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Culture Sharqiah Season Festival: A cultural celebration June 02, 2022

Sharqiah Season Festival is a cultural festival in the Eastern Region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it features a mixture of traditional events, sporting events, and film screenings. Hosting a variety of entertainment options suited for each city, the festival endeavors to promote opportunities for Saudi talent in the film industry while also featuring various films from the GCC region. In addition to introducing new talents and movies, This festival is also an exceptional way to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Kingdom. attending Sharqiah Season is definitely one of the top things to do in the Eastern Province. How Sharqiah Season Festival came to life Sharqiah Season is a collaborative effort by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, the General Entertainment Authority, the General Culture Authority, and the General Sports Authority. It focuses on eastern province cities such as Dammam, Dhahran, Alkhobar, Al-Ahsa, and Jubail, while future seasons will focus on other regions in the Kingdom. It was a part of an initiative called Saudi Seasons, aiming to increase tourism in Saudi Arabia and provide jobs for young Saudis. When did the season start? The first season was held in 2019, it included a large number of events that attracted people from both inside and outside of Saudi. Sharqiah Season was the first of 11 Saudi seasons of entertainment planned for 2019, it included more than 83 different events that took place across nine cities in the region.   The highlights of that festival were: The Fifth Annual Saudi Film Festival Taking place from March 21 to 26, 2019 at the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) in Dhahran, this festival was organized by the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts (SASCA) in Dammam, in partnership with Ithra. It aimed to honor Saudi and Gulf cinema figures and included 10 training workshops and 10 seminars. It was a fantastic chance to promote opportunities for Saudi talent in the film industry and flicks from the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman were also included among screenings.   Red Bull Air Race Taking place in Dammam from March 21 to 23, 2019, the demo was organized along with the General Sports Authority. Called “the most advanced aerial challenge in existence.”, the air-racing competition, was developed in 2003 and accredited by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).    In this race, pilots fly just meters from the ground and against the clock to complete an obstacle course full of twists and turns, using fast, agile, high-performance race planes. Color Run  Taking place at South Alkhobar Corniche,  participants in the 5-km dash were doused with colored powder at the end of every kilometer. Runners started dressed all in white and emerged at the end of the run covered in the colors of the General Entertainment Authority’s logo. Concerts Concert fans rejoiced at the Asharqiah Music Festival, as it featured performances by major names at Dammam’s Life Park. US rapper Pitbull and Canadian DJ Deadmau5 were among the participants, as well as Egyptian vocalist Amr Diab, US-Moroccan rapper French Montana, and American singer Akon. Lovers of regional music were not left out, with appearances by Assala Nasri and Mutrif Al-Mutrif, Nabil Shuail, and Hatem Al-Iraqi, all at the Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Center in Al-Qatif. Other noteworthy festivals in Saudi Arabia Before coronavirus the Saudi calendar used to feature several amazing festivals, hopefully, most of them will be back soon. Janadriyah National Festival Held in Janadriyah, just outside Riyadh, this is the most renowned cultural festival in Saudi Arabia. Al-Janadriyah lasts for two weeks each year, and people attend it from everywhere in the Kingdom, citizens, and expats both enjoy this incredible chance to celebrate the local culture and heritage. It offers a glimpse into all aspects of life in the GCC.  If you are interested in local crafts, traditional dancing, camel races, horse races, or any aspect of the old way of life, Janadriyah is the perfect event for you. Riyadh Season Spanning over 2 months, Riyadh Season is a city-wide celebration of modern culture. Just like Sharqiah season, it is one of the initiatives taken by the Kingdom to boost economic and tourist activity. The first season was held in 2019. In that season, 12 zones were set up for the festivities, and multiple events were held, one of the most memorable was the performance by Cirque du Soleil. Buraidah Date Festival Buraidah Date Festival centers around date manufacturing, processing, and products such as molasses, dough, sugar, jam, and chocolate.  The is the biggest date market in the world. Offering more than 30 varieties of dates. The annual three-month festival starts in August of every year. For more activities in Saudi Arabia see also: Things to do in Saudi Arabia Things to do in Jubail

Culture Riyadh Season: The pleasure of entertainment in the Saudi capital November 02, 2021

