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Hot Air Balloon Activity: Journey to discover the world from above July 30, 2019

Hot air balloon activity is a unique adventure you could have. It is a type of sport, that makes you experience a great sight for land inside a colourful balloon. The hot air balloon takes you on a fictional journey, by flying between clouds in the sky. Taking a tour in a balloon in the early morning is a thrilling and fun experience. It enables you to enjoy watching the world from above. What is a hot air balloon? A hot air balloon is a kind of aircraft. Fire is usually the way of lifting it up, as it is lifted by heating the air inside it. Hot air must weights less than the cold one, as the greatest the difference between the hot and cold air, the greater the difference in density and the stronger the balloon will pull up. In other words, that means that the balloon can lift up easier when on a very cold day or if the air inside the balloon is very hot. What to wear? Wearing comfortable is the answer, however, there are some tips for considering what to wear in hot air balloon activity. Wearing casual is more comfort and be aware that the weather up high is about the same as it in the ground. But be careful of the ride timing whether it is during sunrise or sunset. If you prefer a sunrise flight, so don’t worry about having a jacket, as the weather warms in the morning. But for those are flying at sunset, bringing a jacket will be great to wear it when the sun goes and the weather chills. Other passengers highly recommended wearing a hat or anything on the head, as the basket is small, and the burners are about 6 and a half feet from the floor, the heat will radiate downward. Hot air balloon activity is a sport, so wearing flat solid shoes or sneakers is a wise option, as climbing in and out the basket is almost impossible in high heels. Competitions Hot air balloon activity sometimes has competitions. In these competitions, pilots use the shift in the wind at different altitudes to navigate to carefully positioned goals or to achieve a maximum / minimum distance between 2 fixed points. Festivals There are many festivals in different countries for hot air balloon. During these events, the ballooners fly their balloons together, in the morning and in the evening, if it is possible. Sometimes the balloons are lit up against the night sky in a very beautiful view. At these festivals, you can see various shapes of balloons, usually, they are kind of round, but they may have formed. Also, at the festival, you may see about 700 balloons flies in the air. Where can you ride it? You can enjoy riding the balloons and have an unforgettable adventure using hot air balloon activity, in two ways. The first one you can join one of the annual hot air balloon festivals in any country, that has this kind of festivals. Second, there are some countries that offer hot air balloon activity all the year, which allow you to enjoy riding the hot air balloon any time. Festival Rides Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place in New Mexico, in the first week of October. This city is the ideal spot for ballooning. It is considered the world’s premier ballooning event. It also witnessed more than 500 balloons lift into the sky. While Canberra balloon Spectacular takes place in Australia, in March. It is held over 9 days and features several balloons’ shapes. You can see about 100 air balloons gathering together in the sky at Saga international balloon festival. It is located in Saga in Japan and hosts more than 800000 visitors. One of the great and unique things in this festival is that it has a hot air balloon school, where pilots explain the basics of ballooning. Saga festival features fun shapes of balloons like animals and popular cartoon characters. Mondial Air Balloons festival was started in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French revolution. It takes place in Lorraine in France, every July. The festival attracts more than 400,000 visitors. There are many other festivals such as Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taiwan, European Balloon Festival that takes place in Spain, and many other festivals. Countries Rides Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Hot air balloons in Kenya is a kind of luxurious tourism, as it offers not only an adventure in hot air balloon activity but also the most spectacular view above the wildlife. The best time to visit is between July and October. Cappadocia, Turkey One of the most popular places for hot air balloon activity is Cappadocia in Turkey. You can enjoy a unique ride, where the amazing view of the striking limestone spires and dwellings etched into the rock. Luxor, Egypt Hot air balloon activity in Luxor in Egypt is one of the amazing rides you can have, especially for those who love ancient monuments. As balloon ride, Luxor will take you across the most famous and important ancient temples and monuments such as the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Temples of Ramses II and III. Cost Of course the cost differs from place to another, but in general, there is an average for it. For a group of five-person or more, it could cost around $275 / person. But for a private ride or for couples the prices are different in each country. For more hot air balloon activities: Hot air balloon packages.

