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Eating & Dining Restaurants in London: A trip to the famous restaurants in London June 23, 2019

London is one of the most important destinations for visitors because it is characterized by the presence of wonderful tourism attractions as well as many luxury and popular restaurants, which offer the best dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where there are more than 4000 restaurants, which not only the quality of its taste but also the design of the restaurant, here are the most famous restaurants in London for those who meant the fog city for the first time.   1- MeatHouse Meathouse is a stylish, comfortable and spacious restaurant, serving steak "halal" of high- quality beef. They are cooked to charcoal and combined with different, tasty flavors that make them unique. Located just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross Station. On the menu of Meat House, you can see that there are all kinds of cuisine including seafood, burgers, salads, steaks and appetizers. 2- Holborn Dining Room Holborn Dining Room is located in central London, the restaurant has a refined decor, and It is the sort of place you’ll want to visit when you are hungry because the menu features classic British dishes made from the finest local ingredients and serves snacks and beverages. Enjoy delicious food with the best restaurants in London. 3- Hutong It is a Chinese restaurant serving exquisite and varied cuisine in northern China, the name is credited to a restaurant with the same name in Hong Kong. Hutong's cuisine takes its inspiration from the dishes served in imperial palaces of what was then Peking. As for the menu, it is done brilliantly and accurately, and a selection of cocktails inspired by the ingredients used in the amazing Chinese cuisine is provided, with a decorative craftsmanship that resembles scenes Spectacular panoramic views over London and the tower bridge, a wood blend and illuminated Chinese lanterns that give glamour to the place. 4- Ethos Ethos is a self-service restaurant located in the heart of central London, moments from Oxford Circus. Delicious vegetarian dishes are served on marble tables. As the vegetarian food is served, the menu also includes multiple options for those with special dietary needs, such as gluten-free, milk-free. The rhythms of the music with the décor of this restaurant will take you to a charming atmosphere, which is a great place for a dinner or lunch meeting. 5- Dishoom If you are an Indian food lover, Dishoom is the place for you, it is one of the largest modern Indian restaurants in London, where it is a great place for Indian-style meals, especially breakfast, and also offers a huge range of Asian and Eastern cuisine, and the design of the restaurant is characterized by Indian design and a very excellent location from cheering Cross Central street. 6- Fifteen The restaurant is one of the most prestigious restaurants in London, offering a delicious menu including local and international meals prepared in a high-quality style. It also features exquisite desserts. The restaurant has a large indoor area with many small tables spread over different heights, where the wall paintings are highlighted in a beautiful graffiti style, this restaurant is judged to be one of the five stars restaurants in London and must be visited because it has the highest rates of admiration of all nationalities. 7- Sticks’n’Sushi To sushi lovers, Sticks'n'Sushi restaurant offers you fresh, high-quality dishes. You can have your food on the stone plate with sticks and sushi to make a great view. If you are not a fish lover, you can choose other foods such as chicken, meat and vegetables. The restaurant has a great decor with dim lights and elegant tables, as well as brick walls and classic furniture, creating a harmonious and wonderful look that gives the customer high dining experience at a reasonable price. 8- Madison Madison Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in London for those looking to enjoy fresh cuts of meat hot off the grill that are perfectly seasoned and exceptionally cooked. Featuring some of London's most spectacular panoramic views from the rooftop terrace, it has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking St Paul's Cathedral. The location of this restaurant is one of the most distinguished sites in London. It is located in the "One New Change", where has very large collection shops offering all the products of international brands. Madison Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in the area. And has the highest percentage of visits. 9- Shezan Shezan is the oldest Indian restaurant in London, located in the heart of London and the central business districts. Shezan's menu features delicious Indian and Pakistani meals using Indian spices. For over 40 years, this restaurant offers the finest quality cuisine and enjoys a quiet and distinct atmosphere that makes the visitor feel comfortable and peaceful. It falls under the list of restaurants in London that offering halal food. 10- Kazan Kazan Restaurant is a traditional Turkish restaurant, one of the best restaurants in London "Halal". The restaurant is characterized by a classic exterior design outside and a distinctive atmosphere inside, offering distinctive Turkish pastries as well as many traditional and modern Turkish dishes. Tourists come from all over the world due to their different tastes from any other restaurant. It also features affordable prices.   Explore more cuisine: Food in Dubai: Dine in the Fancy Restaurants in Dubai Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants Best Italian Food: Taste The Famous dishes of the Country of Magic and Beauty  

Culture Best Carnivals Around the World: Learn about countries’ cultures April 23, 2020

