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Culture Historical places in Bahrain: Historical Tour in Bahrain April 21, 2021

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago located in the Arabian Gulf. Although one of the smallest Arab countries in terms of area, It is a tourist destination for many visitors who go to enjoy its beautiful nature and to learn about the historical places in Bahrain. Historical places in Bahrain Historical places in Bahrain offer some wonderful images with their magnificent architecture, let's explore the highlights of Bahrain:   - Bab Al Bahrain It is one of the tourist attractions that attract many tourists and visitors to the Kingdom. It is an ancient archaeological gate that was restored in 1945 to bear all the details of the Islamic character rich in inscriptions and Qur'anic verses in the magnificent Arabic calligraphy. It is one of the most beautiful markets in Bahrain having a large number of stalls lined up to sell vegetables, fruits, clothes and handicrafts, and the best gold and pearls jewelry. Bab Al Bahrain is located at the entrance to the Central Business District. The main entrance to the Manama market is the Bahrain market. The location is very suitable for taking souvenir photos next to this important archaeological site. There are many activities at Bab Al Bahrain, Such as the Popular Products Show, which showcases many handmade products such as clothes, baskets, household items, and popular candy brands. - Qal’at Al-Bahrain One of the most important historical places in Bahrain, Qal’at Al-Bahrain is located near Manama and is intended to tourists as important Historical and Architectural monuments, especially listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle contains many historical monuments that tell about the history of Bahrain at different times, as well as excavations proving the existence of humans in this area since the beginning of creation, and visitors can take pictures of the memorial next to it. - Al Khamis Mosque The mosque is named in relation to the area where it was built, It is one of the oldest historical Islamic mosques in Bahrain. The mosque was built in the Islamic style. It contains two minarets standing at the corners of the front corners and has limestone slabs and the material used in the construction is wood and stone. Al-Khamis Mosque in its early times was of paramount importance as a place for religious rites and ceremonies, it was equipped with a school for teaching religion and accommodation for students. Due to its historical location, the mosque has been restored several times in order to preserve it as a significant impact of tourism in Bahrain. - Bahrain National Museum Opened in 1988 to be the first National Museum in the country with a history of more than 5 thousand years, the museum is a masterpiece of architecture and a wonderful collection of artifacts and heritage, manuscripts, books, and paintings. - Jebel Al Dukhan It is the highest hill elevated in Bahrain at 143 meters above sea level. The southern part of the mountain is the best place for camping. The mountain is named because of the fog that hangs over it most of the year, and there are a number of caves. - Al Areen Wildlife Park 40 minutes away from Manama Center is Al-Areen wildlife park is one of the best tourist activities in Bahrain. It was established in 1976 in Sakhir and it is the favorite place for Bahraini families to enjoy nature and there are many restaurants and hotels around the reserve. This park is annually attracted by a great number of visitors. - Al Fateh Grand Mosque Al Fateh Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Bahrain. This mosque was built in 1988. It was built of marble, glass, and teak. The most attractive thing is the dome of the mosque which is made of fiberglass and gives a wonderful view at night. The mosque was built to accommodate 7,000 worshipers and is now a large Islamic center with a library of more than 7,000 books, some of them dating back more than 100 years in various subjects such as Fiqh and Hadith, and many religious books and the numbers of Al-Azhar and Arabic Islamic. - Tree of Life The Tree of Life is more than 400 years old and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Bahrain. Located in the midst of the desert without any source of water. This tree is one of the wonders that visitors come from all over the world to see the miracle tree, where the number of tourists annually visits 50,000 tourists. - Bahrain World Trade Center It is one of the most beautiful commercial centers in the Gulf, with a height of 787 feet above the ground. Located in the capital, Manama, It is a twin tower trade center connected with each other by a bridge. There are also three wind turbines to provide electricity for more than 300 houses. It also has the largest malls in Bahrain and many restaurants, cafés, and entertainment places. The Bahrain World Trade Center won two prestigious awards for the best architectural design. House of the Qur’an The House of the Qur’an was established to serve the Noble Qur’an, and it is an Islamic museum, opened in 1990 and since then it has been full of visitors from different parts of the world as one of the most important tourist attractions in Bahrain. The museum includes many copies of the Noble Qur’an in many different manuscripts. Their number can reach 10 thousand manuscripts, and among them, the most important copy is the one that was written during the reign of Othman Ibn Affan. The museum was built in the old Islamic style, and it consists of several halls, the most important of which is the Hall of Makkah Al-Mukarramah.   