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Destinations Tourism in the Gulf: Top things to do in Kuwait December 08, 2021

Strategically located at the head of the Arabian Gulf, Kuwait has got it all from scuba diving to desert camping. It may look small on the map, but Kuwait does not lack for activities. There are numerous things to do in Kuwait. If this is your first time in Kuwait try to go during the winter, the weather is at its best then and you can really experience the beautiful country. If you have just relocated to Kuwait, or visiting the country for a while and wondering what sort of activities you can enjoy there, here is a list of the top things to do in Kuwait. Scuba dive in Kubbar Island Many tourism agencies in Kuwait arrange trips to Kubbar Island. The trip is enjoyable all the way, from the boat ride in the Gulf to swimming in warm waters to diving amidst unspoiled marine life to relaxing on pristine sandy beaches. Located 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait, this uninhabited island is considered one of the best diving spots in the area, thanks to the diversity of the marine life and the presence of colorful coral reefs. One of the top things to do in Kuwait is taking a boat to Kubbar Island; many Kuwaitis even go with their own private yachts. Relax at Yaum al-Bahhar Village A small heritage park featuring authentic handcraft shops, you can really relax and enjoy a cup of mint tea with traditional Kuwaiti snacks in this beautiful place. The place overlooks the Gulf so you can watch the boats sail, it provides a wonderful view at sunset. Everything in this small village resembles old Kuwait, all the way to the old-fashioned kids’ area. This is certainly one of the top things to do in Kuwait if you really want to experience the old Kuwaiti lifestyle. Visit Mirror House This hidden gem in Kuwait is the only house in the world entirely covered with mirror mosaic. Also known as Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum, this fascinating house is the private residence of two artists, Lidia and her late husband Khalifa. Lidia currently runs the museum and welcomes guests for tours. The exterior of the house features different murals of mirror mosaic, indicating what’s to come inside. The interior of the house on the other hand, including floors, walls and ceilings, is entirely covered with mirror mosaic. Each room features a unique theme of its own, such as "Planet Earth", "Universe", "Knowledge" and "Sea World" rooms. The house has been featured in many websites and TV shows, it’s definitely one of our top things to do in Kuwait. Moreover, private tours include afternoon tea in the stunning hall. Check the view from the towers The GCC may be full of skyscrapers nowadays, but Kuwait Towers are some of the oldest towers in the region. Thus, they are some of the most magnificent and fascinating. Recently renovated and reopened, the main tower, with an impressive height of 187 meters, features a viewing platform and a revolving restaurant and both are worth a visit. Since its inauguration in 1979, the group of three towers has become the most iconic symbol of Kuwait. This may be due to the fact that for many years the towers have been the tallest structures in Kuwait. Or due to the fact that they are an architectural wonder with the unique mix of modern architecture with Islamic architecture. No visit to Kuwait is complete without visiting this iconic tourist attraction. Stroll through The Avenues The second largest mall in the Middle East, although it is quite difficult to think of The Avenues as merely a mall. More than anything The Avenues is a dream destination for countries where temperature can rise or fall to prevent outdoor activities as the air-conditioned mega mall is built to resemble streets and avenues with make-believe outdoor seating. It is indeed an impressive experience. Currently featuring 800 stores, you can very easily spend your whole day at The Avenues and still not explore everything. The grand mall has got it all, restaurants, cafes, retail shops, entertainment facilities, and everything is on a huge scale. The newest phase presently under development will increase the striking number to 1100 stores. Do not forget to check the authentic alley built to resemble an old Kuwaiti Souq, definitely on the top things to do in Kuwait.   Enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable trip from travel packages to Kuwait  

Adventure plan Discover Wildlife: A great experience in wildlife hotels December 08, 2021