Destinations The land of mountains and magic: Top things to do in Nepal April 19, 2020

Largely known in the travel world as backpackers paradise, you can easily find various things to do in Nepal even if you happen to be traveling alone. With breathtaking landscapes as a striking backdrop, tourism in Nepal caters for both, budget travelers as well as leisure travelers, and so does the diverse activities available in the beautiful mountainous country. Situated between the Himalayas and the jungle, Nepal is a magic land where everything seems possible. The country comprises eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. That is why people mainly think of mountain climbing and trekking when they hear the word Nepal. However, there are many things to do in Nepal other than mountain climbing. Here are the top things to do in Nepal. Explore Chitwan National Park The first national park in Nepal, Chitwan National Park was established in in 1973. The park spreads over a massive area of 332 square miles. Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, the natural reserve is home to many species of flora and fauna. This is the place to see bears, tigers, crocodiles, elephants and one-horned rhinos in their natural habitat. If you are very very lucky, you might even spot a Bengal tiger. Taking a tour in this park is definitely one of the top things to do in Nepal. Some people even choose to book a night at one of the nearby hotels to spend more than one day at the park. Paraglide over Pokhara You cannot visit Nepal without visiting Pokhara, the second largest city and one of the major tourist hubs in the country. And what better way to experience the stunningly beautiful city than to paraglide over it! The city itself possess a spectacular laid back charm, with its beautiful blue lakes and surrounding snowy mountains, however its true fame stems from being the best paragliding spot in the globe. In addition to paragliding, many trekking trails start from Pokhara, and boating in the lakes is a very popular activity as well. No matter what you do, Pokhara is a must visit in Nepal, it is a city of unforgettable beauty.   Explore Nepal trips from here   Visit the old parts of Kathmandu The capital, the largest city and the most populous city in Nepal, Kathmandu is a city unlike any other, you will be amazed by the sounds, colors and sights of the city once you step out of the airport. Start your trip at Thamel, the old neighborhood has been the most famous tourist hub in Kathmandu since forever. The narrow allies of Thamel, many of which pedestrian streets only, comprise everything from authentic food to budget hotels to handmade souvenirs. While in Kathmandu, make sure to check the ancient temples and to get to know the Tibetan culture. This ancient culture is one of the oldest and the richest cultures in the world. Take a panoramic flight over the Himalayas Trekking and mountain climbing is a magic experience not to be missed in Nepal, but if this kind of extreme sport is not for you opt for a panoramic flight instead. This way, you get to experience the true allure and magic of the Himalayas from the comfort of a plane. Many travel agencies in Nepal offer airplane tours that allow you to see the most majestic peaks on Earth up close. These tours are without a doubt some of the top things to do in Nepal. It is an experience that you are bound to remember forever. Walk through the City of Beauty Patan’s old Sanskrit name is Lalitpur, which means City of Beauty, and the massive architecture of the ancient city truly is a thing of beauty. In the heart of the city lies Patan Durbar Square, it is an architectural wonder that truly embodies Newar architecture. The square which includes several ancient temples is a  UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Pay a visit to Everest The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal. Even if you will not attempt to climb the mountain, very few people do so anyway, you should at least check some of the trekking trails at the base of the mountain. There are some beautiful villages at the base of the mountain that you can visit, there is also Sagarmatha National Park which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. For more unusual destinations see also: Land of Fire: things to do in Azerbaijan Tourism in the Alps: what to do in Liechtenstein Hidden gems: Explore the marvelous beauty of Saint Kitts

Adventure Desert Camping: An Adventure and Unforgettable Experience April 19, 2020

Deserts have a great natural beauty, it can be a wonderful place to visit and have unforgettable experience in desert camping. Desert camping is an adventure for those who like to experience new things. But desert camping requires good preparation, as one careless mistake in the desert, you could be in serious trouble. This article will give you some advises, what to know about basics of desert camping and also best deserts to camp in.   Where to Go? There are many good deserts for camping all over the world. Especially the Arabian Deserts. Winter is the best season for camping in the desert, as it is warm, and the sun will not burn you. Here are some top deserts for camping. Death Valley National Park Death Valley national park is one of the best deserts, that allow desert camping. It is located in California, Nevada, also it has more than 3 million acres designated as wilderness area. The national park allows most of the popular campsites to camp in the park. Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon national park offers a great experience in desert camping. Canyon park located in Arizona. It hosts more than 5 million visitors a year, as it has a mile-high walls. Each adventurer is willing to visit the park and hike down and up. All you need is to apply for camping there or reserve a spot at one of its local spots to camp. Bedouin Camp The Bedouin Camp is a luxury desert camping in Dubai. It is known for its desert-dwelling group. Also, it is surrounded by majestic sand, miles away from any human civilization. It considered one of the most beautiful desert camping sites in Dubai, where you can enjoy it with friends and family. Bedouin camp offers you many things to do in the desert camping, as you can enjoy belly dance performances and learn the Bedouin traditions. Having a Barbecue dinner in such great atmosphere. As well as, going on a camel ride and sand-boarding. Fossil Rock Also, Fossil Rock is one of the best desert camping sites. It is located in Sharjah, surrounded by sand dunes. Its location is very impressive as it is not very far from civilization cities, but also away from the noisy city. Fossil Rock is a good choice for large groups. It is a good place for adventurers want to go dune bashing and off-roading in a 4×4. You also can visit the Big Red and The Camel Rock. Al Qudra Lakes Al Qudra is another popular desert camping sites in Dubai, located 30 minutes away from Emirates Mall. Its location offers 2 different settings, where one side looks like a beautiful oasis, while the other is a desert, surrounded by sand dunes. Also, you may see wild camels in the morning hours. You might also enjoy watching swans and flamingos by the water. Al Qudra is a great place for camping alone, with friend, or with family. Desert camping in Sakhir Sakhir is one of the most popular places for camping. Located in the south of Bahrain. People go camping there in winter, as the weather is warm and suitable for outdoor activities all day. Sakhir houses many tents for adventurers, in order to use any of them, you have to book it. The tent has large sofa, tables and tea sets, also you can ask for a television. Many programs are found for visitors, such as yoga and some thrilling and exciting games.   Enjoy the activities in Bahrain     Tips for Desert Camping Camping in the desert needs some preparations, also you have to know some tips for this type of camping. Winter is the best season for desert camping as mentioned before, although you should plan activities in the early morning and late afternoon, and try to rest during the peak heat of midday. Always carry water with you, and make sure to drink enough of it. Salty snacks help replace the salt and minerals you lose. Never travel alone, and focus on your way to not take a wrong turn, while out on a day hike. If you are going to go alone, make sure to tell someone your destination, and when will you come back. Whether you are in your car or hiking on foot, you have to carry a map, compass and GPS device, and know how to use them. Be careful from desert creatures like snakes, scorpions, spiders and lizards. Also, rats and squirrels do exists in deserts, so make sure keeping food hardly locked and away from their reach.     For Camping packages you can see: Camping packages.

Hospitality Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes April 19, 2020

Many items in Bahrain food are famous for their taste, which is a combination of different flavors from other Arab kitchens. When you visit the Kingdom of Bahrain, you have to live an adventure of eating and tasting its various local dishes. Bahraini cuisine is primarily based on cooking the animals found in the Kingdom, such as camels.  And as the country is essentially an archipelago, you will find many delicious seafood dishes served in Bahraini cuisine. Bahraini dishes vary in shape, taste, and presentation. This article invites you to know more about the most popular Bahrain food and Bahraini dishes. Components of Bahrain Food Bahrain is located near Iran, Iraq, and India, that is why we can clearly see the impact of these cuisines on Bahraini cuisine. In addition to that, many Bahraini dishes have been influenced by the marine environment, offered by the water resources that surround the Kingdom. Seafood Many Bahraini seafood dishes were influenced by the marine environment. Numerous seafood dishes, including grubar, mackerel, shrimp and lobster, can be found in the Bahraini cuisine. One of the most important ingredients in Bahraini marine dishes is the hamour, which is served grilled, mashed or smoked. In addition to eating some types of local fish such as Alknad and Sabiti. Fish in Bahrain is usually served with rice, and sometimes served with French fries influenced by the most famous English dish of Fish & Chips. Bahrain Bread If we talk about Bahrain food, it is necessary to mention the light white bread. It is one of the most famous Bahrain food items available and known throughout history. Beans with tahini, garlic and lemon are often eaten alongside this renowned bread. In addition to tabbouleh which consists of parsley, bulgur, tomatoes, garlic, and lemon. Popular dishes in Bahrain For example, falafel is one of the most popular dishes in Bahrain, but it