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Africa Tanzania tourism: top things to do in Zanzibar November 19, 2018

Some say that it is the most beautiful island in the world, and we find ourselves inclined to agree. Zanzibar archipelago is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania. And as the islands are in fact impossibly beautiful, inquiring about things to do in Zanzibar is the number one priority for anyone interested in Tanzania tourism. If you are wondering what sort of things you can do in Zanzibar, besides laying under the sun on the whisper soft white sand that is, we are here to help you plan your itinerary. Here are the top things to do in Zanzibar. Check out Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Spreading over 50 square kilometers inland from Chwaka Bay, the park is a magnificent place. And a wonderful place to start your tour in Zanzibar. It looks like an enchanted forest out of a fairy tale. The forest is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna, including the Zanzibari Red Colobus Monkey which is wild monkey unique to Unguja, the main island of Zanzibar. The national park also houses several centers that are worth a visit, such as the Zanzibar Butterfly Center, which is an absolutely charming place, and Zala Park, which is a natural reserve for reptiles. All hotels and travel agencies arrange tours to Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, take a day trip and make a day of it, you will not regret it. With the unbelievable greenery and giant trees emerging from a white sandy beach, the park is indeed a dreamy destination. Visit Stone Town The old city of Zanzibar, Stone Town is situated on the western coast of Unguja. It was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000. The area comprises some marvelous architecture examples that simply tell the history of the city in stone. Most buildings date back to the 19th century, and carry both Swahili and British influences. The narrow alleys are not suitable for cars, but you should definitely take some time to stroll through them and discover the shops, bazaars and ancient buildings. No better way to discover Zanzibar than to take a solo tour through its most ancient streets and soak up the authentic culture. Try the street food at Forodhani Gardens A food adventure in the heart of Zanzibar, eating local street food at Forodhani Gardens is certainly one of the top things to do in Zanzibar, especially if you are a foodie. Located inside Stone Town, Forodhani Gardens are a nice place by day; you can sit in the garden and enjoy the lovely landscapes overlooking the beach. Come evening the though, the area transforms into the largest street food market in Zanzibar. Even though sea food vendors are dominant there, you have to leave some room to try the local dishes and the local sugar cane and lime drink. Just walking through the buzzing market at night provides you with a once in a lifetime experience, do not miss it. Take a tour in a spice plantation Zanzibar is known as Spice Island. That is mainly because the archipelago’s economy highly depends on spice trade. However, knowing facts about spices and trying seasoned food is very different from visiting aromatic spice plantations. You can see the difference yourself if you take one of the arranged tours in Zanzibar. The tour usually includes walking through the fragrant spice farms, learning about the medicinal value of each spice and tasting different freshly prepared local foods and tropical fruits. This is an immersive sensory experience not to be missed. You can also take the chance to buy some fresh spices that are unlike anything you can find back home. Go diving! Lazing at the beach is a wonderful pastime, and so is snorkeling. However, you really need to discover the wonderful marine life beneath the surface. Diving is without a doubt one of the top things to do in Zanzibar. You can even take a cruise and enjoy the day on the boat as a bonus. What makes Zanzibar a world renowned diving destination is that average water temperature is 27 degrees and the visibility ranges between 20 and 60 meters. Add to that the rich marine life and the diverse diving sites and you have a perfect combo. For more about Tanzania tourism see also: Tour packages in Tanzania

Hospitality Where to eat in Trabzon: Best Trabzon Food December 06, 2018

Trabzon city is charming in nature, located on the Black Sea coast and enjoys a quiet and magnificent atmosphere. You can experience the best Trabzon food in many restaurants, as they all offer a special taste and quality of food. Trabzon is also famous for its exquisite restaurants and its unique seafront sessions, and is considered one of the best rural towns in Turkey, which attracts many tourists. The restaurants in Trabzon range from Turkish to Arabic, but all have the quality of their delicacies and dishes. In addition to its spectacular and wonderful views. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Trabzon, offering delicious Trabzon food and cuisine. Galanima Restaurant Galanima is one of the best restaurants in Trabzon, with its charming location directly on the sea, providing an enjoyable and wonderful gathering with friends and family for a delicious Trabzon food and enjoying the beautiful sunset. The restaurant is famous for its Turkish cuisine of all kinds, and offers a variety of dishes. It serves various seafood, meat, cold and hot appetizers, as well as salads and drinks. Cephanelik Restaurant The Cephanelik restaurant is a Turkish / Western café and restaurant at the same time. The restaurant has a wonderful garden that offers its guests a meal in the midst of nature and a sense of relaxation and comfort. In addition to the famous Turkish dishes, the Cephanelik restaurant features some excellent Italian dishes such as pasta, pizza and some sandwiches and dessert. It also has various dishes of meat, fish of various kinds, many appetizers, salads and also drinks. Kalender Trabzon Restaurant   Despite the small size of this restaurant, it is very popular in Trabzon and attracts many tourists and citizens alike. Its convenient location near the city's museums and attractions makes it a place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal with friends or family. The restaurant serves some traditional and simple dishes of Trabzon food and cuisines, but is served in an appetizing and delicious way, and offers coffee and some drinks as well. Cemil Usta Trabzon Restaurant The Cemil Usta Restaurant is an old stone building on the north side of Atatürk Alani Street. It consists of two levels. If you choose to sit on the top floor, your table will overlook the large square in front of the restaurant, but if you choose to sit in the lower floor, your table will overlook the street. The restaurant serves a mix of seafood and local dishes, and the most popular dish, the akçaabat köfte, which is a Turkish-style meatball. Cemil Usta Restaurant is famous for providing sweet hazelnuts free of charge to its customers, while waiting in case of overcrowding at the restaurant, making its customers happy waiting time. Fevzi Hoca Trabzon Restaurant Vivzi Hokka is one of the best seafood restaurants not only in Trabzon, but in whole Turkey. The restaurant is decorated with pictures of famous people who have already eaten at the restaurant, which shows its popularity. It ensures that you will eat fresh fish only, as it provides only seasonal fish. It also has no menu, where you can choose the type of fish you want to eat and it will be ready for you. The restaurant also offers people who do not want to eat fish, the famous akçaabat köfte dish made from meatballs. Ahmed Kebab Usta Salonu Restaurant This restaurant is designed distinctive on the lively and crowded pedestrian walkway of Sucak Ozone. The restaurant offers all types of kebabs with various meals and cooking methods. Some rare dishes are also available in other restaurants such as talaş kebab, lamb meat wrapped in delicious pastries. It also serves an orman kebab, which is also lambed but cooked with vegetables. In addition to serving many local dishes such as cabbage and fondue. Best Trabzon food in Tarihi Kalkanoğlu Pilavcısı Restaurant Tarihi's restaurant is different from other restaurants in Trabzon, it is a family heritage that has been run by a Turkish family for many years. It is the family that cooks for their customers the best Trabzon food, and therefore the restaurant serves the same dishes since 1856, and as time goes on it is presented in more creative and tasteful ways. The restaurant features a charming dark wood design that adds beauty and warmth to it. If you want to know the taste of authentic Turkish meals, try this restaurant, which specializes in offering all the amazing Turkish specialties. The restaurant serves the best and most delicious Turkish dishes, the most famous of which is the rice cooked with butter and the slowly cooked mutton, and the kuru fasülye dish, white beans in tomato sauce. In addition to the Arian Frucht is a salty yogurt drink. As the restaurant serves home-made dishes, the sweets are made at home, so you feel like you're eating at home. In addition to the delicious and non-traditional juices and drinks that are characteristic of the restaurant such as dried apricot juice. Hussein Restaurant Hussein Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Trabzon, where you can eat famous Trabzon food. It has a magnificent view over Lake Serra Gul. The restaurant serves a wide range of popular and delicious dishes and dishes, as well as hot and cold appetizers and drinks. Morgan Restaurant The Morgan Restaurant features its tranquil atmosphere and views of the sea directly. It is therefore considered one of the best restaurants in Trabzon. The restaurant is famous for its delicious dishes and meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For more experiences in Turkey you can see: Travel packages in Turkey

