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Hospitality Best restaurants in Dahab : Where to eat on your trip in Dahab? March 10, 2022

Icon of tourism in Egypt and the world; Dahab is the city you'll want to go back to. Dahab is aptly named due to its tourist and historical value, which is valued as gold that never rusts, no matter how many years pass. Dahab tourist Places include several sites and landmarks worth visiting, including Dahab restaurants that serve delicious dishes with high-quality food. Join us for a food adventure through the most popular and best restaurants in Dahab. Dahab city Dahab is a small town situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, near Sharm El Sheikh.  Dahab city has become very popular. This charming city, which started from being just a simple Bedouin fishing village, now has one of the most magical coastal cities in Egypt. In Dahab, you can find the most beautiful beaches and resorts with a picturesque nature that captivates you. It is also distinguished by the availability of recreational activities, you can find numerous things to do in Dahab such as diving in the most beautiful water sports and watching rare colored fish as it is one of the most popular diving destinations in Sinai. In addition, there are many restaurants with delicious foods at cheap prices. The best restaurants in Dahab  Dahab is a coastal town, so you will find a large number of restaurants and cafes offering delicious dishes, especially seafood. This list includes the best restaurants in Dahab: Everyday cafe It is considered one of the most popular restaurants in Dahab. It serves its food and drinks to the melodies of music from all over the world, as it serves breakfasts, oriental and international dishes, and sweets. It is distinguished by its marvelous decoration and the inclusion of a popular "swing" over the water, where tourists come to take the most beautiful pictures. Concerts are also held every day. Overall Ratings 4.5  King chicken  It is very popular with tourists in Dahab due to its low prices and the quality of its dishes. This restaurant is considered one of the best-grilled chicken restaurants, offering the best types of different dishes, in addition to oriental cuisine. Not only is it grilled, but it also serves a variety of Egyptian dishes, most notably Molokhia, kofta, salads, and sweets. Chicken King Restaurant isn’t located on the beachfront, but you will always find the place crowded because it has the most delicious grilled chicken ever. Overall Ratings 4.5  Athanor Cafe-Pizzeria Here the Italian food is served at its best. This restaurant is known for serving the best types of pasta and pizzas with Italian flavors, and it also serves homemade burgers. The restaurant is also famous for its cheesecake and chocolate desserts. Overall Ratings 4.5  Ralph's German Bakery It is the best breakfast restaurant, serving German-style pastries such as croissants and desserts, and an excellent selection of freshly baked bread. Overall Ratings 4.5  Ali Baba Restaurant This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dahab overlooking the sea. Ali Baba Restaurant offers a range of fresh seafood, as well as light bites and breakfasts. It is also very popular with Dahab visitors due to its wonderful sea view, its good reputation, its friendly staff, as well as its varied menu that suits all visitors' tastes, including seafood and meat dishes as well as great poultry and barbeques. Overall Ratings 4.5 Ramez and Paula Restaurant It is one of the best restaurants in Dahab that serves Italian cuisine, where Italian chefs work in the place, and it offers a wonderful variety of delicious pastries and baked goods that many adore and suitable for breakfast and dinner as well. Overall Ratings 4.2 Yum Yum restaurant Yum Yum Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dahab to eat authentic Egyptian food, especially falafel, beans, hummus, koshary, and other delicious foods. This restaurant attracts large numbers of locals and tourists, as it is characterized by its reasonable prices for everyone. It is located in Al Mamsha El Seyahi in Al Mashrabiya area. Overall Ratings 4.5 Tourism in Dahab Tourism in Dahab is an adventure. Although it is a quiet city in South Sinai province, there are many things to do in Dahab, but the city’s beaches have its own charm, where you can enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the white sand, dive in the clear waters, also climb mountains and safari trips. The Egyptian city of Dahab is famous for its long walkway parallel to the sea, bordered from the north by a variety of hotels, various stores, cafes, restaurants, and diving centers. Places to visit in Dahab The Egyptian city of Dahab has many wonderful and popular tourist destinations, such as: Mount Tawilat It is one of the most beautiful nightlife in Dahab, where you will enjoy Bedouin songs and Tanoura shows, as well as Bedouin food and the popular maramia tea drink. Abu Galum Abu Galum is an attraction