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Amazing Tour Around the World: Best Cruise Trips in the World

April 21, 2020

Are you ready to go on a cruise trip and looking for the best cruise trips in the world? There are plenty of options to choose your best cruise from. From beach cruises in the tropics to epic wilderness cruises in the Arctic. Also, there are cultural voyages and adventure-focused sailings, everything is available nowadays. In this article, we will help you find the best cruise trips in the world right now. Why have a Cruise trip? Planning a Cruise Holiday will save your money, as it doesn't Have to Bust Your Budget. On the other hand, Cruising doesn't require you to sweat the details and logistics of your trip. In a cruise trip, you can only enjoy all-inclusive rate and food, fun and daily and nightly entertainment. Also, it allows you to visit a variety of places without worrying about carrying a passport and you will explore exciting destinations around the world. The Mediterranean For a comprehensive cruise experience, it’s hard to imagine a better place to go than the Mediterranean. It is considered as one of the best cruise trips in the world. Mediterranean sea has served as the birthplace of civilization, as well as being the first area that connected different cultures. This is where you’ll find the beaches of the Greek islands, the wonders of Ancient Rome and be introduced to different cities such as Barcelona, Monaco, Venice and Dubrovnik.   Alaska If you are looking for a trip that will allow you to have a wide experience, so Alaska is your best destination. It will offer you a unique trip from scenic cruise to wild extremes. Usually, Cruises start from the “Last Frontier” of America from cities like Seattle and Vancouver. On the way, the ships will stop at epic locations and give you a chance to discover places such as the Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park, the Inside Passage, Juneau and Skagway. This cruise also is one of the best cruise destinations for wildlife watching, where you can find everything from bears to eagles and sea otters. Norway A cruise along the Norwegian coast is one of the best cruise trips in the world. You can wind in and out of towering fjords, which sometimes is home to picturesque fishing villages. This cruise will get you to see Norway’s stunning natural beauty from up close. It is an epic cruise trip every season of the year. In Summer, you will witness long days and wonderfully green scenery, while winter is perfect for watching the Northern Lights. The Caribbean The most iconic of all cruise destinations, the Caribbean continues to live up to its status. It is another one of the best cruise trips in the world. This huge region consists of numerous island nations, where all boasting their own spirit and culture, which makes a Caribbean cruise awesome. Usually, Caribbean cruises are divided into the Western and Eastern Caribbean. Some focus on Mexico and the Central American coast, while others sail to places such as the Virgin Islands, St. Maarten, Curacao, and Bonaire. Danube River The Danube River is Europe’s most iconic river, as it flows through more than ten different countries on its way. Starts from Germany’s Black Forest to the Black Sea. Therefore, a Danube River cruise is one of the best cruise trips in the world you could ever take. Hawaii Another classic tropical cruise destination is Hawaii. This world-famous islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an ideal model for a sun, sea and sand holiday. Cruising around the Hawaiian Islands involves everything that you can imagine. You can watch volcano excursions and have a sampling of local cuisine. And experience Polynesian traditions and visit iconic Waikiki Beach. British Isles Interested in all things British? Then you have to book a cruise around the British Isles. This cruise is one of the best cruise trips in the world, where you can enjoy the variety in landscapes, from the Scottish Highlands to the White Cliffs of Dover. And explore the iconic cities like London, Liverpool and Dublin, and the countless castles and museums that are worth visiting. Nile Cruise Enjoy a trip to the heart of Egypt, in one of the best cruise trips in the world, the Nile River Cruise. The cruise between Luxor and Aswan or Lake Nasser Cruise is the best way to see the incredible ruins of Ancient Egypt and modern life along the banks of the Nile. On the way, you will have the chance to visit fascinating attractions in Ancient Upper Egypt such as Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple, Hatshepsut Temple, Philae Temple and more. Furthermore, you can experience a relaxing journey to the south on a Lake Nasser to see the monuments and ruins of Ancient Nubia. And spend a great evening docked next to the temples at Abu Simbel.   For travel packages in Egypt, click here   How to Choose a Cruise Ship Cabin? Decide what do you want to do in your cruise? If you plan to spend most of your time away from your cabin, so you have to book an interior or ocean-view room. If you are seeking a restful night's sleep, then you should avoid taking your cabin below the theatre, the galley or the pool deck because there's a lot of activity all the time there. Those who suffer from motion sickness have to book mid-ship cabins on the lower levels of the ship, as it is considered the most stable area on a cruise ship. Once you have decided which cabin is the best for you, book it as soon as possible. As you should book your cruise several months in advance to secure the stateroom you want. For more cruises: Cruise packages.