is made differently. It consists of fried chickpeas and is served as fried balls in sandwiches with vegetables. The makiosus is a popular national dish in the Kingdom, consisting of rice with fish, and sometimes served with sauce. Also, the cuzi is one of the popular dishes, it is grilled lamb, stuffed with rice, eggs, onions, and spices. Rice dishes Bahrain is famous for serving rice as a side dish, and there are also Bahraini dishes that rely on rice as a basic ingredient, including Magbous. Magbous is one of the most famous dishes in Bahrain and is usually served with meat, fish, chicken or shrimp. This dish differs from the Saudi Kabsa, despite the similarity in shape and color. The strong taste of lemon and black pepper distenguish the Bahraini Magbous. Mahamar dish, is another type of rice dishes, it is sweetened with dates or sugar and served with fried fish. Musaly on the other hand is cooked rice with chicken, meat, fish or shrimp, and the ingredients are cooked directly in the pot, to have a special flavor distinct from the rest of the dishes. And Chillani, is boiled white rice with salt and black cloves, it is usually served with a fried or grilled fish meal, or sometimes served with cinnamon sticks. Quzi dish The Quzi is made from grilled lamb, served with boiled white rice, onions and spices. It is similar to the Iraqi Quzi, but it differs in the spices used. Quzi dish is one of the most popular dishes in Bahrain. Bahrain Biryani The Bahrain biryani dish is largely famous. It is derived from the Indian biryani. It is an Indian-style rice with the addition of some Bahraini spices. Bahrain biryani differs from the Indian because the chicken or meat used needs more maturity than his Indian counterpart. The Bahraini biryani is also often devoid of hot peppers used in the preparation of Indian biryani. Al-Mudalal This dish is a modern dish that did not exist in old Bahrain, but it has been widely recognized and has become one of the most famous Bahrain food. It is rice cooked with herbs, which gives it a green color, and is mixed with small pieces of chicken, and then a special kind of butter, which is specially prepared for this dish, is added. Saloon meal It is a thick soup made of vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, okra and pumpkin, and added to chicken, meat, fish or shrimp. Usually served with white cilantro rice. The taste is similar to the Indian masala dish. When the saloon is served with the Bahrain bread cut in small pieces, it becomes another meal called "Tharid", which is one of the most famous meals served at Ramadan Iftar in the Kingdom. In the case of adding saloonah to the bread of the rice, it becomes the gravy meal. Bahrain’s Breakfast There are many breakfast dishes in Bahrain, and the most famous Bahrain food served at breakfast is the Balaleet, which is a type of long thin noodles served with fried eggs. Another breakfast delecacy is Almhayawah, which is a special type of bread characterized by thinness and sprinkled with sauces. Bahrain’s breakfast is almost always served with a cup of Karak tea, a tea mixed with milk. Sambosak is often eaten at breakfast as well, it is often stuffed with vegetables, cheese or potatoes and sometimes served with white or red jabati bread. The most famous Desserts Other types of Bahrain food items are the famous dessert dishes, the most famous dish is the Shuweit dessert, which has been attributed to a Bahraini family for 150 years. It resembles jelly candy and is made from cornstarch, saffron, and nuts. Dumplings are also famous desserts in the Kingdom. khanfrush, which resembles kebabs but contains eggs, sugar, flour and yeast instead of vegetables and salt are also a delecious Bahraini dessert. One of the most famous desserts in Bahrain is the porridge, which is eaten with fried eggs. As well as al-Hassu, saqaw, and al-Tababi, al-hubaisah and al-narqina, which contain flour and dates. For more food adventures: Food adventure: a tour around the world kitchens. Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food. Where to eat in Trabzon: Best Trabzon Food.   Learn about: Travel packages to Bahrain 

Africa Tourism in Morocco: Best places in Morocco to visit October 03, 2021

Morocco is a country of beauty and landscape. Tourism in Morocco is characterized by diversity, with many types of tourism including historical and religious tourism. Morocco has become a global tourist destination thanks to its tourism assets. Many of the Moroccan cities are famous for their major tourist destinations. For example, Casablanca has many historical places and parks. While Marrakesh is a stronghold of Islamic civilization and a center of science and philosophy. It also houses many museums and monuments. And Rabat has many tourist attractions. This article offers you the best places in Morocco, that you can visit.     Hotels in Casablanca   There are many hotels and resorts in Morocco, especially in Casablanca. It is the largest tourist city in Morocco and one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the ocean. Casablanca has many wonderful tourist attractions. Also, it has lots of historic places and parks. It also hosts annual festivals, so it has many hotels for its many visitors and tourists.     