Destinations A tour in The Hashemite Kingdom: Top things to do in Jordan February 06, 2019

Located in the heart of the Middle East, Jordan is the melting pot where several cultures combine to form a unique one. The country has been a tourist destination for many years. And that is why there are numerous things to do in Jordan. From superb beaches to ancient ruins to golden deserts, things to do in Jordan are varied and plentiful. If you are interested in visiting The Hashemite Kingdom take a look at some of the many experiences you can enjoy there. Go swimming in the Dead Sea One of the top things to do in Jordan, swimming in the Dead Sea is an experience not to be missed. A body of water like no other, during windless days the Dead Sea looks like a large pool of oil. It doesn’t even matter if you cannot swim, the salty water will do all the work for you. Moreover, due to the richness of sea salt and minerals, the water holds many healing properties. The coast is lined with wonderful resorts and spas. If time permits, take a couple of days to relax and melt the hastiness of modern life in the salty sea. If time is short, you can take a day trip from the capital Amman, it is close by. Visit Petra A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, the magnificent sandstone city of Petra was built by the Nabataeans in the 3rd century BC. The city features palaces, temples, tombs and other buildings carved from the soft stone cliffs. And because the stone in which the city was carved features a stunning rose color many people call it the Rose City. You can access Petra through a 1.2 kilometer long canyon called the Siq. This tight corridor leads directly to Al Khazneh or the treasury, which is one of the masterpieces among Petra’s elaborately designed and carved buildings. The ancient city is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jordan. It can be reached through the adjacent town of Wadi Musa. Whether you visit the imposing city by night or day, Petra is guaranteed to take your breath away. Enjoy nature in Wadi Mujib Biosphere Reserve As rich with diverse wild life as it strikingly beautiful, visiting Wadi Mujib near the east coast of the Dead Sea is definitely one of the top things to do Jordan. Featuring some stunning scenery, The Mujib Reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the world. The gorge enters the Dead Sea at 410 meters below sea level, and extends to the Karak and Madaba mountains reaching 900 meters above sea level in some areas. This 1,300 meter deviation in elevation allows for striking biodiversity. The reserve was originally established for the captive breeding of the Nubian ibex. However, it is currently home to a wide variety of more than 400 species of plants, 186 species of birds and 250 species of animals. Scuba dive in Aqaba Jordan may not boast long stretches of coasts, but what the kingdom lacks in size it makes for in beauty and facilities. Aqaba is a wonderful small seaside city on the Red Sea; it comprises amazing hotels and resorts offering a wide set of water sports. The coral reefs in the area make scuba diving a favorite sport among tourists. Just outside of Aqaba you can find Tala Bay, which features some magnificent hotels and resorts as well. When in the area, do not forget to take a day cruise in the Red Sea, it is one of the most brilliant things to do in Jordan. Camp under the stars in Wadi Rum Colorful sand dunes and unbelievable rock formations, Wadi Rum is not like any other desert you may have seen in the past. This stupefying stretch of desert holds a magnificent beauty that you have to see to believe. Camping in one of the superb camps in the area will provide you with an experience to be remembered. After the first night under the desert stars you may start wondering if you ever want to go back to living in hectic cities! Take a tour in Amman The cosmopolitan capital of Jordan is a wonderful place to tour indeed. From beautiful old streets to contemporary attractions, the city has got it all and more. Make sure to visit the citadel, it is a striking monument. And while you are there check out Al Balad, which is the old downtown where the old souk is. And also pay a visit to Rainbow Street, sit at one of the many cafes there, sip a nice cup of tea and take the striking city in. For more things to do in Jordan see also: Tour packages in Jordan

Culture Mayan achievements: Inventions and History of Maya civilization April 15, 2020

Mayan achievements have proven by the civilization they left behind, which witnessed their greatness. The Mayan achievements were great and creative. The Mayan people invent many things in different fields. And had their own secrets for making their civilization in ancient world. The Mayan civilization extended to most parts of Central America, reaching its height and prosperity in the classical period. This civilization lasted for almost 3,000 years and consisted of several small states, each with its own ruler. Mayan civilization dominated the ancient world. The Mayan people were able to engrave on caves, stones and rocks, which had a great role in their culture. This culture was spread to many other countries and civilizations. It is noteworthy that it has found a group of densely populated villages throughout the areas inhabited by the Mayan civilization. There are still some Mayans concentrated in Mexico. Mayan people and their customs and traditions The Mayan people appeared thousands of years ago and had a role in spreading many of their customs and traditions. And they are considered among the most important peoples and tribes, because of their many roles and different cultures and diverse. They consist of many communities, including farmers, merchants, pastors, nobles and slaves. The Mayan people were known for their strange customs and traditions. For example, they took off all their teeth, except for the upper class and the nobles only had the right to keep their teeth. The Mayan men distinguished themselves by having a beak-shaped nose, so they invented some special wares that made the nose like this, among them was the one who put out precious stones. Mayan Achievements The Mayan civilization was like any other civilization, and it flourished in many areas and was distinguished by it. And the Mayan achievements appeared in various fields. Astronomy and Calendar: The Mayan people created a calendar system called the calendar (Rosnamya), a system of long counting through different units ranging from day to millions of years. The calendar (Rosnamya) consists of eighteen months, with each month consisting of only 20 days, except for one month of only five days and known as the Mayan month. The calendar was introduced in 3114 BC. In the field of astronomy, the Maya people knew the dates and the days accurately, and they knew the movements of the stars, as well as the phenomena of eclipse. Agriculture: One of the most popular crops that the Mayan people cultivated was maize, as it was considered the main ingredient in their dishes. The Mayan people are the first people to plant and consume cocoa. They also planted flannel and beans, and cared about bee-keeping, where honey was one of the most important drinks, and was considered one of their spirits drinks. Architecture: The Mayan people distinguished the construction of large temples and pyramids, and the Mayan civilization remained on some archaeological sites like: Copan in Honduras, Tikal in Guatemala and Tazumal in El Salvador. While the temples of the Kokolkan temple remain; it is famous for having ninety-one degrees on each side up to the top of the pyramid, to be the total base of this pyramid with the four degrees 365 degrees, a number that corresponds exactly to the number of days a year. In addition to the city of Palenque in Mexico, which is one of the most important innovations of the Maya people in architecture, and is one of the largest archaeological sites of this great civilization. Literature and language: The Mayan people speak many languages, about 36 languages. They also have many mythological writings; these writings formed an essential part of their culture. Among these writings is the sacred Mayan book (Popul Fuh). Mathematics: one of the most important Mayan achievements is that the Maya civilization knew the zero number, unlike other civilizations, and they were familiar with some various calculations such as multiplication, division, and plural. Weapons: The Mayan people were distinguished by their knowledge of many things and the arts. They were able to invent strange things, since they were able to manufacture weapons from black glass and rocks, and never used iron. Rituals and religion at the Maya The religious and political authority of the Mayan civilization dominated the affairs of society. The Maya people also had different religious rituals. They had many special events, such as the Mass, as well as some emergency celebrations such as famines, epidemics and drought. They used the stone pyramids as their temples, and the temple was decorated with inscriptions or painted with elaborate designs. The devotees provided corn, fruit, hunting birds and sometimes blood and offer them as offerings and gifts to the gods. One of the most important religious rites and offerings to the gods is the painting of some slaves, ordinary people and prisoners, and offering them to sacrifice themselves. They were thrown with arrows, and then they throw themselves from above the pyramids, and after the fall they take off their hearts and offer them as priests. Collapse of the Mayan civilization The Mayan civilization did not collapse in the known form of the collapse of civilizations, but it was destroyed by several factors, including wars. The Mayan people lost their civilization and everything, and there is no clear reason for this, but when Spain attacked them, they lost everything, and they simply disappeared. Famine and climate change have had the strongest impact, as climate change from wet to dry. And during the period when the Mayan civilization flourished, it was full of agricultural expansion and population growth due to the good and humid climate. This climate continued for long periods. After climate change and its transition into a dry climate, the Mayan people fled away from the dry climate. The Mayan civilization collapsed.     Also, enjoy travel packages to USA.