Eating & Dining

Indian Cuisine: a tour in the magic land of spices

April 21, 2020

Indian cuisine is mostly renowned for using all kinds of flavors together, you get the spicy with the sweet and sour, and almost all of it is hot hot hot! Treating cooking as form of creating art, most dishes in Indian cuisine take a lot of preparation and use a whole lot of ingredients. That is why the they all have this distinctive layered taste. Many restaurants in other countries claim to serve Indian cuisine when in fact all you get is food that is too spicy to eat. That is why many people are afraid to try the real deal. True Indian food is not just hot, it combines a world of flavor in each and every bite, creating a delicious festival in your mouth. Let’s take a toothsome tour through the magic land of spices, and learn about authentic Indian cuisine and its most famous dishes. Biriyani India is mostly renowned for Mughlai cuisine, which developed during the reign of the Mughals between the 15th and the 19th century. The Mughals excelled in the art of cooking because they loved and appreciated tasty food. They introduced several recipes to the Indian cuisine, such as Pilaf, kebabs and Biryani. Perhaps the most iconic Indian dish, Biryani is not an easy dish to make, you cannot whip up a plate of Biryani, this is a dish that takes time and preparation. The toothsome result makes the effort more than worth it though. This fabulous dish is usually made of long-grained basmati rice layered with vegetables as well as your choice of lamb, chicken or fish. It is flavored with strong spices, such as saffron, cinnamon and cardamom and is often served with a thick tomato based gravy. If you travel to India you absolutely have to try the traditional Biryani, you will find that it is served almost everywhere there, with different variations of the dish. Dal Makhani This vegetarian dish may just be the absolute best way to cook black lentils, it is thick, creamy, heart warming and utterly delicious! Dal Makhani originated in the Western part of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. The original Dal was simply made by simmering whole lentils in a clay pot for long stretches of time, it was often let to cook overnight. It was usually served with a flat bread called Roti. The current version of this blissful dish though was invented in the 40s when a restaurant owner decided to add pureed tomatoes and dollops of cream and butter to his ancestor’s Dal, and what a brilliant idea that was! If you haven’t tried Dal Makhani before you have to, you will thank us later. Keema The word keema means minced meat, however, it is commonly used to refer to an age old Indian dish made of minced meat and vegetables. The basic recipe for Keema comprises cooking the minced meat with potatoes or peas in a thick sauce made of tomatoes and ghee. It is usually eaten with any type of bread, with a side of vinegared onions or chutney. Many Indian restaurants around the world serve this popular dish for breakfast, but it can be eaten for any meal of the day if you ask us! For the best Keema, do not try eating it in a fine dining Indian restaurant, Keema is a popular street food and should always be eaten from small shops and food trucks! Palak Paneer Indian paneer is a very simple cheese that is often homemade. An acid such as lemon juice, or curd is added to simmering milk until milk separates into cheese and a transparent liquid. The cheese is then strained through a cheesecloth and pressed with a weight to remove excess moisture. The paneer is said to have been discovered by accident, when people were carrying milk in leather bags and moving from one place to another in the hot Indian weather. It was incorporated into Indian foods during the days of the Mughal empire. This cheese is used to replace meat and chicken in many vegetarian dishes, it tastes amazing when cooked with different sauces and stews. One of the most globally renowned Paneer dishes is Palak Paneer. It is comprised of fried Paneer cheese cooked in a thick spinach puree. Masala Chai This renowned Indian tea is very popular throughout the world. The name masala chai means spiced tea, and that is what it is in its simplest form, tea brewed with spices. One of the most widespread stories about the origins of this tea says that it was invented as a way of budget control. This theory says that black tea was mainly for export and was very expensive in India, and that is why tea vendors used milk, sugar, and spices to keep their brews flavorful while using less tea and cutting on costs. Maybe we should thank them for that! Currently the popular version of Masala Chai is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of spices then adding some sweetened condensed milk. To read more about authentic cuisines see also: Bahrain food: A Journey to taste the best Bahraini dishes Where to eat in Morocco: a journey through Moroccan food Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo Travel packages in India


