of Petra from above the Indiana Jones way. Experience a new way of Settling into a saddle for a memorable morning or afternoon horseback experience. Jordan


Bahrain Pureblood Arabian horse is an elegant, majestic and breed like no other. Enjoy one of the most amazing and best horses riding in Bahrain. Experience the beauty of the desert and the stunning skyline of the sun by the Karbabad beach and Bahrain Fort. You can begin your unforgettable ride from the horse riding centre, pass by some quaint villages and the Bahrain Fort. Continue your ride towards the beach for a breezy ride and return back to the Centre. Bahrain