for tourists. It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, and it is characterized by combining the mountainous and beachy environment, making it a distinctive place with the proximity of the mountains to the beach, which makes the view amazing. It contains many types of coral reefs and colorful fish, and it also includes many types of plants, some of which are only found in this area. Blue Hole This area in Dahab is considered one of the most popular diving places in the world, due to its charming coral reefs and different types of fish. It has a large number of tourists every day. Nabq Nature Reserve Nabq Nature Reserve is located on the Gulf of Aqaba between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh. It has an area of ​​600 square kilometers. It is an attractive area for tourists, where it combines the desert, mountain, and coastal environment, with wild animals and birds, the sea, coral reefs, colorful fish, and charming golden dunes. Wadi Gnai Many tourists come to this valley to enjoy a range of activities such as swimming, diving, and motorbiking, as well as mountain climbing and camping. The Laguna  The most important thing that distinguishes this area is its sandy beach, unlike most of Dahab's beaches. This makes it an attraction for divers, as you find stunning underwater views. Best time to travel to Dahab Dahab is a world-class destination at any time of the year, where you can visit any part of the city during any month of the year, and the only specific places preferred to avoid are the desert during the summer, and the mountains during the winter, of course, due to the high heat from March to June, and their decline between the highlands during September to February. Dahab during the Coronavirus outbreak The commitment to social distance in Dahab is the reason why people choose to stay in Dahab during the Coronavirus pandemic. People come from all over Egypt to Dahab because it is safe, as the numbers of people infected with the virus in Dahab are very few. Read Also Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo South Sinai Travel: Best places to visit in Egypt's blessed land!

Destinations South Sinai Travel: Best places to visit in Egypt's blessed land! March 10, 2022

Sinai, the Egyptian land that links between Africa and Asia, the spot that has managed to capture imaginations throughout the centuries. South Sinai is Egypt’s gleaming tourism destination which offers endless adventures. From Red Sea resorts, underwater activities, coral reefs and great diving, to Bedouin culture and religious attractions, South Sinai has a lot to offer for everyone. The region is well known for its deep religious significance and its strategic position as a crossroads of empires: prophets and pilgrims, conquerors and exiles have all left their footprints on Sinai sands. Inland are desert adventures, close-up encounters with traditional Bedouin culture and treks up Mount Sinai to see the sunrise over St Catherine’s Monastery. South Sinai beaches are pleasant spots even if you are not into water activities. Divers and underwater lovers can explore the extra­ordinary Red Sea reefs, either from a base on the coast or on a liveaboard. In this article, we bring you a list of must-visit places in South Sinai, so get ready to explore more about this heaven on earth! Check the best packages and activities offers in South Sinai Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is the biggest and fastest-growing holiday destination in Egypt that boasts sun, sea, and sand at affordable prices. Sharm El Sheikh offers you the widest array of fun, exciting, and even crazy water and extreme sports: besides diving, snorkeling, sailing, wind, and kite-surfing, you can even try sky diving or parachuting from a helicopter. It is the central gateway to the region where tourists are drawn by an intoxicating range of plush five-star resorts at relatively low prices – and the near-guaranteed good weather is also a strong draw. Sharm El Sheikh includes the smaller coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous interior, St. Catherine and Mount Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh is a significant center for tourism in Egypt and it promotes itself as ‘The City of Peace’ – a venue for international peace conferences, which are held in large resort hotels. Check the best things to do in Sharm El Sheikh Naama Bay Naama Bay is a natural bay in Sharm El Sheikh and is considered the main hub for tourists in the city, with tightly packed restaurants, crowded shopping malls, and the busiest bars and nightclubs. Naama Bay is where most people come to eat outside their hotel, and many of the surrounding hotels organize free shuttle transfers. From the late afternoon, Naama Bay is really buzzing, fuelled by happy-hour offers at many of the bars, some of which have rooftop terraces with great views. Ras Mohamed National Park Located near the resort city of Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohamed was the first