Discover The Wonders of Oman: The Best Tourist places in Oman

August 26, 2019

Oman is an incredible destination filled with amazing attractions and cities. Muscat is the capital of Oman, it has the most popular destination, however, it is not the only place to visit.  If you’re thrilled by desert landscapes, spectacular mountain ranges, historic forts and warm beaches, then Oman is your destination, where you can find many things to do and visit.  Here is a list of the best tourist places in Oman, that you can visit. Muscat If you only have a chance of visiting one place in Oman, so it is likely to be Muscat. It hosts the best tourist places in Oman. This city is home to many historical monuments such as forts, palaces, museums and markets. You can head to the harbour to get a close view of the amazing structure of the interior of the Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace because it is not allowed to enter it. The place is guarded by the twin forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani, which have been converted to museums. Also, travellers can visit the breathtaking Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, admiring features like the enormous crystal chandelier and the second largest Persian carpet in the world. Salalah Salalah is the second destination in Oman after Muscat. It is the ancestral home to the Sultan Qaboos, where you can admire the incredible Qaboos Palace, and appreciate older architecture in the Old Town, known as the Haffa. Or you can step even further back in time by visiting the Al Baleed Archaeological Site. One of the best tourist places in Oman is its trade markets, especially in Salalah, which is known for its frankincense trade. Make sure to visit the souk in the Haffa, where you can pick some souvenirs. The best time for visiting Salalah is from June to August, the coastal region around it is transformed into a green oasis due to the seasonal waterfalls and streams. Jebel Akhdar Jebel Akhdar is one of the best tourist places in Oman, as it can be translated to Green Mountain. The region of the Jebel Akhdar is a primary limestone and contains the highest point in the entire country of Oman. You can hike through beautiful terraces and various spot trees laden with fruit. Hiking might not seem like an attractive activity in the deserts of Oman, however, it is the perfect pastime in Jebel Akhdar. Ras al Jinz One of the most incredible tourist places in Oman is Ras al Jinz. It is a turtle reserve that helps to populate and protect the sea turtles of the Indian Ocean. If you are going to visit during the summer, or between the months of May and October, then you can be able to see turtle nests along the beach and witness the baby turtles while hatching and making their way to the ocean. Also, you can spend the night at the resort and check out its other attractions such as the Turtle Visitor Center and Museum. Musandam Fjords The Musandam Peninsula is a unique place in Oman, it is separated from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates. While parts of this region are isolated, and they have been served as the home to residents in mountain villages and coastal communities. The Musandam Fjords offer spectacular views. If you can enjoy boat trips and explore the coasts and peaks rising up from the water. Also, you may spot dolphins from a Dhow or traditional Omani boat. Explore the underwater world by diving into water. Musandam Fjords wildlife is abundant, making this region one of the best tourist places to visit in Oman for nature lovers. Wahiba Sands Desert dunes stretch for miles in the centre of Oman and create the amazing Wahiba Sands. This is where the Bedu people live. The Wahiba Sands is a popular travel destination for those who search for the true, authentic and traditional Oman. Experience the nomadic way of life in the Wahiba Sands by joining a tour that will let you explore the area while riding on the back of a camel and enjoying desert camping under the stars. Nizwa Nizwa is known for its incredible fort, which was built in the 17th century. However, some parts of the fort date all the way back to the ninth century. The fort of Nizwa has an enormous cylindrical tower. Also, it has some interesting defence mechanisms, such as honey traps and unusually shaped windows for shooting approaching enemies. It is considered as a museum, showcasing 17th-century life in Oman. While you’re in Nizwa, don’t miss to check out the souk, or outdoor market, as well as the unusual goat market, held two days each week in the city centre. Bahla Another incredible tourist place in Oman is the city of Bahla, located in Northern Oman. Bahla is an oasis in the desert. Bahla boasts a spectacular and historic fort. The Fort of Bahla dates back to the 13th century when it was under the control of the Banu Nebhan tribe. In addition to exploring the Bahla fort, you can see the walls of the city, which are made from adobe and stretch for nearly seven miles in length. Also, Bahla is widely known for its impressive selection of local pottery. Masirah Island If you are searching for sun, beaches, wildlife and history, then Masirah Island is your destination. The town is relatively small, that means few crowds and lots of secluded spots to explore. On Masirah Island, you can enjoy swimming, discovering the abundance of shipwrecks just off the coast and watching more than 30,000 turtles that appear annually in hatching season. Misfat al Abryeen Misfat al Abryeen is a mountain village made up of stone buildings in shades of orange and brown, and it actually looks like an Italian mountain village. The village is a beautiful example of mountain life in Oman. You can walk among the buildings around the village to admire banana trees and lush greenery. There’s an ancient watchtower above the village, where you can climb to see Misfat al Abryeen as well as the surrounding fields and dams filled with water. Discover more about Oman: Oman packages.