Khalifa bin Salman Park One of the tourist attractions in Bahrain, and visitors do not stop there, as it is a center for entertainment and enjoyment of the charming nature, green areas, and the picturesque view of the Gulf, which gives it distinction and privacy. The park is located near the bridge connecting to Muharraq Island in Manama. Expatriates enjoy the park enjoying a panoramic view of the capital through a tower inside the park with a height of 45 meters, and enjoying entertainment on the seashore. The park has an artificial lake for practicing some water games, and a children's play area There is also a walking and cycling trail.   The Chinese Market, Dragon City, Bahrain Dragon City in Bahrain is part of the giant residential project Diyar Al Muharraq, which was established in 2015 and is distinguished by its charming beaches on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. The city was designed in the Chinese style with its delightful colors. As for the commercial complex in the city, it includes 787 commercial units, and the complex was divided into four main sections, and each part was allocated to a type of product according to the colors. The red color section is concerned with children's requirements for all ages, and the green color for construction equipment and its requirements and materials used in construction, and The yellow color has been allocated to shops selling mobile phones and accessories, Dragon City means shopping tourism and one of the reasons for tourism in Bahrain. 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Culture Bahrain Mosques: The splendor of Islamic design and decoration May 21, 2019

For more than a thousand years, mosques have been places of worship for Muslims around the world. To this day, the beauty and rich history of these holy sites continue to inspire visitors. There are many beautiful Bahrain mosques. They are a testimony to the rich Islamic culture of the city. Architecture in some of these mosques will leave you spellbound. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning Bahrain mosques that will take your breath away. You should visit these beautiful mosques during your visit to Bahrain.   Al Fateh Grand Mosque The Grand Mosque of Fateh is the largest place of worship and among the largest mosques in the world. The Grand Mosque of Fateh is also known as Al Fateh Islamic Centre and Al Fateh Mosque. The mosque is located next to the King Faisal Highway in Juffair, Manama. Al Fateh Grand Mosque was built under the patronage of the late Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa in 1987 and was named Ahmed Al Fateh. The mosque covers 6,500 square meters and has the capacity to accommodate more than 7,000 worshippers at one time. The walls of the mosque are beautifully decorated with Kufic script. Also, it is crowned with the largest fibreglass dome in the world. Al Khamis Mosque Al-Khamis Mosque was built around 692 AD, one of the oldest Bahrain mosques and also in the Arab world. The identical double minarets in this ancient Islamic monument make it easy to identify and can be easily observed while driving along Sheikh Salman Road in Khamis. It dates back to the eleventh century and was rebuilt in the 14th and 15th centuries. During this reconstruction, the twin minarets were added. The Khamis Mosque was recently partially renovated. Siyadi Mosque Part of the Siyadi House complex, which belonged to a former 19th-century pearl merchant, is the oldest Siyadi mosque preserved in Muharraq and still used for daily prayer. Bait Al-Quran The House of Quran is located in a building that is beautifully engraved in Arabic script. Bait Al-Quran is one of the most beautiful Bahrain mosques. It displays an impressive collection of Quranic manuscripts as well as a library of more than 50,000 books written in Arabic, English and French, most of which focus on Islam. Manuscripts dating back to the seventh century as well as the Quran written on rice, peas, and grains are among the exquisite collections. He claims to be the only institute in the world devoted to the Quran. The building also houses a mosque, a showroom, a religious school and a museum and hosts a variety of art galleries. This delightful little mosque has been incorporated into Beit Al Quran compound and is open even in the absence of the museum. Often overlooked, contains one of the most unusual features you may see in a Bahraini mosque, a beautiful dome of stained-glass. Located above a mihrab (pointing to the direction of Mecca) decorated with blue tiles that evoke Islamic Persia. The tiles in the yard have a similar effect, just take you to Muslim Spain. Yateem Mosque Built-in 1992 by Shaikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, this mosque can be easily identified by its unique minaret. But the real jewel is inside: framed by beautiful Kufic line, four columns carrying twin arches of an impressive mosque mihrab, which are sculpted elaborately in different geometrical patterns repeated, creating a stunning effect. It is considered as one of the best Bahrain Mosques. You can visit the mosque with respect outside prayer times. The mosque doesn’t hold Friday prayer. Sheikh Hussain Mosque There are many mosques in Bahrain, but this small mosque is one of the amazing Bahrain mosques. It is perfectly shaped with an extraordinary design, offers a modern look at the architecture of the ninth-century minaret tower in Samarra, Iraq, a city of great spiritual significance. The door of the beautifully carved wooden mosque is noteworthy. To know more about Bahrain: Pearl Diving: Experience Diving and Have a Precious Pearl Holidays in Bahrain: things to do on your next holiday Best Malls in Bahrain: Shopping in the Pearl of the Gulf