Some big parties take place in the streets during Shrovetide, a period before Lent. Carnivals that occur in different parts of the world bring revellers and crowds of fun to the streets to celebrate before the 40-day fast begins. Parades, street parties and other forms of entertainment are just some of the carnivals in the store. Fine costumes, masks and various contests also represent some of the distinctive features of a carnival. Almost everyone is familiar with the Rio de Janeiro carnival, but the other carnivals we highlighted below are full of life as those in Rio. Here a list of the best carnivals around the world, which are some memorable sites to embrace carnival spirit.   Basler Fasnacht, Switzerland   The Basel Carnival is on the list of the top 50 local festivals in Europe and is part of UNESCO's "Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". It is one of the best carnivals around the world. This carnival does not happen before the start of Lent, but it starts on Monday after Wednesday ashes in the early hours of the morning. Basler Fasnacht continues for 72 hours starting at 4 am on Monday and ending at 4 am on Thursday. Before the official opening, all lights in the city are switched off, and Carnival lanterns are played to accompany the music. "Endstreich" represents the end of the carnival. Carnival of Venice, Italy Venice’s carnival is known in Italy for complex masks worn by people. Perhaps the reason for the beautiful complex masks is that at the end of the carnival, the award is awarded to the most beautiful mask (la maschera piu bella). The carnival dates back to 1162 but was later banned since 1797 for almost two centuries. The modern carnival was revived in 1979 when the Italian government decided to revive the culture and history of Venice. About 3 million visitors travel to Venice to attend the Carnival each year before the start of Lent.   Travel packages in Italy    Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also celebrated before Lent, the world's second most famous carnival, then in Rio de Janeiro. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the largest Canary Islands. The capital's streets thrive on Friday before the carnival when the parade is held. Once the carnival officially opens, the celebrations will continue until Wednesday ashes. The burial of sardines (entierro de la sardine), a traditional ritual held on Wednesday ashes represents the end of the carnival. Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil If you want to be part of the largest outdoor party in the world, Rio de Janeiro is the place to go before Lent. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival is the largest carnival in the world in its roots in 1723. Also, it is one of the best carnivals around the world. More than two million people arrive at the streets of Rio during the Carnival every day. Floats, celebrants and decorations from various Samba schools are the most important in the carnival. Although the marches are held in Sambadrome, a venue with showrooms for viewers, many events are also organized on the street.   Learn about travel packages in Brazil to attend many events.   Notting Hill Carnival, London, UK This celebration took place on the street in London since 1966. It was initially envisaged that the festival would be an event to promote cultural unity, but soon the celebration of the neighbourhood's children became a carnival procession. Unlike other carnivals normally held during Lent, this carnival is spread over two days in August. About one million people from around the world come to be part of the Notting Hill Carnival, led by the British Indian-Western community. Cologne Carnival, Germany The main events at the Cologne carnival take place two days before Wednesday's ashes on the so-called Rose Monday. However, the making of happy mornings on the streets begins on Thursday when the streets are formally declared open. This week-long festival is full of parties and rallies and attracts about one million spectators, especially in Rose Monday. Carnival season also called "Season 5" traditionally begins on November 11, the month 11 in 11 minutes after 11 years. However, the celebration in the streets just before Lent. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA Bourbon Street, in the attractive French Quarter, offers some of the most fun games in the famous Big Easy Carnival. Expect fashion contests that respect bold exploits in the leather clothing industry, while the celebrants’ exchange beads of beads for two nude skin eyes, it is not obligatory. You will not always need to cover the eyes of children: the review "krewes" tends to lead the colourful and family-friendly Uptown. Get a boost from the King's Cake, a narcotic candy soaked in cinnamon. If your slide contains a plastic baby, the next cookie will be on you. Goa carnival, India It is one of the best carnivals around the world. Even after the collapse of the Portuguese Empire, European flavours remain strong in their former positions. The Portuguese brought the Christians to Goa in 1510, and their culture continues in Carnival celebrations here. Under colonial rule, slave workers and their masters exchanged roles. Nowadays, the Goa carnival is a mix of feather-adorned costumes, fire bursts and acrobatics, with some Hindu Pantheon throwing away; the best marches in the Panaji state capital. Indian and Portuguese specialities are strongly characterized by street food stalls and culinary competitions; just follow the powerful feijoada scent, mixing with the breeze with the seafood curry atmosphere. You can also read: Dilmun Civilization: The ancient civilization of the Gulf Inca’s Civilization: Traditions, Aspects of life and Achievements of Ancient Incan People Mayan achievements: Inventions and History of Maya civilization Peculiar cultures: Weird tribes around the world Different cultures: Strange traditions around the world