Destinations Tourism in the Alps: what to do in Liechtenstein November 19, 2018

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a small, alpine country landlocked by Switzerland and Austria. If you decide to visit this country that largely looks like a colorful painting out of a child’s story book you might start wondering what to do in Liechtenstein? One of the smallest countries in the world, Liechtenstein might only be 160 square kilometers but what the picturesque country lacks in size it makes up for in striking scenery and tourist attractions. The German speaking country provides more than aesthetics, although its amazing beauty is reason enough for tourists to visit. So if you find yourself near the Alps, pay this small country a visit and you will not regret it. Here is what to do in Liechtenstein. Ski in Malbun Of course the first think to do in the Alps is skiing! And Liechtenstein features some of the best skiing tracks in Europe. Malbun is the most exceptional ski resort in Lichtenstein, skiing there is one of the top things to do in the quaint country. Snuggled in an Alpine ridge close to the splendid Saminatal Valley, The area is so quiet and peaceful, it almost makes skiing more of a relaxing activity than a thrilling one. Three ski lifts are available to take you 2,000 meters up the valley where you can enjoy various ski slopes of diverse difficulties. And while in Malbun, make sure to visit the Malbi Park Kinderland. The park offers ski runs for children and also provides skiing lessons and programs for kids. Enjoy nature at The Galina Falconry Center The perfect place to enjoy nature and learn about local birds, you can experience hawks, eagle owls, buzzards, falcons, ravens and golden eagles close up in this stunning falconry show that takes place from May to October. You can get up close and personal with these wild birds. Plus, you also get to learn about the art of traditional falconry. You can also go hiking after the show, the area features many magnificent hiking trails. Visit the ancient castles of Schellenberg If you are still wondering what to do in Liechtenstein you should know that one of the best things to do there is touring its ancient castles. Surrounded by the lush green vallies and snowy mountains, these castles are very imposing. Some of the finest examples of medieval architecture are the ancient castles of Schellenberg. Obere Burg, which is the upper castle, was built in 1200 in the medieval style and Untere Burg, which is the lower castle and the smaller of the two, was built in 1250. There are some more preserved castles in other areas around the country, but these two are the oldest and therefore the most charming, even in their crumbling state. Ride the Citytrain in Vaduz Of course no visit to a country in ever complete without checking the capital; and Vaduz is a charming capital indeed. Surrounded by mountains, Vaduz is a picture perfect city nestled on the banks of the Rhine. And as it is a compact city, just like everything in the small country, you can take a 30 minute tour in the Citytrain and get a glimpse of all the key landmarks in Vaduz. And the train itself is absolutely charming and colorful that riding it is such a delight. In this short tour you will get to see the old part of downtown Vaduz, the famous Vaduz vineyards and Vaduz Castle. In addition to that, the train stops at the Red House, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions there. Stroll across the border 15 Minutes from Vaduz city center, you will find the Alte Rheinbrucke, which is the last surviving wooden bridge across the Rhine. The beautiful covered wooden bridge is an easy stroll as it spans 135 meters across the Rhine. Near the center of the bridge, you will find a sign that marks the Liechtenstein-Swiss border. Built in 1901, this bridge certainly makes a scenic stroll. Check out The Traditional Farmhouse Museum Built in 1518 near Eschnerberg Mountain in the municipality of Schellenberg, the traditional wooden building is a fine example of the local farming community up to the start of the 20th century. The beautiful farmhouse was registered as a protected building in 1993. It is currently home to a museum showcasing the lifestyle and customs of farming in the region during the late middle Ages. It is owned and run by the Liechtenstein National Museum. This museum certainly deserves a visit; it is unlike any other museum you might have seen. In addition to the intriguing exhibits on show, the building itself is an architectural beauty that showcases the structure of its time. For more about tourism in the Alps see also: Tour packages to Switzerland Tour packages to Austria