Pearl Diving: Experience Diving and Have a Precious Pearl June 04, 2020

Travelers who dive into the heavenly blue waters of Bahrain can return home with more than memories of their time on the islands. Adventurous visitors can now participate in diving missions to find pearls and bring treasures they are lucky to find underwater. Pearl diving has been closed to tourists for 80 years but is being submitted again as part of a major drive to bring tourists to the Arabian Gulf. Bahrain has been recognized as the world's pearl capital and will become one of the few places where visitors can dive for precious gems.   Explore many of activities in Bahrain   Try diving in Bahrain   What is pearl diving? Pearl hunting is a pearl recovery activity of wild mollusks, usually oysters or mussels, in the sea or freshwater. Pearl hunting was widespread in the Persian Gulf and Japan, but also it occurred in other regions. In most cases, pearl-bearing mollusks live in depths that can not be accessed manually from the surface, and there is a need to dive or use some forms of tools to reach them. How deep do pearl divers go? In Asia, some pearl oysters can be found on shallow water at a depth of 5-7 feet from the surface, but divers often had to go 40 feet about 12 meters or even 125 feet deep to find enough pearl oysters. These deep dives were extremely dangerous to divers. How much is a real pearl worth? Pearl value can vary greatly depending on many factors, such as its type, size, color, surface quality, and much more. The wild pearl will be worth more than cultured pearls. However, on average, the pearl value ranges between $ 300 and $ 1500. Tools of Pearl Diving Definitely, you will need some essential equipment when you decided to go pearl diving. Although pearl hunting is a kind of diving into water (scuba diving), more equipment will be needed for pearling. Divers will need stone and iron weights, nose clips, oyster knives, leather finger protectors, oyster baskets and cotton diving suit. Pearl Diving in Bahrain Visitors to the Bahrain Kingdom are invited to the deep waters of the Gulf for diving and searching for natural pearls, where the history of the pearl hunting industry is restored to this day. By selecting a group of four diving sites, each containing an abundance of oysters, divers can collect up to 60 oysters from the seafloor in the Gulf. And if they are lucky enough, they can preserve the finest treasures of the island forever. Bahrain’s Best Pearl diving sites The Bahrain Pearling Track became the second Bahraini place to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012 after Bahrain Fort. In recognition of the importance of the Bahraini pearl heritage worldwide, it focuses on three local oysters and more than ten locations on the ground in Muharraq. Ras Rayyah, the northern tip of Muharraq is the starting point for all diving activities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Visitors with a licensed permit can dive for two hours, and collect up to 60 oysters in one session. This license allows visitors to access diving sites such as Sayah, Amamah, Shataya, and Balata, located off the coast of Muharraq, north of Bahrain Island. The pass allows for government control of the ocean, ensuring the surveillance of diving trips and the number of oysters collected for sustainability. For beginner divers, Sayah, the site closest to the beach, is the most convenient, and visitors who do not have a full PADI license are welcome to dive into the shallow water. Bu Amama, Shtayaah, and Bulthama are deepwater sites located about 35 miles from the coast of Muharraq Island. Here, visitors must obtain a full PADI license and be fully equipped with scuba diving equipment. Whatever the preferences, whether they are beginners or advanced, there is a unique experience available to all through the official diving companies Delma Marine and Scuba Life. It is worth mentioning, Scuba Life Bahrain runs separate PADI courses for those looking for a qualification to the Bahrain Kingdom. Museum of Pearl Diving Besides going to pearl hunting, you can also enjoy visiting the Bahrain Pearl Diving Museum. Located in the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, as it is an important historical building in itself. The museum lists the history of pearl diving in Bahrain with different tools. As well as other artifacts from the history of maritime navigation in Bahrain. For more adventures: Horseback Riding: Best Horse Riding Tours around the world Mountaineering: Best Mountains to climb around the world Safari Jeep Tours Between the Wildlife and Spectacular Deserts Hot Air Balloon Activity: Journey to discover the world from above