One of the best way to have vacation, is having a new experience. Have you ever discovered the wildlife before? If not so definitely you need to pack and begin your trip. Now you can discover wildlife easier than you imagine, as some hotels offers you a great experience to discover wildlife. All what you need to do is to make reservation in one of these hotels, and enjoy the fun and joy you will have, because wild animals will lives with you in the same hotel, and may be in the same room. As you can walk around with animals everywhere, or you may found a giraffe trying to eat your food. There is a lot of wildlife hotels around the world, but here is the best 10 hotels that will let you discover wildlife and feel the adventure. Wildlife hotel This hotel located in Lodge in Australia, where you can live side to side by lions, giraffes, huge bears, and a lot of scary wild animals. This hotel provides his tourists and visitors by a unique experience. Although all that wild animals around, you should not be afraid, because the hotel is protected very well. But also you should not be panic, if you see those animals, when you are walking around, or having a shower. Bwind Lodge If you want a unique experience with the gorillas, you need to go to the Bwind Lodge Hotel, which runs through Bwindi Forest in Uganda. This hotel allows you to discover wildlife by watching mountain gorillas everywhere around the surrounding land. The hotel's building is built of wood and stone to feel like you live in the forest. It also has windows overlooking the dense woods surrounding the hotel, to enjoy the view of the mountain gorillas. Indora Resort Like Uganda, Indora Beach & Golf Resort, one of the largest protected areas in Central America, is located in Janet Kawas National Park. This resort offers unique accommodation among the Hauler monkeys, which feed on fruits and flowers. Do not worry if you stroll through the gardens to find a monkey next to you. Bushman's Clovis For a unique experience, we recommend going to Bushman's Clovis, 168 miles from Cape Town, South Africa, at the foot of Cedarberg Mountain. Staying in this hotel ensures you live in a world full of animals you have never seen before. It is surrounded by many species of wild animals such as antelopes, gray ribbons, ostriches, African fox and the circus, as well as the most famous animals of South Africa, the zebra. Tabakon Resort This resort is located in the heart of the rainforest and tropical plants of Costa Rica. It boasts more than 500 species of local plants and wildlife, where you can wander among the holler monkeys and white-faced and lazy white cabos. In addition, it is a natural hot springs resort, spread over an area of 900 acres in the Arenal region of Costa Rica. Stanley Hotel If you are a deer lover, you can now see herds of deer and bears walking around with you at the Stanley Hotel. It is located outside the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, which offers you watching what you love in wildlife and experiencing an exciting adventure experience. The giraffe’s hotel For a more exciting adventure, we invite you to go to the giraffe’s hotel in Kenya. You can walk around beside some giraffes, through your stay there. As you can find giraffes everywhere in the hotel. You may find that one of them is looking at you through the window, or trying to share your breakfast with you. This hotel is rich in wildlife. Galapagos Islands One of the different experiences you may also enjoy is the Galapagos Islands, which lies off the west coast of Ecuador. Going there gives you the opportunity to discover another type of wildlife, as you can enjoy diving with the marine iguana and walk by the giant tortoise that has been inhabiting the islands for more than 150 years. You can also watch different bird species such as Darwin dart and blue-eyed boobs. Hypo Point - Nakuru Located in the heart of Hypo Point, Kenya, Hippo Point Nakuru is a natural environment for 1,200 species of animals and more than 350 species of birds. The hotel is uniquely designed in the form of a Buddhist temple, although for the first time it can be imagined by a large acacia tree amid nature. It has meditation rooms, and you can discover wildlife by strolling freely with zebra herds and giraffes. Watamo tree house - watamo The most unusual of all hotels is the watamo tree house in Kenya, as it doesn’t have a glass window that will prevent the guests from enjoying the life of nature around them. The hotel overlooks the Indian Ocean on the one hand and the heart of the forest and its beautiful and charming nature on the other. Designed with local woods and innovative architectural designs, this hotel ensures the greatest comfort and enjoyment of the beautiful nature of the guests. To discover more about wildlife see: Travel packages in Kenya