The General Authority for Entertainment (GAE), which was founded under the aegis of the Public Investment Fund, has played a key role in promoting the growth of the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia (PIF). This sector is likely to grow even further with the introduction of new tourism permits. The Saudi Arabia entertainment market includes theme parks/amusement parks, festivals, and concerts, as well as earnings from other sorts of entertainment, such as Riyadh Season. The Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) exposition is a new show that aims to help the industry grow faster in the run-up to the Kingdom's Vision 2030. SEA will be the Kingdom's first-ever entertainment and amusement trade show. Theme parks and amusement parks are in high demand in Saudi Arabia. Vision 2030 aims to raise household leisure spending from 2.9% to 6.0% by 2030. The market for amusement and entertainment in Saudi Arabia was established. Riyadh Season The Riyadh Season will feature 70 performances by Arab singers and musicians, as well as 6 performances by international artists, a free wrestling bout, and an international match. The Riyadh Season 2 will take place over 5.4 million square meters across 14 locations of the capital, with 7,500 activities planned. In addition, there will be at least 200 new restaurants and 70 new cafés, as well as 350 theatrical events and productions, including 18 Arab plays and six international plays. There will also be over 100 interactive events and ten international exhibitions. The first “Riyadh Season” took place in 2019, from October 11, 2019, to January 18, 2020. During the initial season, more than 10 million people visited the venues. What is the Riyadh Season? The Riyadh Season, which lasts for two months, is primarily a city-wide celebration of Riyadh and, in a broader sense, Saudi Arabia and its people. It is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's many projects aimed at boosting economic and tourist activities, with a focus on non-religious tourism. As Saudi Arabia strives toward a more progressive future, the program is in accordance with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Vision 2030. International visitors can now enter Saudi Arabia with ease, as the country has intended to encourage tourism by making obtaining an e-visa a quick and painless process. Over a hundred activities, concerts, and experiences are being held throughout Riyadh to commemorate the nation as a whole. In the inaugural season, which took place in 2019, 12 zones were set up for the festivities, and a variety of events were held, including a BTS K-Pop concert, WWE Crown Jewel, Cirque du Soleil, and Comic-Con, in order to appeal to a vast and diversified global audience. Logo of the Festival Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh coined the phrase "imagine more," which became the Riyadh season's new slogan. The new season's tagline, "Imagine," is a strong sign that the new season will have more activities and entertainment than the previous season's phrase. When is it going to be held? You're probably one of those who wonder, "When does the Riyadh season start?". Fortunately, it will start on the 11 of October and will be held for 2 months to be ended on 15 of December 2021. The festival will feature a wide range of fascinating and diverse events, festivities, and large exhibitions to attract tourists and travelers. It should be noted that due to the effects of the Coronavirus epidemic, this date may be impacted. What can we look forward to in Riyadh Season 2? This year's Riyadh Season, also known as Riyadh Season 2, is set to begin in the fourth quarter of 2021, and in order to make up for last year's events being canceled due to COVID-19, the Saudi government has decided to make it bigger than ever; around 20 million people are expected to attend the festival. Riyadh Season 2 is set to take place in an area of 5 million and 400,000 square meters, in 14 zones, according to announcements made by Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The season will include the establishment of an incredible 7,500 events. This year's apparent highlight is the establishment of a free wrestling match and an international match, in addition to 70 Arab concerts and 6 international concerts. A total of 200 restaurants and 70 cafés have signed up to participate, with 350 theatre performances planned, including 18 Arab plays and 6 international plays that will appeal to a wide audience. It's also worth noting that there will be 100 interactive experiences and 10 international exhibitions. How to buy tickets? The "Tawakkalna" application is one of the most visible digital solutions assisting the Kingdom's efforts to manage the Corona pandemic, as it is currently a pioneering experiment in enabling digital transformation to contribute to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals. The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) and the General Entertainment Authority recently reached an agreement to provide the service of attaching tickets for entertainment events to the "Tawakkalna" app and adopting it as an official way to access entertainment events. Under the terms of the agreement, ticket service providers approved by the General Entertainment Authority will be linked to the Tawakkalna application, allowing the final beneficiary's tickets to appear on the app and benefit from digital services such as providing tickets for entertainment activities electronically. The agreement contributes to enhancing guests' experiences at events and entertainment venues in a timely and efficient manner, as well as achieving the reliability and security that distinguishes the "Tawakkalna" application. Also, See: Activities in Riyadh Places to visit in Riyadh: Wonderful attractions and activities to do in the capital! Restaurants in Riyadh: Top nice and affordable restaurants for expats