Arabian park Casablanca   The Garden of the Arab League is one of the most famous tourist destinations and best places in Morocco, especially in Casablanca. It is designed in the style of French gardens on an area of more than 30 hectares. The park was established in 1913. The Arab League Park includes different types and varieties of plants such as palm trees. There are also some children's entertainment venues and cafes that attract families to spend a beautiful time.     Old City   Old Town is located near the port of Casablanca and considers as one of the best places in Morocco. It is considered a historic area, surrounded by a wall with several doors, most notably the door of Marrakesh. Also, it contains many historical monuments such as old mosques and old houses, as well as containing several neighborhoods, the most famous neighborhood Alqnasala and the Jewish navigator, which overlooks the coast. The old city is one of the most famous tourist areas in Morocco.     Museum of Marrakesh   The Museum of Marrakesh is one of the most important museums and best places in Morocco, located in the center of Marrakesh. The museum was built at the end of the 19th century by Mehdi El Menebhi. It is an example of the beauty of traditional architecture. Museum of Marrakesh also includes modern and traditional art alongside Moroccan art, as well as some history books, pottery pieces and ancient Moroccan coins.     City business markets   The commercial markets of the old city of Marrakesh are among the most popular shopping destinations in the city. The old city is characterized by its narrow alleys and colorful houses. These markets offer many shops selling gifts, shoes, and brass artifacts. Also, there is a leather market where there are many old tanneries.     Bahia palace   Bahia palace was built in the 19th century in the reign of the Alawite state. The palace was considered the seat of the great minister Abu Ahmed. Bahia is one of the most important tourist destinations and one of the best places in Morocco, attracting many tourists from around the world. It is a model of Moroccan architecture, shown through the Royal Suites of the palace, halls, gardens and water basins.     Shala archaeological site   Shala dates back to the 16th century BC and is one of the most important archaeological sites in Morocco. Shala is located on the river Bou Regreg in Rabat. The ancient Chalet has a large square with many birds, especially storks, old baths, and the main temple.     Hassan Tower   It is nine centuries old and is one of the most famous buildings in the heart of Rabat. The mausoleum surrounds several tombs of Morocco such as King Mohammed VI and King Hassan. It is one of the most prominent tourist features in Morocco. The tower rises about 44 meters in a square shape, and its walls are filled with many Islamic motifs, symbols, and mosaics. Hassan Tower has four main doors overlooking the different sides of the lamp and stands on every guard door wearing Moroccan uniforms. The Hassan tower overlooks a luxurious marble walkway with a magnificent water fountain in the middle.     Cave of Hercules   The Hercules Cave is one of the most important tourist destinations and best places in Morocco. It is one of the largest caves in Africa, covering an area of 30 kilometers inside the mountain. The cave receives many visitors and tourists to watch the cave and learn about its legends. Hercules Cave has a wonderful cafe offering visitors a snack, with a fascinating view of the Gulf of Tangier, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the coast of Andalusia.     Museum of Moroccan Arts   The Museum of Moroccan Arts dates back to the 17th century AD, known as the House of the Mansion or the Sultan's Palace. The museum has a high location in the city of Tangier, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the city, and the old. It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Morocco.     The big market   The big market is the heart of the city of Tangier, where visitors can enjoy cafes and restaurants, which offer the finest Moroccan cuisine. It also houses several clothing shops and artisan shops. In addition to a small market a short distance from the big market, the souks are surrounded by lots of mosques, squares, and restaurants. Chefchaouen (the blue city) The city of Chefchaouen, or what is known as the Blue City, was named by that name because it contains a maze of blue-colored buildings that convey joy to passers-by due to its attractive appearance. It also enjoys attractive rural mountains. Chefchaouen is characterized by calm and beauty, so it is a unique tourist destination for those who wish to relax and calm. Visiting the Place de la Hammam is one of the most famous tourist places in Chefchaouen, as it is the beating heart of the city and the most lively throughout the day, so it is an ideal destination for tourists to visit with the locals. Don't miss a visit to the magnificent old town full of historical attractions. Ideal and many traditional Moroccan buildings. Dades Valley If you like a lot of movement, hiking, and wandering, this will be your favorite place. Dades Valley, in which you will find many elegant traditional villages of Moroccan culture, also gives you the opportunity to discover rare and exceptional birds and many fertile fields that extend as far as you can see. Do not miss this wonderful valley and put it in your plan when traveling to Morocco.   You also can see: Tourism in Morocco Travel packages in Morocco.