Asia India: Best tourism places to visit December 08, 2021

India has the best tourism places that you can visit. Either you want to have fun on your vacation or to get some rest and relax, India will be a good choice for you. As it has the best tourism places that you can visit, and enjoy. It has a lot of tourism places that differ in their characteristics, it has the noisy and crowded cities, and also the quite ones. It also has great historical places, and many things to visit, so exploring India can’t be done in few days, but it will need a several months to visit every place in it. Taj Mahal   One of the best tourism places to visit in India is the Taj Mahal, which is located in the ancient city of Agra. Taj Mahal is one of the finest examples of Mughal architecture, combining Persian, Turkish, Ottoman and Indian architecture. Charminar Mosque   With its four high-rise minarets, the Charminar Mosque is one of the most important symbols and religious landmarks in southern India. Hyderabad City is a distinguished and prestigious city at the local and international levels. It includes some of the oldest and most prestigious scientific universities, as well as various gardens, palaces, and buildings with Islamic architecture, it is ideal for family holidays. Mysore Palace   The palace at night looks like the magic Aladdin lamps, as it be lighten in a fabulous way, and also known as the most famous place to visit in the city at all. The palace includes the oldest zoo in India and is a center for selling incense and fine Indian silk fabrics. Mumbai   If you are looking for fun and love to get to know the world of Bollywood better, then you should visit Mumbai. Where it is the home of the Indian film industry and includes dozens of galleries and cinemas full of visitors and lovers of this Indian art. It is one of the largest cities in the world, With its popular markets offering various goods, as well as many of India's most famous and beautiful beaches such as Chopati Beach and Juhu Beach, it is a good and perfect place for having complete tourism in one place. New Delhi   If you are a lover of heritage and history, you need to go to the capital directly. New Delhi is a living museum of diverse Indian religions and cultures. The Hindu temples are located alongside the amazing Islamic shrines and buildings. Located on the banks of the Yamuna River, which reflects the magnificence of Mughal architecture. In addition to being filled with vibrant popular markets, fun family parks, museums, and the most famous Gandhi Museum, it has many surprises to offer to its tourists. Chennai   One of the best tourism places in India is the city of Chennai, where it hosts many annual cultural and musical festivals, and one of its most famous festivals is the Holly Festival, one of the most popular festivals to be held in the spring, and one of the most colorful festivals in India. Indians through each other by powder colors and water, in addition to street dancing. Also, there is the Kerala Festival which is held in the harvest season, where drums are played and the leopard dance is performed. Bangalore   If your children love the fun and want the best places to make them happy, then Bangalore is your destination. The weather is great all year. It is a resort surrounded by green nature and gardens that allow your children to play and have fun. Also, it is full of fun amusement parks like Wonderland, and Scientific studies buildings. Goa   If you are an adventurer and like to have some fun, well go to Goa, as it provides you with this, it is the most important tourism beach in India. It has many clean and excellent beaches suitable for families and young people. It is characterized by its beautiful nightlife. Klova is the most famous beach there, and also it provides various water sports on its coasts, with adventure trips, camping, and safaris in nearby nature reserves. Ooty   The city of  Ooty is called "Switzerland of India" because of its stunning views and green carpet that rivals the charmingof the European nature. Also, it has the famous Camaraj Lake, where visitors can take trips and boat trips around it. Chandikar   For lovers of wild landings, Chandikar offers the best adventure as it is surrounded by many nature reserves with amazing species of birds and wild animals that move freely. It also has beautiful gardens and parks, such as the "Rock Garden" which includes dozens of statues and shapes made of small rocks. Shimla   Shimla is a charming resort located in the Himalayas, the capital of Himagel Pradesh. You can see the British colonialism clearly in the buildings, organization, and culture of this city, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, full of churches, museums, palaces and gardens, and landscaping. Kolkata   Kolkata has many English-style mansions. It is also one of the most integrated and family-friendly cities with modern and luxurious shopping centers, as well as interesting museums such as the Indian Museum with its vast garden and the largest Croquet stadium in the world. Darjeeling   Darjeeling is famous for the tea industry, it is surrounded by the stunning Himalayas, and Everest can be seen from its verdant hills, it is famous for the green fields, mountains, and quiet rural villages where people live on their handicrafts and craft. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in India and is considered a destination by the grooms, especially on honeymoon trips, due to its quiet romantic atmosphere. Tourism in India is not limited to visiting places and enjoying the natural views and the different festivals, but there is another kind of enjoyment that you can experience in India, which is food. As Indians have various recipes due to the multiplicity of cultures and the different climatic nature from one city to another, so each city is famous for its dish, each dish of Indian dishes tells a special history and story combined with the special taste, the most famous of them is the Indian periani dish and the Galibian dessert. To know more about the best tourism places in India see: Travel packages in India 