Destinations Cappadocia: An adventure in the heart of nature July 25, 2019

Cappadocia city is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Turkey. It is located in the center of Anatolia and is one of the famous tourism places. Cappadocia is characterized by its natural landscapes and beautiful terrain, which witness many geological and historical landmarks. It is also famous for its cities, churches and houses carved in the rocks as well as cities built entirely underground. Cappadocia city offers its guests a unique experience, due to the fact that there are many tourism places, which attract many tourists. It has a unique geographical nature, making it unique. If you are looking for a special type of holiday, Cappadocia is your destination, where you can enjoy nature from a different perspective, enjoy many famous tourism places, and taste a unique taste of adventure. Enjoy the Chimneys of sprites One of the strangest tourist spots you can visit in Cappadocia is the entrances of the Orcs in Goreme. Despite its crowding, it is also an attractive tourist destination. They are chimneys formed through the natural erosion factors of sculpture. And took different forms of animals or humans such as camels, crocodiles, dogs, princesses and other forms. The chimneys known as “The chimneys of the jinn” or “The tables of the devil”, to the old popular belief that the Jinn inhabit the caves and rocks of the area known as chimneys. Chimneys located in Nowshahr, Anatolia. Strolling in Goreme village in Cappadocia There are many places and adventures you can do in the village. You can stroll around the village and explore its beauty. The village is famous for its hot air balloon activity, where you can enjoy an interesting adventure by riding. These balloons rise more than 300 meters above the ground, to see the most beautiful views of the village. The museum is also close to the Cappadocia Museum of History and Arts, one of the region's most famous museums. It contains many artifacts and historical and artistic exhibits. In addition to enjoying the delicious Turkish dishes offered by the restaurants in the village. And touring the markets. Rock climbing in the open Zlaffi Museum The open Zlaffi Museum provides you with an exploratory tour and views of the temples, monuments and churches around the Zlaffi Valley. As well as enjoying the architecture in Cappadocia and the old religious paintings during your tour of valleys. For an exciting experience, is rock climbing, and also strolling through the village and enjoy sitting in one of the restaurants or cafes near the museum and eating traditional Turkish cuisine. It is worth mentioning that the museum is about 10 km away from the village of Goreme. Know the secrets of Derinkuyu city The Chimneys of sprites mentioned above were not the most popular among Turkish tourist attractions, but the city of jinn is more popular than it. The city of jinn is known also as the Derinkuyu city, which means the deep well, due to its great size and depth under the ground. The city's depth is 85 meters underground. It has many means of living, including living quarters, kitchens and corridors. It also has stables, religious temples, prayer and worship rooms, wine-age rooms and other storage areas. The city also contains large tombs and is believed to have been built to protect itself from any danger. The city has ventilation holes and is equipped to accommodate about 20 thousand people in addition to animals and it has many amenities. Derinkuyu city has exotic and intelligent security facilities. The city consists of 13 floors under the ground, and there are large rocks to fill the openings and blocking the arrival of danger inside the city. It was called the city of the jinn because of its construction in this amazing and harmonious form, but the date of its construction to more than 1400 years, as there were no machines and equipment can be built in this form, and therefore it was believed that it was built supernaturally and it is the act of the jinn. See the wildlife in the Valley of Ihlara The valley of Ihlara is located between two of the three volcanoes of Cappadocia, namely Mount Hassan and Mount Melendez. The valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia, with a depth of 100 meters, formed by the Melandes River. You can pass to the valley through four entrances, the first entrance runs for one kilometer and the center of the valley landscape. The second entrance is the most famous among them characterized by its heavy trees. In order to enter the valley through the third entrance you have to enter by car, as it is located through the village of Belicerma, which includes some restaurants that provide rest for tourists. And finally the fourth entrance which is located at the end of the valley at Deir Salim. The valley is about 80 km from the heart of Cappadocia, and extends from the Euphrates to the monastery of Salim at a distance of about 14 km. Valley of Ihlara is famous for vineyards and various trees such as hawks and pistachios, and you can enjoy the Melandes River. The valley also has the wildlife that surrounds it everywhere, where you can see lizards and frogs and enjoy watching butterflies, birds, eagles and many more. In addition to enjoying the restaurant right over the Melandes River.  Visit the blue mosque The blue mosque is one of the most popular tourism places in Cappadocia. This name is due to the large number of decorations on the walls which is characterized by blue color. You can enjoy the ancient architecture, columns, decorations and various architectural designs of the walls of the mosque, in addition to the magnificent inscriptions that adorn the walls. Also, you can take a tour inside the mosque's school, a school for the teaching of the fundamentals of religion. For more things to do in cappadocia, turkey: Tour packages in turkey. Hot air balloon packages.

Destinations Oman tourism: top things to do in Salalah November 19, 2018

The most stunning city in Oman, Salalah features a picturesque beauty. And that is why it has been attracting many tourists over the years. If you are looking for a place within the GCC in where to spend your vacation, Salalah is the number one choice. Not only is the city fantastically beautiful, but there are many things to do in Salalah. What makes Salalah so unique is that it features an almost tropical atmosphere. The rain helps some impossible greenery to grow there. It also features amazing beaches and golden deserts, what else can you ask for in a vacation! We have prepared this list to help you plan your Omani adventure. These are the top things to do in Salalah. Explore Teiq Cave and Sinkhole & Tawi Atair Sinkhole Not only is Teiq Sinkhole one of the biggest sinkholes in the world, but deep in Tawi Atair’s depth live unique fish. With no other freshwater fishes in 600 km radius, researchers have found an endemic fish that only lives in these caves. If that is not reason enough to visit the area then its amazing natural beauty may convince you. You absolutely have to dedicate a day in your trip to explore these natural wonders. Many travel agencies in Salalah organize tours to the area. The magnificent surroundings will provide you with an unforgettable hiking trip. If you go there during the Khareef season, stay on the platform as the land around the sinkhole is very slippery because of all the rain. However, the view is the most beautiful at that time as the rain makes the lush greenery even greener. Make certain to finish your tour with a visit to Anti Gravity Point, where cars drive an upward hill on neutral! It is a very fascinating experience. Tour the Museum of the Frankincense Land Located in the heart of Al Baleed site, a historic UNESCO World Heritage site, the Museum of the Frankincense Land is as beautiful as it is atmospheric. The area was a trading port in the 12th-century, it is where Frankincense was shipped across the sea to India. The museum is huge. It comprises two main halls: the Marine Hall and the Hall of History, as well as beautiful landscaped gardens. It is wonderfully lit at night. Frankincense is a kind of aromatic resin mostly used in perfumes and incense. Frankincense trees grow in Oman and specifically in Salalah, they make the city’s streets very aromatic. Relax on Al Mughsail Beach One of the most famous tourist attractions in Salalah, and for a good reason, Al Mughsail is a long stretch of white sand beach. The sunset view there is something to behold. The mountains provide an imposing backdrop to the beach, this makes the scenery unbelievable. This pristine beauty makes the beach popular even in winter, as it is a very popular picnic area. It even offers picnic huts that can accommodate the whole family. At sunset, after everyone has enjoyed swimming and picnicking, you will see almost everybody strolling barefoot to enjoy the view and the soft fine sand beneath their feet. Take your shoes off and join them, it is a walk to remember. Check Al Marneef Cave When you go to the beach, invest a couple of hours to check out Al Marneef Cave. It is an absolute delight. It is located near Al Mughsail Beach. The view from the surrounding mountain is stunning. There are several benches available for tourists to sit down for a while and enjoy the marvelous view of the beach and the blowholes. Al Marneef Blowholes, also known as Al Mughsail Blowholes or Fountains are sea caves, through which sea waters come up, creating natural high fountains that splash water around them. Visiting this magical place is definitely one of the top things to do in Salalah, it is unbelievably atmospheric. Buy souvenirs at Al Husn Souq No trip is ever complete without visiting the local markets, or buying traditional souvenirs. This traditional Omani souq is perfect for both. That is why strolling down Al Husn Souq is one of our choices for top things to in Salalah. You can find everything there, rugs, frankincense, exotic spices, antiques, Omani daggers, traditional coffeepots, and silver and gold ware. The best and worst part is: you are expected to haggle with the vendors. Visiting the souq at day time will give you a better chance to shop and haggle. However, nighttime offers a much more atmospheric experience. For more things to do in beautiful Oman see also: Tour packages to Oman