Experience Best Malls in Bahrain: Shopping in the Pearl of the Gulf May 08, 2019

Shopping is one of the most leisure things to do, where you can stroll through the luxurious malls. Malls all over the world became a place where everyone can enjoy. Malls in Bahrain is where you can find everything you need. A wide range of international brands of fashion and jewellery are situated under one roof. Moreover, plenty of restaurants ranges from fast food outlets to fancy restaurants. Some malls offer its visitors entertainment areas such as parks, open areas and games area. Here is a list of the best malls in Bahrain where you can enjoy during your visit. Malls in Bahrain Seef Mall Seef Mall is one of the largest malls in Bahrain. Located in the Seef area of the capital city, Manama. It features 370 outlets with an area of almost 72,000 sqm. Seef Mall spreads on a total area of 135,000 sqm. In addition, it has 55 restaurants, food stalls and cafés. Seef Mall offers a family-oriented destination, besides many entertainment venues for every family. Magic Island Amusement Park within the mall is a major attraction on an area of 4300 sqm. Furthermore, the mall has one of the largest multiplexing films in the Middle East with a six-screen Cineplex and a 10-megaplex screen. Moreover, Seef Mall is popular among British expatriates as it houses many well-known brands in the UK, including Marks & Spencer, Laura Ashley, Clarks and BHS. British visitors will find this interesting, as BHS no longer has any stores in the UK. City Centre Bahrain The country's true mega-mall, City Centre Bahrain has something for everyone. If international brands have a presence in Bahrain, you'll definitely find them at City Centre Bahrain. Alongside these brand, you will also find a food court, Carrefour supermarket, cinema complex and a small hub for local designers. The shopping centre opened its door to the public in 2008 to be the largest in Bahrain. Since then, it has held the spot as the largest shopping, leisure and entertainment destination in Bahrain. Furthermore, It claims 340 retail outlets, including the first Carrefour Hypermarket in Bahrain, and 60 dining outlets. It also has Magic Planet is a family entertainment centre for kids and family. Wahoo! The waterpark is a climate-controlled indoor/outdoor water park. In addition, a 20-screen Cineco Cinema is spread across 8,000 sqm. This largest and one of the best malls in Bahrain is about 158,000 sqm. Moda Mall Moda Mall is one of the best Malls in Bahrain. Located at the Bahrain World Trade Center in Manama and boasts the largest range of luxury brands in the Kingdom of Bahrain under one roof. It has more than 80 fashion brands, more than 50 jewellery brands. Furthermore, it also has a wide range of restaurants such as fast food outlets and fine dining. Leading retailers dominate high-end shopping malls like Think De Beers, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana. The courts form beautiful glass domes within the commercial centre, allowing natural light to shine. In addition, Moda Mall includes a fitness centre, beauty salon, banks and a business centre. All of these features are distributed over an area of ​​approximately 16,500 sqm. The Avenues Bahrain Avenues is a waterfront shopping mall located along Bahrain Bay in Manama. It was built in 2017. Inspired by Avenues - Kuwait, one of the most luxurious shopping malls in Bahrain. It is also the first shopping and entertainment destination of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Although the mall is located on one floor only, it has about 40,000 sqm of lease space with 130 shops. Moreover, 50% of the commercial area will be reserved for restaurants and cafes overlooking the Gulf of Bahrain. The Avenues also includes a private playroom and 12 cinemas. In addition to parks, gardens and parking spaces for 1400 cars. Avenues Bahrain is set to receive a water taxi service to transport passengers to and from the building. Al Aali Mall Located in the business district of Seef, Al Ali Mall is established as an upscale shopping destination with its luxurious suburbs and a rich and sophisticated ambience. The 52,000 square meter complex maintains its commitment to tradition, exquisite dining and timeless luxury. This small mall next to Seef Mall has gone for high quality. Represents one of the best shopping malls in Bahrain. There is a replica of an old Gulf souk in Al Tawaweesh Market section, as well as brands such as Armani, Jimmy Shaw and Nouf, a shop front for the local designer of Noof Al Khor. Turkish sweets lovers should stop at Malatya Bazaar. Juffair Mall Established in the Juffair district of Manama, the Juffair Mall opened in 2015. After a while, the 120th Lulu store in the world has been opened at Juffair Mall. At the Mall, visitors can access shops, a spacious dining hall and cinemas spread across the five floors of the mall. Juffair Mall is one convenient destination for families, residents and tourists. This comfortable and real place is one of the best shopping malls in Bahrain. To discover more about Bahrain: Holidays in Bahrain: things to do on your next holiday Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Best value for money: the top 7 cheap hotels in Bahrain Bahraini adventure: Top places to visit in Bahrain