National Park in Sinai. It is famous for its underwater life and coral reefs, and so is usually visited for snorkeling and scuba diving, either by car or by boat. Ras Mohamed National Park has exceptionally nutrient-rich water flowing in strong currents, attracting fishes of all sizes, especially during the summer months. Considered one of the top diving sites in the world, it encompasses several marine ecosystems and is home to more than 1,000 species of fish, marine animals, and corals. It is possible to explore the deeps with full diving equipment or simply snorkel. Those who don’t want to get wet can glimpse this watery world on a glass-bottom boat or submarine tour. Ras Mohamed also protects the shoreline environment, including rare mangrove forests with abundant birdlife. St Catherine Monastery and Mount Sinai The Monastery of St. Katherine and Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa) are located in the town of St Catherine, in the center of the interior. The monastery is the oldest continuously inhabited monastery in the World and its library has the largest religious collection after the Vatican. The church houses some of the monastery’s treasures donated by wealthy benefactors. It was built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in the 6th century AD. Mount Sinai is one of the highest mountains around town, offering stunning sunsets and sunrises. Known locally as Jabal Mosa or Mount Moses, it is a point of pilgrimage for generations, This is said to be where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. For many Christians, Jews and Muslims this is a very spiritual place. Colored Canyon The Colored Canyon is one of the natural wonders of South Sinai. It's a maze of sandstone rocks in hues of red, yellow, purple, magenta, and gold reaching up in some places a height of 40 meters. The uneven forms and height of the rocks sometimes make climbing necessary, so be prepared and try to get there as early as possible, not only because of the weather but also to avoid the crowds. Whether alone or with a group of friends, be sure that you will enjoy the magic of the place. Yet you will need to have a guide to the Canyon. Dahab Dahab means "gold" in Arabic, and it is really a piece of gold on the Red Sea shore.  Dahab is located 90 km away from Sharm El Sheikh. Transformed from a dusty Bedouin outpost to a spruced-up tourist village, the town is so clean and vibrant and it offers different accommodation choices for everyone without destroying its budget-traveler roots. It is probably the most appealing for those who want to soak up some sun in pristine beaches, relax in a laid back atmosphere and try local restaurants. There are also plenty of activities to do in Dahab, from a Bedouin night in Mount Tawilat, to all the crazy sea fun in the Blue hole, Abou Galoum, and Blue Lagoona. There's a saying: "Whoever comes to Dahab leaves a piece of his heart and soul in the town". Nuweiba Located 87 km away from Dahab, Nuweiba is Sinai's largest oasis, where fine-sand beaches are dressed with Bedouin beach tourist camps. Uniquely inhabited by two distinct Bedouin tribes, Nuweiba is still a destination where you can unwind and relax away from the usual mass tourism hustle and bustle. Both Dahab and Nuweiba are thriving resorts but fortunately remain less developed than Sharm al-Sheikh. They are both well equipped for diving, windsurfing, and other water sports. It is also a perfect destination to go on for exploration tours into the depths of the Sinai desert. Explore the nearby Red Sea destinations such as Taba, Tiran Island, and Nawamis site which is the biggest site of the mysterious Nabataean buildings. Often claimed they are burial places, but no bones were found to prove this theory. They are always located at elevated points with the doors always facing west. All these trips can be arranged from Nuweiba through a tour operator or with the help of your hotel desk. Also Read: Egyptian beauty: The best beaches in Egypt

Destinations Egyptian beauty: The best beaches in Egypt March 10, 2022

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Egypt features mesmerizing deserts, fascinating greenery, and absolutely gorgeous beaches. Due to its interesting location, Egypt has beaches on both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, as well as river banks on the Nile and several beautiful lakes and oases. Let’s take a tour of the best beaches in Egypt. Egyptian beaches for relaxing If you appreciate relaxing on the beach (who doesn’t) you will love these Egyptian beaches, they combine amazing weather with beautiful scenery for a perfect vacation. Marsa Matrouh Situated 290 kilometers away from Alexandria and 524 km away from Cairo, Matrouh is one of the most popular resorts along the Mediterranean in Egypt. The brilliant beaches of Marsa Mtrouh are protected by a stone formation that acts as a natural sea breaker, that is why they are as calm as they are beautiful. They also feature white sand and turquoise water