Destinations Hawaii: Best places to visit in Hawaiian Islands September 03, 2019

Hawaii Islands are one of the richest cities in terms of landscape, where you can enjoy many scenic views of beaches, waterfalls and covered mountains. It is the right city of magic which captures you with its scenic scenery. When you decide to travel to the Hawaiian Islands you will never regret their diversity of beautiful landscapes on all shapes and colors. It is also one of the favorite places for tourists, with a beautiful atmosphere and a tropical climate especially in winter. In addition to attractive tourist attractions, and there are many wonderful resorts that are the best choices for holidays and vacations. Each Hawaiian island has its own luster, including the beaches of Honolulu and the charming Oahu. Hawaii Islands are located in the South Pacific of the United States. It is a major place for endangered species in the world, as it contains many rare fish that are not found elsewhere. Hawaiian beaches are charming and known for their nature, which is unparalleled anywhere in the world. The people of the country are famous for their hospitality to tourists or any visitor. Upon arrival, they are greeted with smiles and warm feelings. They also welcome you by their traditional Hawaiian style of placing a floral arrangement around your neck. Thus expressing their love for the visitor. You can enjoy many different activities and do different adventures in Hawaii Islands. Visit the wonderful Waimea Canyon Waimea Canyon is located in the western part of Kauai Island, it is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands. Waimea Canyon spreads over 16 kilometers at a depth of 900 meters, making it one of the finest natural artifacts you can ever see. Watching whales Enjoying adventure is what makes us not forget about our trip, what is better than watching whale shows? Whales are found in large numbers on the island of Hawaii, which is one of the best tourist spots in the Hawaiian Islands. The island of Hawaii provides you with the pleasure of watching these whales closely, with the possibility of taking pictures of them, which are characterized by special performances. These whales inhabit the island of Hawaii and consider it their first sanctuary. Explore Hawaii National Park The Hawaiian National Park attracts many tourists, including the volcanoes of Kelawia and Monalua, one of the world's largest volcanoes. The Hawaiian Volcano Park extends over 1,308 km. Practice the giant surf One of the most exciting and adventurous experiences is the giant surfing experience. If you want to try it or watch it, go to the island of Oahu. Its beaches are one of the most beautiful beaches for windsurfing. Its adventures are endless where you can dive with green sea turtles and lots of fish that are about to extinction. For more enjoyment, you can see coral reefs with their colorful and colorful colors through an old volcanic crater. The island of Oahu is characterized by green hills and mountains, which include many trees, such as banana trees, coconut, mango, pomegranate and raspberries, most important of all pine trees, which is characterized by the Hawaiian Islands. A horse tour to the historic coast If you are a horseback riding enthusiast, you will have a great time visiting Molokai Island. Riding on horseback and touring the island's historic coastline is one of the most exciting and exciting activities of Molokai Island. You can enjoy the landscape along the coast during your horse tour. As well as enjoying a spectacular view of Honolulu night lights. Swimming with sea demon fish Swimming is one of the most important activities you can do in the Hawaiian Islands, but you may not swim alone this time. You can make some new friends while swimming, as the sea demons will accompany you to enjoy a unique swimming experience. Despite their huge size, these fish are beautiful and peaceful, they are not harmful, nor do they have thorns to taste like jellyfish. Driving on Hannah's road Driving on the road is one of the most exciting adventures we may have. Driving on Hannah's path is an adventure different from other adventures. Hana Road has many wonderful waterfalls. It is also located next to Lake Turquoise in Maui. The road connects Kahului and Hana City in eastern Maui, about 109 kilometers long. Learn about the history of Lolani Palace One of the most characteristic of the Lolani Palace on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, is that it is considered the only palace in the United States of America. It was completed in 1882, becoming one of the most important features of the island of Oahu. Many large parties and hula performances were held in the palace halls. In addition to the many witnessed the prison of King Kalakawa and his overthrow, when the fall of the monarchy in Hawaii. Walk around the zoo The Hawaiian Zoo is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions because of the rare forest and animals that are extinct. It also includes many species of birds as well as some animals such as monkeys. The garden also features some shops that will allow you buy some souvenirs. Enjoy the views of Imia Gardens Imia Botanical Gardens is famous for its great place in the hearts of tourists, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Hawaii. Enjoy stunning views and enjoy swimming in the ponds there. The park also allows you to discover dozens of different species of plants, including the Imia Gardens, a rare plant that is almost extinct. Taste famous Hawaiian dishes The Hawaiian cuisine is based on a lot of tropical fruits in the preparation of the most famous dishes and food. This is what distinguishes eating in Hawaii from other kitchens. Hawaiian people love to incorporate fruits with all their popular dishes, especially pineapple fruit, the most famous tropical fruit. Do not miss the popular and traditional Hawaiian cuisine served in all restaurants there. Also discover: The blue pearl of Morocco: Explore the blue city of Chefchaouen Cappadocia: An adventure in the heart of nature