Inspiring Stories Arab chronicles: The most famous Arab travelers in history December 05, 2021

Is traveling the world one of your dreams? If it is then you have a huge trait in common with these famous Arab travelers. Remember though that traveling the world back then was not by any means what it is now, these travelers had no airplanes to fly them from one destination to another, and no luxurious hotels to stay in. The journey was fraught with danger and excitement, and maybe that is why it was an adventure like nothing you can experience today. Let’s meet some of the most famous Arab travelers in history. Ibn Battuta Probably the most famous among all famous Arab travelers, Ibn Battuta started his extensive travels with the purpose of performing pilgrimage at the city of Mecca in 1325 before he was even 22 years old. He traveled the world and came back to die in his country around 1368-69. Born in Tangiers in 1304, Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was a judge, a botanist, a geographer, and most importantly, he was the greatest Arab traveler of all time. At the request of Sultan Abu Inan, Ibn Battuta dictated his travel stories to an official at the court of the Sultan called Ibn Djozay. And that is how they have been saved through the years. Ibn Battuta's account of his travels, from Tangiers through over forty countries, has been translated to many languages and read by millions of people. Although he saw numerous ups and downs in his trips, working as a judge and an advisor to the sultan one day and being a fugitive with no more than the clothes on his back another day, his love for traveling and exploring never wavered. He didn’t settle when things were going great for him and he never gave up when they weren’t. If we can learn one thing from Ibn Battuta it would be to never give up on our true passion. Ibn Majid Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn Majid al-Najdi was born in a sea-faring family in the early 1430s in a small town which is now in the U.A.E. but was then a part of Oman. As he descended from a long line of navigators and scholars, he became interested in the sea at an early age. He was educated on the ways of the sea along with studying the Holy Quran; both subjects shaped his personality as a sailor and a writer. Ibn Majid was a navigator, a cartographer, an explorer, a writer, and a poet. He wrote many books about marine science and navigation, and numerous poems. Dubbed 'The Lion of the Sea', many people believe that Ibn Majid was the guide that led Vasco da Gama to find his way from the east coast of Africa to India around the Cape of Good Hope. And many believe he was the real navigator on whom the stories of Sindbad are based. What is known for sure however is that he was a legendary seaman whose books helped shape many maps and are considered true navigation gems. The exact date of his death is not certain, but ibn Majid probably died in 1500 because that was the documented date of his last poem, he never wrote anything after that date. Ibn Hawqal Muhammad Abu Al Qasim Ibn Hawqal was born and raised in Iraq. Since his childhood, he was very much interested in reading about voyages, explorations, travelogues, and itineraries, and learning about the life of distant tribes and nations. When he grew up, he decided to make a life out of learning about the world. He started his journey in 943 and visited numerous countries. He even had to travel on foot many times. The countries he visited include North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, and finally Sicily where all traces of him were lost. The many travels of Ibn Hawqal are described in his renowned book entitled A Book of Routes and Realms. And even though he described all the countries he’s been to in detail, many historians don’t take his account as fact because of his love for humor and funny anecdotes. Whether his perception of the countries was accurate or not though does not negate the fact that he was one of the most famous Arab travelers. Ibn Jubair   Born in Valencia, Ibn Jubair was a geographer, a traveler, and a poet from al-Andalus. His travel journal describes the pilgrimage he made to Mecca from 1183 to 1185. He passed several cities on his way there and back. And he gives a detailed account of all of them. One of the most significant elements of his stories is that he clearly describes life in the cities that were formerly a part of Andalusia but have been conquered by Christian kings. He also describes Egypt under the leadership of Salah El-Din. Maybe he did not travel in as many journeys as other famous Arab travelers but his journey was very important and enlightening indeed. Explore the Arab world: Tour packages to Bahrain Tour packages to Dubai Tour packages to Oman