Destinations Tourism in Luxor: Things to do in Luxor January 03, 2019

Tourism in Luxor differs from other tourist cities in Egypt. Luxor is characterized by its warm and mild atmosphere. It houses most of Egypt's Pharaonic antiquities, which account for about two-thirds of the world's monuments. Luxor has a strategic location surrounded by the Nile from everywhere. The tourist spots to visit in Luxor can range from historical to entertainment attractions. This article offers you top things to do in Luxor,  where you can enjoy the vast green areas or stroll through historical sites. Luxor Karnak Temple The temple of Karnak is one of the largest temples in Egypt and the world, and extends over an area of more than 60 acres north of Luxor. Is a series of houses of worship dating back to the Middle Pharaonic era and ending with the Ptolemaic era. The temple has 8 gates each leading to a huge building of 10 great buildings, making the temple one of the most important tourist attractions in Luxor. The Karnak is lined with rams paved with rams on the right and left, as well as the monumental Ramses II statue. You can see engravings and ancient hieroglyphic engravings engraved on the columns and the palaces of King Tuthmosis the First and Queen Hatshepsut, which are explained through the tour guide in several languages. In addition, you can also visit the temples of Amun and Ramses III, luxury royal cabins, the holy lake, and the Holy of Holies. Do not miss the show of sound and light at night, which tells the temple of Karnak ancient history and the history of Luxor. Valley of kings The Valley of the Kings is one of the most important things to do in Luxor. It includes tombs of kings and the family of Pharaonic families from the family 18 to the family 20. The valley is divided into two eastern sides containing the royal tombs and a western destination comprising about 120 tombs built between the 11th and 16th centuries BC. You can visit the Royal Tombs to see the mummy of Tutankhamun. It is also possible to visit the monastery of the monastery or the temple of Hatshepsut as it is called. Statue of Memnon One of the most beautiful monuments of tourism and top things to do in Luxor is visiting the statue of the Memnon or the singing statues as it was called in ancient times, because they were issuing sounds unknown to the cause at the time of dawn. But scientists interpreted this as a result of the air passing through the piles of massive stones at rest. Representing Memnon is Pharaonic Amenhotep III and his wife Tey, who made the statue in the 14th century BC up to 22 meters high. Located on the west bank on the road leading to the Good Cemetery at the Valley of the Kings. If you are a fan of art, you can visit Rubab Luxor near statue of  Memnon, to enjoy the finest musical arts. Habu temple in Luxor Hapu temple is known in Luxor as the temple of Ramesses the Third. Some refer to the name of the priest who lived in the Coptic city or some of the other to Amenhotep the son of Hapu, Amenhotep the Third. The temple contains the gate of Ramses III, which features its tower and its distinctive balconies, and those Pharaonic inscriptions on the walls that tell the life of the king and his family and his military achievements. It also houses the three mythological halls that lead to the Sacred Lake, as well as the Holy of Holies, the Gods of the Gods and the royal booths. You can see the death chamber where funerary rituals are performed and prepare them for the journey to the other world. Temple of Hatshepsut The temple of Hatshepsut, or the temple of the monastery, as it is called, is a funerary temple built on the west bank of the Nile. It differs in style from other eastern temples. The temple is built of colored limestone and consists of 3 galleries spread over three floors on a mountainous background. The second gallery displays the events of Hatshepsut's generator, its commercial flights and the remains of its writings, as well as 26 statues of the queen in the form of Osiris. While the third gallery displays inscriptions of the sacred walls of the sun, which displays God's journey to the sun. Luxor Temple The temple of Luxor was built in 1400 BC, on the eastern bank of the Nile, as a consecration of the god Amun, his wife Death and their son Khonsu, or as they are called the Holy Trinity. The temple houses a magnificent collection of monuments built during the reign of Kings Amenhotep III, Tuthmosis the Third, Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun, one of the most important and most beautiful things to do in Luxor. Museum of Luxor The Luxor Museum has a rare collection of exhibits covering a period of more than 4,000 years, from the pre-Islamic to the Islamic periods. The museum is located in a privileged position facing the Nile River. It is embraced by the Luxor Temple to the south and to the north by the Karnak Temple on an area of 1,595 meters, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Luxor. It has been added to a remarkable collection of historical sculptures and colorful coffins decorated. International Park Luxor Tourism in Luxor is not limited to historical tourism, but it is full of fun and entertainment for all family members, especially children. Luxor has a range of gardens and green areas, including the International Garden, which features green areas and freshwater. El Nada Land Park Nada Land Park offers a family and friendly trip, especially for children, where you can enjoy a series of games to suit different ages. The park also contains some wild animals and fish swimming in industrial lakes, as well as some stuffed structures of some animals. It is one of the best things to do in Luxor. you can also enjoy more places in Egypt: Tour packages in Egypt. 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Best Hotels Best value for money: the top 7 cheap hotels in Bahrain September 12, 2021