Africa Siwa Oasis: The pure Beauty of Egypt April 08, 2020

If you are thinking of going to Siwa Oasis, you are on the right track, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt, where you can enjoy various activities and adventure in the Oasis. Siwa Oasis is known as the oasis of palm trees and olives, the oasis of originality and heritage, it is located in the Western Desert southwest of the city of Marsa Matruh, Egypt. It is 830 km away from the capital. And fall below sea level by about 18 meters. It has many elements that make it the most attractive city in the world. Once you reach it after passing the desert surrounding it, you will find an exquisite painting of palm trees and olives. It has about "220 eyes," of water which dates back to the ancient Pharaonic, Greek and Roman. You can discover Siwa and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere, in a unique experience, by visiting its most monuments. Do not Afford Accommodation Siwa oasis has different hotels, which differ in prices if you are looking for luxury hotels: You have the "Adrar Amalal" hotel, a wonderful and elegant resort. It is one of the five-star hotels. It is also the strangest in the world because it does not rely on electricity and doesn’t allow the use of mobile phones. Also, there is The Siwa Relax Retreat, which is a 5-star hotel and is a natural spa where mineral and sulfur salts are all hand-made. And Siwa Chali Resort, which is located in the Sahara Desert of Siwa, features a pool area with views and a bathtub, and hot springs for treatment. But if you want a good and cheaper place, go to Kilani Hotel, which is located in the Medan Souq area.   Different ways of Transportation in the Oasis Bicycles are the best way to explore all Siwa oasis areas and enjoy the outdoors, as you can rent bikes all day cheaply. Another way of transportation is the cart, a simple cart driven by a donkey. It is a traditional old transport vehicle, which can carry up to 4 people.   Visit the famous Mount of the Dead Mount of the Dead is located 2 km from the Siwa area, a cone-shaped mountain with a height of 50 m. The mountain consists of calcareous soil and serves as an ancient cemetery. It is characterized by its wondrous view. Its shape expresses tombs of the dead sculpted in the form of a stone bee cell. The Mount of the Dead considers as one of the most famous monuments in Siwa. It is not a true mountain, but just a high plateau with a rocky cone in the middle. It contains numerous tombs that show holes in the mouths of wells. The ascendant passes to the mountain of the dead with a number of stone steps gradually disappearing and the tombs of tombs that seem like open mouths to swallow the bodies of the dead appear.   Cleopatra bath ... The kings’ bath In Siwa there is a Lake, its sides built of stone and its water is filled with hot springs, where you can enjoy a swim in this clear lake. The place where Queen Cleopatra swore was celebrated, as the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra swam by herself during her visit to Siwa. It is called Cleopatra's eye, the eye of the sun, the eye of Juba, or the holy eye. It has a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of ten meters. Its strong flowing water is characterized by purity and serenity, it automatically renews itself. Water flows from small openings and is surrounded by trees and palms. The lake is the main source of water for more than 840 square kilometres of gardens and orchards in the oasis.   Enjoy A journey through history in the Temple of Amon The Temple of Amon, the Temple of Revelation, the Predictions, or the Temple of Alexander are all the names of the most important monuments in Siwa Oasis. A lobby was built inside the temple to receive the Great Alexander and crown him. It is located 4 km from the middle of the city in an area called Agurami, built on a large flat rock. The temple witnessed many changes and many fingerprints, from the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, and even Islamic times. It contains a mosque, a minaret, rooms for the priests of the Pharaohs, passages and a well of holy water and Roman walls. It is divided into two halves, the first is Pharaonic, and the second is "Ptolemaic and Islamic." On the second floor of the temple is a collection of oasis houses and salt lakes, green palm farms surrounded by other archaeological sites and mountains.   Know the story of Chali Castle Chali is located at the Siwa Oasis, 306 km southwest of Marsa Matrouh. The word "Chali" means "Old City". Legend says that the castle was built by forty men, to protect them from enemies. It has been built of a substance called "Karshev", salt stones from salt lakes and silt. It is a high plateau topped by two peaks, one at the far west and the other in the east. Among the most important elements remaining in the city is the old mosque, which is considered the oldest mosque in Baswa and was established with the city. It is a rectangle divided into three tiles parallel to the wall of the Qibla and has two doors east and west and the wall of the Qibla. There are a pulpit and mihrab, and there is a huge minaret similar large with the minarets of mosques in Morocco and Andalos - style silos. It is characterized by a cubed base and rising in a square shape that narrows as we ascend to the top and the minaret lies in the north-eastern corner of the mosque. There is also another mosque called the "Tindani Shali" Western mosque. Do not Miss the Safari Trips One of the most important adventures that you should try in Siwa is to have a wonderful sand-skiing activity. Also, you can go for the safari jeep tours, on the sand dunes and the Great Sand Sea, which borders Siwa in the south. Safaris are held by SUV, where the cold water’s lake, and the area of the one well, where the water is hot. You can also watch the sunset and the stars at night, as the sky in Siwa is clear from the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to enjoying the experience of drinking Siwa tea and dinner in one of the desert reserves. You may try the buried treatment in hot sand with all your body and up to your neck, where it is said to be a wonderful remedy for rheumatism and high cholesterol. Finally, don’t leave before you buy the best and the famous dates of Siwa, and olive oil which produced locally. Siwa is also famous for its fine silver jewellery. You can enjoy more safari trips in different places: Safari trips packages.   You can explore the magical beauty of Egypt from travel packages in Egypt

Hospitality Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food December 08, 2021

One of the most unique cuisines in the world, Moroccan food is a taste to behold. The deliciousness of the Moroccan cuisine almost rivals the beauty of the country. And to help you navigate your way through the Moroccan kitchen, we will try to prepare a must try list for you. Otherwise you may get a sensory overload and forget to try some essential stuff! This is a well prepared list of the most delicious Moroccan food and the top restaurants that serve it there. Consider it a foodie’s adventure through Morocco. What to eat: Harira We should start our culinary journey in Morocco with the most popular Moroccan soup. Harira is mainly a soup, although the richness of its ingredients makes it closer to a stew. This elaborate soup contains meat, chickpeas, tomatoes, greens and vermicelli. It is often thickened with some flour and egg mixture. In Morocco, no Ramadan Iftar can start without Harira, and what a delicious start to any meal. Where to eat it: Restaurant Imilchil, Casablanca Traditional decor, scrumptious Moroccan food made with fresh ingredients, this restaurant in Casablanca is one of the best places to try traditional dishes. Until a few years ago, Imilchil wasn’t even a tourist destination; it was the place where the locals went to eat. Until too many locals told too many tourists and the place became one of the most famous eateries in the city. Pro tip: the Harira here is a thing of beauty, try it and you will not be disappointed. What to eat: Pastilla One of the most famous Moroccan dishes, Pastilla is a delicious traditional meat pie. This rich meat pie is traditionally filled with cooked baby pigeons. Nowadays however, the baby pigeons are often substituted with shredded chicken; some people even make it with red meat or fish. Usually served as a starter, Pastilla combines sweet and savory flavors in a unique mix. It consists of a thin dough (closely related to phyllo dough) filled with slow cooked and generously seasoned meat, and topped with a crunchy layer of toasted almonds, cinnamon, and sugar. Where to eat it: La Grande Table Marocaine, Marrakech This fine dining restaurant serves authentic Moroccan food with a twist. You can enjoy delicious food while surrounded by unparalleled luxury. La Grande Table Marocaine lies inside the luxurious the Royal Mansour Marrakech hotel. This elegant hotel resembles Moroccan hospitality at its finest with its traditional architecture and authentic culinary arts. The restaurant is renowned for making elaborate slow cooked Moroccan meals, and everything they serve is simply scrumptious. Pro tip: try the Pastilla! They make the traditional pigeon version as well as an innovative sea food Pastilla, both are toothsome! What to eat: Couscous We all know Couscous of course, or at least know what it is. But until you try it in Morocco, you don’t really know what this simple side dish can be. Couscous is made of tiny steamed balls of crushed wheat semolina. It is either served with a stew on top or with cooked vegetables on top. It is the most famous side dish in Morocco, almost all stews and tagines are served with a side of Couscous. Where to eat it: La Scala, Casablanca This picturesque restaurant is located on a beautiful old building overlooking the sea. If the weather is nice you have to sit in the garden, it is just magical. They serve authentic Moroccan dishes here, the tagines are especially popular. The only downside to this restaurant is that it is a tourist destination, so it is almost always busy. Sometimes you have to wait to get seated. Pro tip: get the chicken tagine with olives and lemon, and of course, order a Couscous dish. What to eat: Mrouzia Of course you cannot experience Moroccan food without trying a traditional Moroccan Tagine. This meat tagine is seasoned with a blend of spices and cooked with honey, cinnamon and almonds. It is savory and sweet and buttery and all over amazing. It is very common to make Mrouzia with lamb in Eid Al Adha, with a delicious side of couscous of course. Where to eat it:  L’ibzar, Marrakech This traditional restaurant only serves authentic Moroccan dishes and tagines, in a simple yet beautiful setting. It serves a variety of dishes including a wide selection of tagines, the owner herself makes sure that everything is running smoothly and all food is served to her liking. Pro tip: all the tagines are delicious here, but you have to try the Mrouzia with dried raisins, it is magnificent. What to eat: kaab el ghzal This traditional Moroccan dessert is made of a delicate pastry filled with almond paste and flavored with orange water and cinnamon, sounds like a dream right? There is no sweeter way to end our gastronomic adventure in the beautiful country, this dessert is sure to leave a sweet taste in your memories of Morocco. Where to eat it: Al Jawda, Marrakech You can find kaab el ghzal everywhere in Morocco, it is one of the most popular desserts in the country. However, we highly recommend trying it at Al Jawda if you happen to be in Marrakech. This small patisserie may only have a couple of tables, but it serves some of the best desserts in Morocco. The café serves a variety of juices and smoothies as well as French desserts in addition to the traditional Moroccan desserts. Pro tip: you absolutely have to try kaab el ghzal, and take some with you home for your loved ones as a sweet Moroccan souvenir. Tangier Marrakech One of the famous traditional dishes is called this name because it is found more in the city of Marrakesh, and it is prepared intensively in the winter season. The famous dish is prepared from meat, garlic, cumin, saffron, lemon, and free butter, and it tastes delicious and delicious. Sakkala restaurant in Casa Sakala Restaurant in Casa is an upscale restaurant that is one of the best restaurants in Morocco, located in the remains of the old Portuguese castle on the coast of Casablanca, here you can eat fresh and delicious seafood while enjoying the breeze in the green and lush garden or go to the air-conditioned dining room and enjoy the views through the large extended windows Floor to ceiling. Although the restaurant is popular for fish and seafood, it also serves a variety of Moroccan cuisine, including tagines and pastries with mint tea. The Pastilla It is an Amazigh dish and is considered one of the luxurious main dishes served at weddings and events, and it is also considered a national dish that no one disputes. This delicious dish bears the name Bastilla or Bastila, and is also called Bastila, and is prepared either with chicken and almonds or fish and seafood. Pure Passion Restaurant Pure Passion Restaurant, located in Agadir, offers a variety of international dishes, from seafood to international and French cuisine, and perhaps the most important feature of this is the stunning view of the beautiful Agadir Marina, providing an amazing dining experience. For a more extensive Moroccan experience see also: Tour packages to Morocco