Diving into water: Discover The Underwater World’s Magical Colours

July 30, 2019

Diving into water has become an immensely popular leisure tourism activity. Scuba diving offers a great opportunity for tourists to participate in outdoor activities with friends and family. Diving into water also has become one of the most popular adventure tourism, specifically over the last 10 years. It encourages people to discover and explore the magnificent underwater world. What is diving into water? Scuba diving is a kind of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba), which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. Scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, allowing them greater freedom of movement than surface-supplied divers, and longer time into the water. Is Diving into water Safe? Scuba diving is considered a low-risk activity compared to many other outdoor and sporting activities such as swimming and jogging, which have higher reported fatality rates than diving. Discover the underwater world When you dive into the water, you are welcomed into an underwater world filled with colour, life and beauty. There are over 1 million known species of plants and animals in our oceans and it’s believed that there are many other species about 9 million still to be discovered. Scuba diver’s life is full of exploration and discovery. Diving into water will allow you to see amazing places, from quarries in Wales, to diving with Manta Rays in Indonesia. Everywhere has something unique to offer. Life beneath the surface will give you a chance to know how marine life comes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours, and lives in all kinds of different environments, adapting to them perfectly. You can dive hundreds of times in the same area and still see something new and, sometimes, unexpected. Best places for diving into water   There are plenty of places around the world, that will allow you to discover the underwater world. Each place has a unique thing that you will explore. All you need is to get beneath the blue water. Maldives The Maldives is a perfect place for diving into water, it is accessible all the year. It is characterized by great underwater conditions and comfortable water temperatures. You can enjoy pure, white sand looking over crystal clear water. Many of the diving sites over the 1200 islands of the Maldives are ideal for scuba diving. It is famous for whale sharks and manta rays. Thailand Although the Maldives is available all the year, Similan islands are only open from November to April annually. Similan Islands are one of the best destinations for diving into water in Thailand. During this time of year, the water is calm and the weather is clear. In addition to great weather, these months also attract manta rays and whale sharks as well as black and white-tipped reef sharks into its water. Hawaii Hawaii is a fantastic destination for diving into water all year. Celebrating the holidays in a tropical climate just sounds right. Being greeted by warm temperatures, sandy beaches and swaying palm trees is an amazing thing. While underwater, you’ll find manta rays, tropical fish and even you will have a chance of spotting a passing humpback whale. Salalah Diving into water in Salalah in Oman is different from any other diving destinations. Diving sites range in topography, with depths varying from 7m – 30m. Also, marine life offers something new to admire every season. You can enjoy Morays, crocodile fish, cuttlefish, sardines, and spot Turtles, stingrays and manta rays. Egypt While Egypt offers many diving opportunities, such as drifts, pinnacles, shore dives, day boats and liveaboards too. There are sites suitable for all levels. It has some good areas for beginners as well as exciting open ocean sites for the more advanced diver. During your trip for diving into water you will discover the famous Egyptian colourful coral reef and has a chance to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Many of the diving destinations offer you access to the famous Egyptian historic sites. Egypt has many places, where you can enjoy scuba diving. Such as Alexandria, Dahab, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Ras Gharib, Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh. Bahrain Diving into water in Bahrain allow you to see and explore the breathtaking ecosystem that exists underwater. As the Kingdom of Bahrain has a long history with marine life, there are numerous diving spots which make you experience the best scuba diving. Bahrain homes surgeonfish, angelfish, stingrays, and sea snakes. Also, it hosts the sea turtles. In addition, its corals and sponges are ideal hideaways for colourful shrimps and crabs.   Tips for your diving trip On arrival, your dive guide will provide a boat orientation, so you should check where to find an emergency, first aid equipment and a smoking area, as lighting up in cabins is a big no-no! Hydration is very important, and don’t forget to pack any medication you need; there’s no pharmacy out at sea. Beware, things can get rough at sea, objects might slide and fall off tables. And be careful of hot drinks. Pack spare batteries if you have many electrical devices, as your cabin may only have one or two power points, which you may need to share with someone else. Always pack a warm jacket, as it can get cold at night or while cruising at sea. And don’t forget to pack a sunscreen to protect you from the harmful sun rays. If you’re booking your flights and liveaboard separately, remember that at least 18 hours is recommended between your last dive and flying. For more information about diving into water: Scuba diving packages.