Culture Peculiar cultures: Weird tribes around the world December 05, 2021

In spite of the new world we live in today, some weird tribes around the globe still embrace and practice their peculiar cultures. A lot of these tribes live a secluded life, they have no interest in the rest of the world, and that is probably how they manage to keep their centuries old traditions from extension. Nonetheless, the rest of the world find such weird tribes so fascinating that it cannot leave them alone, and that is how we have learned about them. So let’s take a look at some of the weird tribes that still practice their tribal lifestyle in the 21st century. The Sentinelese One of the few remaining uncontacted people in the world, The Sentinelese resist any form of contact with the outside world. They can mentain their privacy as they have a whole island to themselves. They live in North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Islands of India. All trials to establish contact with the locals ended up with them attacking the approaching vessels with arrows and spears. The Indian government considers the Sentinelese a sovereign people, with the right to attack or even kill trespassers. The Yali People If you are interested in weird tribes, how about cannibal tribes? A major tribal group in Papua, Indonesia who live to the east of the Baliem Valley in the Papuan highlands, the word Yali does not refer to the tribe or its cultural identity; it just means the people from the east. A significant element that helped the Yali maintain their tribal lifestyle is that their lands are largely isolated by challenging geography. Their villages are only accessible by walking through rough terrains for several hours. They had no contact whatsoever with the outside world till the 1960s and is still living in a somewhat of a sovereign region under the control of Indonesia. Most people who have heard of Yali only heard that they are cannibals. However cannibalism was practiced as a way to scare other tribes. Yali are mostly vegetarians, they only eat pigs in celebration. But still in the old days they would attack their enemy tribes and take away prisoners. The prisoners would then be chopped and eaten in festivities. The bones of those prisoners would later be grinded and mixed with dust and thrown into the valley of the enemy tribe to terrify them. The Surma People The Surma people live in Upper Omo Valley in Ethiopia. The Surma tribes comprises of the Suri tribe and the Mursi tribe. Looking at the way they choose to modify their bodies, they certainly qualify as weird tribes. The Suri are very proud of their culture and traditions. When a boy comes of age, or when a man wants to take a bride they have to prove themselves by performing a martial art called saginé. It is basically stick fighting or ceremonial dueling. When a girl becomes of marrying age on the other hand, they often get her lower teeth knocked out with a rock. Then they cut the lower lip with a razor and stretch the lip with a wooden plate. They keep replacing the plate for a bigger one until they reach the desired shape. After a while the lip stretches so much they fit a clay plate around it. This is regarded as a form of beauty and status for Suri women, a girl’s dowry increases in tandem with the size of her lip. The Chukchi People The Chukchi people are an indigenous people inhabiting the Chukchi Peninsula and the shores of the Chukchi Sea within the Russian Federation. They live in Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, where they largely maintain their traditional way of life. Same as most ethnic groups that managed to save their way of life, the land of the Chukchi generally repels outsiders. Located at the tip of Siberia, the climate in Chukotka is very harsh, with winter temperatures sometimes dropping as low as–54° C, and summers average around 10° C. The territory is mostly treeless arctic plains. The Chukchi people have been dubbed the ultimate survivors, because they have managed to survive the relentless efforts of the Soviet Union to extinguish them, with their culture intact. The Yao People Wayao or Yao people are an ethnic and linguistic group based at the southern end of Lake Malawi. This group of about 2 million spread over three countries, Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. The name "WaYao" means "hill people" or those who come from the hills. The Yao are matrilineal, and most of their village societies are built around sorority groups. They call these sororities Mbumba. As they do not believe much in western medicine, Yao villagers have a lot of knowledge of local medicinal herbs, and their designated healers travel far and wide to gather potent plants and ingredients to make their medicines. To learn more about weird unusual nations see also: Tribal lifestyle: the life of the Tuareg Inca’s Civilization: Traditions, Aspects of life and Achievements of Ancient Incan People Mayan achievements: Inventions and History of Maya civilization