Eating & Dining Food in Dubai: Dine in the Fancy Restaurants in Dubai June 10, 2019

As you might expect, Dubai often gets a reputation for having high-angle cooking concepts. Although you will definitely find these options here, it is undeniable that dining in Dubai, if properly done, means exploring one of the most diverse, vibrant and delicious destinations on earth. Tasting and experiencing the different types of food in Dubai is a new type of exploring food adventure. Throughout your journey, you can taste the organic labneh panini seasoned with mint and a flurry of crunchy walnuts, beachside chicken Cheetoh sliders, or thyme-packed manousheh. Here are our picks for the best restaurants, where you can eat the best food in Dubai.   Tomo This Japanese hideout on the 17th floor features some of the city's spectacular views of Burj Khalifa. This is a place where you can experience great food in Dubai. Order squid thin slices with soy pickled squid, plus a few specialities rolls to start. For the main dish, get wagyu sukiyaki, cooked next to soy sauce, sweet rice wine, or Japanese-style fried chicken. Enjoy your dessert with a green tea cake rolled with vanilla ice cream. Aprons and Hammers Aprons & Hammer located in The DIMC Seyahi. It a natural choice for large group dinners and birthday parties, so expect a festive crowd. Experience the best sea food in Dubai during your visit to this fabulous restaurant. We recommend you wisely to grab an apron and hammer to break open sea buckets filled with lobster, mussels, shrimp and crab. Teatro Opened in 2001, this restaurant has been inspired by theatre design. Also, Dubai residents maintain a warm and familiar feeling amidst the city's fast-moving hospitality landscape. The food is eclectic. The large menu includes everything from maki sushi rolls and veal in Milan to spicy curry and mashed potatoes. Don’t leave without trying the Wasabi shrimp crisp tempura, which is one of the best food in Dubai that you can taste. La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie For a French bistro experience in the UAE, there is nothing more elegant or satisfying than the La Serre at the Vida boutique hotel. A selection of home-made pastries and bread (chocolate, brioche) is served at the boulangerie restaurant, while the richer dishes such as goat cheese and tartin with Bresaola offer you an upscale business lunch on the top floor. If you are here for dinner, you can share beef rice and toast with fried eggs and goose liver.  Adding with them the Brazilian cream with vanilla custard in Madagascar is a perfect choice. Mythos Kouzina & Grill Mythos is one of the most charming restaurants opened in Dubai over the past few years. It is like an intimate taverna with white stone walls and cave-like ceilings. Although it is located in the Jumeirah Lake Tower, a densely populated neighbourhood with skyscrapers and algae mists, it is totally different. Start your meal with spicy Feta cheese decorated with olive oil and a fried Graviera cheese imported from Naxos Island. For the main course, the chicken gyroscope is coiled in a warm grilled pita on charcoal, as is the case with roast octopus with white vinegar sauce and fennel wine. Loca This cozy, casual restaurant serves Mexican food in Dubai in a flat-screen industrial area ideal for enjoying the latest sporting events. Loca recently opened a second location at the Souk Al Bahar Shopping Center, but originally stuck to Dubai Marine Beach Resort. Start with the guacamole side table before ordering anything that is served with soft tortilla and white corn. On the most adventurous side, you'll find Tamale peeled corn and roast lamb wrapped in banana leaves. Salt This brand, which turned into meat-style trucks, serves beef from roast calf meat from Instavamos from an old silver car parked near Kite beach. Hungry and loyal fans line up for single or double burgers, chicken sandwiches with Cheetos, and milkshakes lotus with Belgian short cookies. Pierchic Pierchic is arguably the most romantic restaurant in Dubai and is expected to top the summit. The rooftop restaurant overlooks Burj Al Arab in the shape of a sail. The menu consists of high-end seafood dishes such as crustaceans, king oyster scallops with foie gras, gin-and-tonic-cured salmon with dill pollen and crispy rice. Beef, mutton and other meats are served too. But if you do not want to make a decision, check out the tasting menu, where you can taste the most delicious food in Dubai. Zuma The London-based Zuma, one of the many imports in Dubai, is a great place to eat sushi food in Dubai in an upscale atmosphere. Hidden tones and walls of rust steel are in line with fine Arabic engineering works. Expect small izakaya plates to share, such as black cod cabbage with lobster leaves and roasted lobster with ponzu butter shiso. Sushi and sashimi here are the best in Dubai, so you can choose from them. Fish Beach Taverna Fish Beach Taverna is located on the edge of the water at Le Meridien Mina Seyahi. Follow the cobbled road to an outdoor restaurant filled with white Santorini tables, matched by turquoise accents and a series of sparkling lights. For a real treat, choose a table on the beach and bury your feet on the sand while looking at the Palm Jumeirah. Bu Qtair Bu Qtair introduced Indian tea to pearl divers in the 1980s before it became what it is today: the famous and intense seafood cottage on Kite Beach. The menu contains three simple options: Hamur, Shari, or Shrimp, served in small, medium or large portions. The real drag is Masala fish legendary sauce. Baker & Spice Head here for a mix and match lunch of quiches, salads and vegetables. The four-salad plate is a great way to taste gourmet buffet dishes, but there is also an eclectic menu with a signature of different dishes. Chashoka and short ribs of braised beef preferably served with a crispy slice of French house bread. Other menu items include seasonal soups, burgers and stone-baked pita with pulled chicken or brisket. Explore more cuisine: Oman: Dine in the Best Oman Restaurants Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Roasted magic: The best coffee shops in Dubai Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food