Magical places: the most beautiful islands in the world

February 24, 2019

Islands are definitely magical places, an island is basically a small plot of land completely surrounded by water, an isolated magical kingdom. That is why people have been fascinated by islands since the dawn of history, and that is why islands are often considered popular tourist destinations. All islands are beautiful of course, but what are the most beautiful islands in the world? What a quest, to find the most beautiful places on Earth! Who wouldn’t want to go on that adventure! If you are as curious as we are, and want to find out, join us in our search for the most beautiful islands in the world, you may just find your next travel destination. Whitsunday Islands, Australia The Whitsundays is an archipelago of 74 islands located off the Queensland coast. This magnificent archipelago lies next to The Great Barrier Reef, which is the world’s most extensive coral-reef system. The Great Barrier works as a shield that protects the islands from huge ocean waves, making them perfect for swimming and water sports. These islands, with their stunning white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and colorful corals, are certainly some of the most beautiful islands in the world. The white sands of Whitehaven Beach and the magical beauty of Heart Reef attract tourists from all around the world to the Whitsundays. Just relaxing on what is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the world is more than enough draw, but if you happen to go there you absolutely have to try snorkeling or diving in The Great Barrier Reef; it is an experience not to be missed. Bora Bora, Tahiti One of the most dazzling travel destinations in the world, Bora Bora is a splendid island indeed. If you reside in one of its overwater bungalows situated in the midst of the azure water, you may not want to come back to your hectic day to day life. A serene place like no other, Bora Bora lies just northwest of Tahiti. It is renowned for its vibrant colors, the turquoise blue of the sea is only rivaled by the greenery of the trees, the island is also renowned for its translucent lagoon. The best thing about Bora Bora is that it is an ideal destination for both the adventurous and the quiet. The activities on the island include hiking in Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu as well as a multitude of water sports, and at the same time, people who seek a relaxing time can find their nirvana in the islands quiet beaches. St. Lucia, Caribbean Geographically and culturally rich, St. Lucia is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. From swimming in transparent waters to climbing the twin volcanoes, the beautiful island has got plenty to offer travelers. The Pitons, the magnificent pair of jagged volcanic peaks which soar 2,000 feet above sea level, look surreal compared with how small the island is. Add to that the small colorful houses scattered on the shore and you get a magic land out of a fairy tale. A true Caribbean paradise, St. Lucia features some unbelievable rain forests where wild orchids and birds of paradise flourish and striking tropical birds roam the trees. The Cook Islands White sandy beach covered with an abundance of palm trees, The Cook Islands look too beautiful to be real! Situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, the archipelago includes 15 beautiful islands. The year-round balmy weather in the islands make swimming or any type of water activity a wonderful experience any time you choose to go. And the translucent water works like a thick glass wall that allows you to clearly see the colorful corals and rich marine life underneath it. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador This archipelago features some of the most beautiful islands in the world, as well as some of the most mesmerizing species on Earth. The islands are so rich with endemic species it’s breathtaking. Not only are most of the animals on the island endemic, but they also never learned to fear humans, so you can get up close and personal with these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. Nonetheless, The Galapagos Islands have more to offer than incredible biodiversity, the remote islands are very unique in their beauty. Situated in an isolated location 1000 km from mainland Ecuador; the volcanic archipelago has literally erupted from the ocean. Listed among the most remote islands in the world, the islands were never attached to a large continental land mass as they were formed by volcanic activity. Palawan, Philippines Picturesque unspoiled beaches with crystal clear water, Palawan features superb beauty, a number of waterfalls, lush rainforests and two UNESCO world heritage sites. The first world heritage site in Palawan is The Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park which protects Puerto-Princesa underground river, a 5-mile long river which is the longest navigable underground river in the world. The second world heritage site is Tubbataha reef natural park, this natural park spreads over an area of 13028 hectares and is dedicated to protecting many rare marine species. To learn more about beautiful destinations see also: Honeymoon or Valentine: the 6 most romantic destinations in the world A Tour around Seas and Oceans: Most Unique Beaches in the World Canary Tour: Where to go in the Canary Islands