Hospitality Best Ramadan Nights Tents in the Arabian Countries May 06, 2019

Although during the day hours in Ramadan there are no restaurants or coffee shops working, life begins after the sunset. Ramadan is a very special occasion for Muslims. You can experience different traditions and celebrations of Ramadan Around the world. However, all Arabian countries commonly celebrate the holy month. Ramadan Nights tents spread over the luxurious and fancy hotels and restaurants, where you can have your delicious Iftar or Suhoor with your family and friends. Also, you can enjoy your meal with a background of traditional music. Check out this list of Ramadan's best Ramadan tents in Arabian countries.   Dubai Every year, Dubai hosts a number of amazing Ramadan nights tents. Hotels and restaurants save no expense when it comes to touring the city with the most luxurious places of Ramadan. In this unique work, which seems to be unique in Dubai, we end up with more choices than we may need. Iftar at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC Ramadan Majlis In the celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, it was delighted to announce the return of the DIFC Ramadan Majlis, which is one of the spectacular Ramadan nights tents in Dubai. Also, it is a unique experience inspired by the immensely generous hospitality that is synonymous with Arab culture. Constellation Ballroom at Dubai Marina The traditional large Iftar buffet is luxurious and varied, offering a wide range of Arabic and international favourites. Celebrate the special month with the best traditional hospitality that celebrates the rich Arab heritage with a touch of modern elegance. A large Iftar buffet featuring traditional Arabic and international cuisine is served in this gorgeous Ramadan nights tent. Along with Iftar in the Constellation Hall, you can enjoy the ambience of the arabesque tent suitable for small groups. Al Falak Ballroom at Burj Al Arab One of the best Ramadan nights tents is the world-famous Al Falak Hall, inspired by the Viennese Opera House. It is transformed into a grand hall that wears Arabesque patterns in Ramadan. Guests can enjoy an Arabic Iftar buffet with various selection of local dishes. As well as a live Badri band, bringing an authentic Arabic Ramadan experience that will simply leave the guests in a state of awe. Bahrain If you will be in Bahrain during the month of Ramadan, then there is only one thing you should think about. Which of Bahrain’s many tents or restaurants you can head to for Iftar? You can focus on spending time with friends and family or enjoy your holiday rather than browsing the internet for options. Here is a list of the best Ramadan nights tents and Iftar choices in Bahrain, where you can enjoy the special Arabian culture. The Four Seasons Ramadan Tent The Four Seasons tent is one of the most famous Ramadan nights tents in the region. This Arabesque inspired tent will be located in the Bahrain Hall, where friends and families can gather for unforgettable Iftars and Ghabga outings. The tent features a numerous selection of traditional Bahraini cuisine as well as Lebanese, Moroccan, Indian, Turkish and international cuisine. Qasr Al Sultan Ramadan Tent Indulge in the beauty of Arab culture and the traditions of the Middle East. With cultural celebrations and live cooking stations that offer the best Arabic, Turkish and international cuisine and sweet dishes in Ramadan. Qasr Al Sultan tent is the culinary destination of all. A traditional Bahraini and Turkish section will be presented as a proud representation of local culture. Also, you can enjoy the mix of Arabic-Turkish music from a band in a relaxed atmosphere. Egypt Being in Egypt during Ramadan is such a magical experience, where all streets wear Ramadan decorations. Also, there are many luxurious Ramadan nights tents in many governorates such as Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh and Luxor. Here are the best Ramadan tents in Cairo. Dusit Thani LakeView Enjoy an amazing Iftar and Suhoor outdoors tasting on the backdrop of an oriental Takht, a singer, and a DJ in a quiet, open-air setting overlooking the pool. There is a range of delicious flavours you can choose from, including Arabic dishes, live cooking stations, a grand selection of hot and cold mezze. In addition to Ramadan delicious drinks such as Tamr Hindi, karkadeh and Qamaruddin, sumptuous main meals and a wide range of Eastern desserts. Kempinski Nile Hotel A wonderful oriental menu for Iftar and Suhoor is served daily at The Roof. Enjoy your favourite Ramadan series on the big screen. While drinking your favourite Ramadan drinks and surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of the Nile. A selection of Ramadan Oriental desserts is available at the Chocolate Lounge. Sofitel El Gezirah Share Ramadan spiritual days and nights with your family and friends while savouring authentic specialities from the Middle East, including a wonderful selection of Oriental pastries in La Palmeraie. A delicious buffet is prepared for Ramadan. Head to Kebabgy to get traditional barbecue specialities with surrounding music and oriental Takht.