Culture Eid in Bahrain: Fun to spend time with family and enjoy celebrations June 09, 2019

Eid in Bahrain has many celebrations, as well as each Islamic country. Although Eid is celebrated by Muslims across the globe, Bahraini people have their own traditions and celebration for the Eid. In Bahrain, you can see the warm families gathering while children play all around together. Enjoying many outdoor activities in the Kingdom. And also taste the famous desserts made for Eid celebrations. Eid is an exciting time to be in Bahrain, as centuries-old traditions meet modern festivities for three days. Here’s how locals celebrate the occasion. Here are some of the things you can do in Eid in Bahrain.   Praying at Al Fateh Grand Mosque Eid celebrations begin with prayer. Every family of men, women and children usually visit the nearest mosque for prayer. One of the most famous mosques in Bahrain is Al Fateh Mosque in Manama. Thousands of Bahrainis gather for Eid al-Fitr prayer. The Grand Mosque covers an area of 6,500 square metres and can accommodate 7,000 worshippers at once. Al Fateh Mosque is crowned with the largest glass fibre dome in the world. Its walls are beautifully decorated with the Kufic Font, making it a great place to stroll around the holiday. Helping poor people As one of the pillars of Islam, zakat is considered an important part of Ramadan. Many Muslims use this time to help others through charitable and voluntary work. Although this practice is common throughout the holy month, Bahrainis take advantage of Eid as an opportunity to do good, usually by donating to organized homes to ensure that those in need are able to participate in Eid celebrations. Family get-togethers over an Eid feast Traditionally, the Eid in Bahrain is celebrated by Bahraini families gathered at Al Bait Al Oud (family house) to celebrate Eid with their loved ones. Although at present a family may spread in many homes or even spread around the world, Bahrainis still meet with their families during holidays, often exchanging gifts or financial donations known as eidiya. After that, the holiday is celebrated with a festive meal: ghoozi, the rice dish is usually prepared with lamb, eggs, spices or machboos, another rice dish cooked with meat or fish. Traditional Sweets for Eid in Bahrain There is no festival all over the world complete without sweet treatments. The Bahrainis love their special dessert Halwa (sweet gelatinous candy covered with roasted cashews and almonds). khanfurush (sweet fried made from white flour, sugar, eggs, cardamom and saffron). Rehash (a sweet made from sesame paste) and more. Most of these desserts are served in Arab coffee shops. If you want to buy some for yourself and celebrate a different taste of Eid in Bahrain, the 150-year old Halwa Showaiter in Muharraq has a fantastic range of offerings. Wearing festive attire Most people buy new clothes to wear on Eid often dressed for each of the three holidays. It is a tradition of wearing ceremonial clothes, symbol of new beginnings and leaving old self. Today, local residents wear modern clothes and traditional clothing, with many Bahraini men wearing a thawb (long tunic), tawitha, and a headdress such as a keffiyeh, gatra or oghal. Women usually wear an abaya (long loose black dress) To cover their heads. Women also adorn their hands and feet with a henna tattoo as part of Eid traditions. Outings and entertainment in Eid in Bahrain Eid in Bahrain has many things to do. Today, many will celebrate the Eid outside the family home, and go out together for a movie or some indoor games in the corridors of a shopping mall. There are many malls in Bahrain that can be explored. If the weather is not very hot, people will head to one of the many parks, usually around sunset. As for some fun adventures to spend good times in the Eid, you can do some water activities on the blue water of Bahrain. It is also possible to experience horse riding in Bahrain, which is fun for the entire family. For more things to do in Bahrain: Travel packages in Bahrain.