Destinations Places to visit in Georgia: Discover tourism in the wonderful cities of Georgia December 08, 2021

You may not think of Georgia as a tourist attraction country, but there is a side of this beautiful country that has its unique story to tell us, where green mountains extend into valleys and fertile plains, impressive ancient churches, and breathtaking nature. Tourist attractions in Georgia vary, making places to visit in Georgia the ideal trip for those who dream of relaxing and enjoying charming tourist places and ancient historical monuments. It is also suitable for those who have a medium and low budget. What is your opinion to make your next destination to the most beautiful country in the world “Georgia”? If you are planning to visit Georgia soon, find out the places to visit in Georgia and pack your bags. About Georgia The Language Georgia's local language is Georgian, but the majority of its residents speak Russian, and some of its residents, especially in tourist areas, speak English fluently. Tbilisi is the country's capital and is considered the most popular tourist destination in Georgia, followed by Batumi and Borjomi. The Georgian currency is the Lari and each dollar equals 3.15 lari. Transportation All transportation in Georgia operates from 6 A.M until midnight. Transportations in Georgia are cheap. Within cities, you can use public transportation such as the metro and bus, and you can take a taxi. Bus Big buses, especially in Tbilisi are considered one of the most important transportations in Georgia. There are more than 68 main routes, with more than 800 buses and around 1200 stations, which have electronic boards showing you the bus times, numbers, and expected time of arrival. The Metro It is considered one of the fastest and most accurate transportation in Georgia. A Metromani card is required for entering the metro stations and the main feature is the audible directions in Georgian and English that show you the itinerary and the next station. The train It is a favorite option for all. There are many options to choose from, there are night trains, express trains, and first-class trains. Cable Car It is one of the most enjoyable transportation in Georgia. There are not cable cars only in the capital, Tbilisi, but cable cars are in most tourist areas in Georgia, such as Batumi, Borjomi, and others. Taxis For those who want to move freely between different cities of Georgia, this service is preferable. However, if you do not find a meter in the car, you will have to negotiate the price with the driver. Taxi company services There are taxis with electronic car ordering services, which you can download their application on your phone. This service is provided by many private companies in Georgia, the most famous of which are Yandex and Bolt. It is a service similar to Uber and Careem services in our Arab countries. AiCar driverless smart taxi It is a service launched by the AiCar company. All you have to do is download the application from the store, the application will guide you to the nearest electronic car, where the car operates automatically with the application's fingerprint, and after your ride, you can park it in any of the public parking and streets in Tbilisi and the application will deduct the cost from your bank card. What are the Tourism Seasons in Georgia? Georgia's weather varies from subtropical to cold due to its geographical location between the Greater Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. December, January, and February are the coldest months in Georgia while July and August are the warmest. The summer months are the best time to visit Georgia. Traditional Georgian Food Georgian dishes are very popular with visitors. Georgia provides us with the most delicious dishes to give a special character while traveling to Georgia, the most famous of which are: Khinkali It is one of the most famous dishes in Georgia. It is a pastry divided into small pieces and stuffed with meat or vegetables and then placed in boiling water until it is cooked and ready to be served. Khachapuri It is the most delicious dish in Georgia. It is a sort of baked goods made in the form of a boat with a special type of cheese, an egg, and melted butter. Tourist places to visit in Georgia Georgia is located in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. This beautiful country combines culture, history, and contemporary architecture. It is famous for its picturesque nature with a variety of leisure activities, making it an ideal destination to visit for everyone. This super-beautiful European country, which has been able to top the world's attractive tourist attractions despite its small size. It has many attractive monuments and tourist places to discover when visiting Georgia. Tbilisi… A Great Experience Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia country, and the diversity of architecture reflects its long history, as its old architecture is more than impressive. Add to that the modernized facilities and attractions in the city, you will know why it is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the globe now. If you want to travel to Georgia, you should start by visiting the capital, Tbilisi. Accommodation in this city varies between luxury hotels and backpacker hostels and restaurants and cafes available of all price ranges. In Georgia, hotels and restaurants are more affordable than other tourist countries as Georgia is new in the tourism sector. You must try the cable cars in Tbilisi for a breathtaking ride over the city and the river. It is an experience that you will never forget. You should also try the revamped ancient Funicular to Mtatsminda Park above. It is an amazing trip. Mtskheta...Georgia's spiritual capital Georgia's old capital, Mtskheta is one of the oldest cities in the country. It is located only 30 minutes from Tbilisi so you can take a tour while staying in the capital. The tour takes a day or half a day, but it is worth a visit. The ancient churches in the city are among the most beautiful in Europe. Tours are worth a visit for one day or half a day. The old churches in town are among Europe's most beautiful. Check out the cave city of Vardzia This cave-palace-monastery built in the Caucasus looks like something out of fairy tales and fantasy novels. It is something that you have to see to believe. At some point in history, this huge cave city comprised 6000 apartments spreading through 13 levels, as well as a throne room and a large church with an external bell tower. Some of the caves were destroyed by a massive earthquake though. The place still houses a monastery within a closed part, but some parts are open for visitors. It is definitely worth a visit. Visit the beautiful Stepantsminda Formerly known as Kazbegi, this small town offers some of the most beautiful scenery ever. When in the area make sure to check its famous waterfalls. The area is famous for providing exhilarating activities within a stunning setting. Mountain activities in the area include paragliding and river activities include Kayaking. It is also famous for trekking and walking as the mountain paths are just beautiful. Svaneti…Georgia's most picturesque In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Svaneti is one of the most beautiful locations in Georgia with its mountain watchtowers and spectacular nature. It is also home to the highest peaks of the Caucasus mountain. The small villages in the region are surrounded by green plains and mountains with snowy peaks, and this gives the mountainous nature of the region an unparalleled beauty. This natural resort provides its visitors with a lot of things such as hiking, climbing, and skiing trails. Batumi… Las Vegas of Georgia Batumi is the most famous places to visit in Georgia and it has many tourist and recreational facilities on the coast of the Black Sea. Batumi has many hotels and restaurants due to the huge number of tourists in the city. If you are traveling to Batumi during the summer, there is no need to remind you to visit Batumi Boulevard, all tourists find their way to this famous park along the beach. The park includes restaurants, cafes, and fountains amidst green gardens. Near the northeast tip of Batumi Boulevard, you will find the huge Ferris wheel, which is one of the most beautiful entertainment facilities in Batumi due to the scenic view it overlooks. Tusheti ... For adventure and challenge enthusiasts If you love adventure, challenges, and 4x4 cars, then you should visit the Tusheti region. Tusheti is located in the northeastern corner of Georgia between the mountain peaks and valleys of the Caucasus, which makes it a suitable destination for hiking in Georgia. You can also camp there. At 2000 meters above sea level, there are several mountain villages with great views in the mountains.  There is only one way to Tusheti by 4x4 cars. The road is open from June to October, and it is one of the most beautiful routes to drive. Kazbegi… The ideal place for hiking The Kazbegi region is located in the far north of Georgia on the Russian border and it has the highest peak in the Caucasus mountain. It can be visited all year round, especially in summer, as Georgia weather is cold and its waters are wonderful, and therefore it is the favorite spot of Georgians. Kazbegi should be listed on the places to visit in Georgia. There are many tourist places to visit and various activities to do, the most important of which is hiking. Borjomi… Enjoy the natural parks Borjomi is located in south Georgia, famous for its beautiful landscapes, warm springs, and lush green forests. It is also known for mineral water production, and is considered a health resort because of the availability of mineral water, and is designed for tourists to treat their health problems. The city is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Georgia, where many visitors enjoy its natural parks and archaeological and cultural sites. It is also an ideal city for families, as it includes a public park where you can find cable cars, games for children, a forest that you can walk in, as well as a pool of sulfur water. ** Finally, if you’re looking for a complete guide to Georgia, then you should look at Travel packages to Georgia. For more about places to visit in Georgia see also: Travel packages to Georgia