in a rare color combination, which makes them the perfect relaxation destination. The best beach in Marsa Matrouh: Ageeba Ageeba lies forty kilometers away from the city but it is definitely worth the trip. No visit to Marsa Matrouh is ever complete without checking The beach famous as The pride of Marsa Matruh. The Arabic word "Ageeba" means "the astonishing one" and with its extraordinary beautiful rock formations, the beach is aptly named. Ageeba beach is naturally set between two high cliffs, with a million shades of turquoise, blue and green, the water there is unlike any other beach in the world. There is also a cafe with a panoramic view on top of the cliff if you do not want to swim, the weather in Marsa Matrouh is generally balmy and nice, but on this high cliff, it’s even more beautiful. The North Coast This stretch of beach between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh features marvelous beaches and brilliant weather, that is why it is one of the top summer destinations in Egypt. The coast is home to a large number of resorts, it is also home to the New Alamein city, which is set to be the new tourist hub in the Mediterranean. The best beach on the North Coast: Sidi Abd El-Rahman Bay 132 kilometers west of Alexandria and 30 km west of Al Alamein, Sidi Abd El-Rahman Bay is one of the most serene beaches in Egypt. The area may be quiet, but that is perfect for relaxation, and many tourist hubs like Marrassi and Hacienda offer activities, facilities, and services so if you want to do more than relax you will not lack options. The Best Beaches in Egypt for diving and snorkeling Egypt is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to diving and snorkeling, the biodiversity and the clarity of the water make it a dream come true for divers, as well as the warmth of the water most of the year. Many cities along the coast feature beautiful diving sports, so here are our top choices. Dahab Dahab is an amazing destination, it features beautiful beaches combined with a vibe of serenity and a minimalist lifestyle. Visiting Dahab should be on top of the list when choosing a diving destination in Egypt. The name of the city means gold in Arabic, and with its golden sandy beaches, the city truly is a gem in Egypt. It is located an hour away from Sharm El Sheikh, and it is considered an ideal destination because it combines the best of both worlds, if you are an adventurer Dahab is bursting with activity, and if you just want to recharge it provides a stress-free seaside atmosphere. The best diving spot in Dahab: The Blue Hole The Blue Hole is a sinkhole that drops straight down to 130m. It is accessed from the shore. And while exploring the deeper depths is better left to experienced technical divers, there is still plenty to see and explore close to the surface. Intermediate to advanced divers can explore the thriving marine life with a reasonable plunge into the hole from 7m to 27m.  Hurghada With its sandy beaches and sunny blue skies throughout the year, Hurghada is a prime tourist destination in Egypt.  The city offers numerous recreational activities for its visitors, some of which are water activities that create the vacation of a lifetime. Water activities are among the top things to do in Hurghada. Because of the warm water most of the year, the abundance of marine life, and the beautiful, not too harsh, sun, Hurghada is one of the best diving destinations in the world.  The best diving destination in Hurghada: Straits of Gubal Straits of Gubal is the narrow strip of water between the Red Sea Coast and the Western shore of the Sinai Peninsula. it is one of the most popular diving spots in Egypt. It can be accessed from other cities, but it is easily accessed from Hurghada, and the sea trip to the spot is not to be missed. The best beaches for a day trip from Cairo Overlooking the banks of the Nile, the capital Cairo features no beaches. However, if you have a day off in the city, you can take a day trip to one of the nearby beautiful beaches and enjoy it. Ain Sokhna Just an hour’s drive from Cairo, Ain Sokhna is a year-round sunny destination on the Red Sea. This location, as well as the calm beaches, makes it a popular destination among both locals and tourists. Many hotels in Sokhna offer day-use options, if the one you choose doesn’t you can even spend the night and leave for work the next morning, it’s merely an hour away from the office. Activities are in abundance in the small tourist hub, Ain El Sokhna is considered a center for deep-sea fishing, as well as wind and kite surfing. The best place to enjoy the day in Sokhna As we mentioned above, most hotels in Ain Sokhna offer day-use options, but we highly recommend that you go for a cruise when in Sokhna. This way you get to enjoy the day to the max, swimming, fishing, and relaxing. You can easily book a boat trip to Sokhna in Advance and have a truly enjoyable weekend. To learn more about tourism in Egypt see also: This is Egypt: a new trend spreading on social media