The pearl of the gulf, the location of the ancient Dilmun civilization, and the Gulf’s pearling and financial hub, Bahrain is a very popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Many people in the gulf take quick weekend trips to Bahrain, but some fear to pay a king’s ransom to stay in luxurious hotels. However, there are some very good cheap hotels in Bahrain. As all GCC countries, Bahrain features some of the best hotels in the world, luxurious hotels in Bahrain are varied and plentiful. But what many do not know, is that cheap hotels in Bahrain are just as plenty, and many of them are of top quality. So let’s take a look at some of the best cheap hotels in Bahrain. Crystal Palace Hotel Comprising a wonderful spa, an active and lively nightclub, and many other great facilities, Crystal Palace is situated in a great location in Juffair, a few minutes away from Wahooo! Waterpark, and a short drive away from Bahrain Fort. Juffair is one of the liveliest areas in Bahrain, this means that numerous shopping and dining options and entertainment facilities can be found nearby. In addition to that, this hotel features elegant contemporary rooms and luxurious public areas, it is a true gem in the heart of Bahrain. Bahrain Carlton Hotel Situated in Manama’s bohemian Adliya District, Bahrain Carlton is surrounded by a wide array of art galleries. The charming area surrounding the hotel, and the easy accessibility to all of Manama which the hotel offers have combined to make Bahrain Carlton one of the best cheap hotels in Bahrain. Travelers specifically liked the location and the hospitality of the staff. That is why Bahrain Carlton truly offers value for money. The hotel features a wide array of facilities, including a rooftop pool, a premium spa, and a state-of-the-art gym. Al Andalus Plaza Hotel In the heart of Salmaniya District in Manama, and just a few minutes away from Bahrain International Airport, this hotel offers great affordable accommodation. The cleanliness and the elegance of the hotel provide travelers with amazing value for money. Among other facilities, the hotel features a nice spa and wellness center, as well as an indoor swimming pool. Moreover, Al Andalus Plaza lies in a great location, a walking distance of the very popular Manama Souq. Ramee International Hotel This four-star hotel offers great value for money. It lies in a wonderful location, only a short drive away from Al Fateh Grand Mosque and the Bahrain National Library. The hotel features spacious rooms and suites, all complete with an elegant seating area. And the numerous facilities in the hotel include an outdoor swimming pool, a fully-equipped fitness gym, as well as golf and tennis courts. The hotel also features several restaurants and a contemporary nightclub. In addition to that, the lively area around the hotel comprises many entertainment facilities. Juffair Gate Hotel A very luxurious four-star hotel in a prime location in Juffair, Juffair Gate offers great value for money. The hotel features amazing facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool, and a well-equipped fitness gym. Travelers have especially commended the spacious rooms and the open buffet breakfast. The hotel lies in a great location in Juffair, which means that countless shopping and dining options can be found close by. It is located just a few minutes away from The Bahrain World Trade Centre. Zamel Apartments Situated in Seef Area, this family accommodation offers some of the best hotel apartments in Bahrain and some of the most affordable as well. The hotel comprises regular rooms, in addition to one and two-bedroom apartments, all complete with kitchens or kitchenettes. Some even offer balconies with spectacular views. The facilities in the building include a swimming pool, room service, and car parking. This is one of the top choices if you are traveling with your family. The area around the hotel is active and lively, Seef Mall and Bahrain Mall are both nearby. Ramee Rose Hotel Featuring a variety of excellent restaurants and a hip and happening nightclub, this fancy hotel is situated in a lively area in the heart of Juffair. The premium lifestyle facilities in the hotel include an indoor swimming pool, a first-class health club, and a wonderful spa. The area around the hotel hosts many renowned tourist attractions including Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain Gold Souk, Bahrain World Trade Center, and Bahrain Financial Harbor. The luxurious four-star hotel may not be among the cheapest hotels in Bahrain, but it does indeed offer great value for money as the price is considered very affordable when putting the facilities into consideration. To learn more about tourism in Bahrain see also: Hotels in Bahrain Tour packages in Bahrain Activities in Bahrain Bahraini adventure: Top places to visit in Bahrain