Europe Ancient Athens: Top Things to do in Athens December 08, 2021

Athens is one of the most famous countries that combine civilization, history and heritage in its monuments. Where tourists can have a lot of things to do in Athens. The tourism places in Athens include many temples and ancient monuments that testify to the ancient history of the country. It contains many Roman, and Greek monuments, which made it an inspiring historical beacon. Tourism in Athens has a special taste, combining historical knowledge and enjoyment of various shows, festivals and performances on its territory. If you are looking for a nice and enjoyable holiday, so you should go to Athens, it will provide you with what you need for any holiday. Here are the most famous tourism places and things you can visit and enjoy in Athens. Acropolis The Acropolis region is famous for its huge frescoes, decorations and high columns. It is therefore one of the most beautiful tourist places in Athens. As for the theater of Odeon Herodis Atticus. Which is located in the Acropolis, is a huge theater with two layers of terraces semi-circular. Made entirely of stone, the theater can accommodate up to 5000 people. One of the most beautiful performances of the Odeon Theater is the theatrical performances and musical ones. While lighting up at night for the performances, makes it so charming. Like the Odeon Theater, the Dionysos Theater is also a place, where performances are performed. But it is characterized by its large stands and able to mobilize many spectators and visitors. The Dionysus Theater dates back to the Greek period. If you are visiting the Acropolis, do not forget to recognize the Parthenon, the largest temple built by the Greeks in the Acropolis. It was built in a unique Doric style architecture. Which consists of a large number of columns surrounding it. Plaka District The historic district of Plaka, with its classical architecture and many museums, is one of the most famous and oldest tourist areas in Athens. It receives thousands of tourists on a daily basis especially, since it is located under the mountain of the Acropolis. Plaka is famous for its numerous shops for antiques and souvenirs, as well as many restaurants and ancient monuments. If you visit the district you will find that one of the most famous museums, the new Jewish Museum, the Museum of Greek Folk Art, and the Museum of Fraseras. The district is characterized by one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in Athens, the Mosque of Mohammed Al-Fateh, which was named after the visit of Mohammed Al-Fateh. As you stroll through the district, you can enjoy a delicious meal at a neighborhood restaurant, where you can savor Greek food and dessert. You can walk through the covered markets, which are famous for selling antiques and handmade gifts. New Acropolis Museum Like the former Parthenon temple, the new Acropolis Museum was built in 2007. It is one of Athens' newest tourist attractions. This museum is located on Dionysos Arianobagito on the slope of the Acropolis of Athens. The temple contains many ancient artifacts, collected from the Acropolis and its ancient temples. National Archaeological Museum The National Archaeological Museum is responsible for the history of Greece, since it displays ancient Greek history more than 5,000 years ago. Where thousands of artifacts are found in different locations in Greece. It includes exhibits dating back to prehistoric times, and even later ancient times. Such as royal tombs, statues, jewelry and pottery. Al-Kaftius Hill For a unique experience you can go to Lykavittos Hill, which is 300 meters high, from which you can see a magnificent view of the Athens landmarks above it. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Athens. To make the fun better, use the hanging rail to reach the top of the hill. To see the most beautiful landscape of the country. If you are afraid of the highlands, the hill provides ladders, which surrounds it from each side. Do not miss the Capitius Theater, where you can enjoy international concerts. In addition to many events and festivals. The hillside of the Al-Kaftios features a spectacular view and sits in the restaurant at its top. Temple of Zeus Olympic The temple of Zeus Olympic is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Athens, built in the sixth century BC, it took about 700 years. It is about 56 feet high and its columns are made of marble. The temple was built by order of the Roman emperor Hadrian. National Park in Athens Visit the National Park to see its unique plants where it contains more than 500 species of plants, as well as ducks, peacocks and turtles. The park occupies 15.5 hectares of green space and includes many ancient monuments, such as mosaics and columns. The park houses the prestigious Zappion building, which was built with the aim of setting up the world's first modern Olympic Games and is still hosting exhibitions and events. The Panathenaic Stadium is located next to the park, hosting the first modern Olympic Games in 1896. Syntagma Square Syntagma square is the most important square in the city of Athens. It is the most beautiful field ever. It is full of fountains and water tables, and also many statues and monuments as the statue of the Unknown Soldier. The square is characterized by birds, that fills the courtyard and visitors feed it. It is also famous for its extreme cramping. One of the most interesting things in Syntagma Square is the Switch Guard display, which you will never miss. It is set up in front of the parliament building every hour. The field is the starting point for tourist trips to the most important tourist attractions in Athens. 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