Tourism in London: The best Tourism places in London

February 20, 2019

Planning your London trip? Whether you’re looking for the best tourism places in London or things to do such as events and attractions. This article will offer you a list of the best places you can visit in London. London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a 21st-century city with history goes back to Roman times. At its centre stand many of its popular tourism places, such as the ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and the London Eye. Explore the entire city and enjoy the magnificent tours around the city of fog. Madame Tussauds London Madame Tussauds London combines glitz, glamour and incredible history with more than 300 stunning wax figures. It has about 14 interactive areas. You can walk down the red carpet and have a unique experience with Hollywood stars. Also, exploring the sports zone will allow you a chance to meet stars like David Beckham. Enjoy your once in a lifetime meeting with the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Take photos with music icons such as Miley Cyrus. Don’t forget to immerse yourself in the Marvel Super Heroes 4D movies. Coca-Cola London Eye The Coca-Cola London Eye is located in the heart of London. It rotates over the River Thames opposite Big Ben. London eye used to be the tallest eye in the world at 135 meters tall. But nowadays, the Singapore Flyer, which is one of the top places in Singapore, is 165 meters high. Coca-Cola London Eye becomes the modern symbol representing the capital. You can experience a breathtaking adventure in one of the 32 high-tech glass capsules. The rotation takes approximately 30 minutes and gives you an ever-changing perspective of London, with 360-degree views of the capital and its famous landmarks. Within each capsule, there is an interactive guide, who allows you to explore the capital's landmarks in several languages. This experience will lift you high enough to see up to 40 kilometres on a clear day and keep you close enough from the spectacular details of the city beneath you. SEA LIFE London The new SEA LIFE London Aquarium hosts the largest collections of global marine life in Europe. It is one of the best tourism places in London. Located in the heart of London. Visitors will experience an immersive journey along the Great Oceanic Conveyor. Along the journey, you can have an unforgettable experience by strolling underneath a Tropical Ocean through a stunning glass tunnel. There is plenty of interaction along with your journey, such as feeding the stingrays. Seahorses, Octopus, Zebra Sharks and the ever popular Clownfish are the other stars of the show. The View from The Shard The Shard is considered one of the top places in Western Europe. It is designed by Master Architect Renzo Piano, at height of up 8oo ft. the view from the Shard offers a spectacular view over London, as it enables the visitors to see as far as 40 miles away. It is the only place where visitors can see the entire city, so it becomes one of the most popular tourism places in London. Buckingham Palace tour Having a tour in Buckingham palace will allow you to explore the lavishly furnished State Rooms and look out for some of the Royal Collection's greatest treasures on display. As well as the tour in the place, Buckingham Palace summer opening will include Paintings by the most popular artists. Some of the finest English and French furniture in the world will be showed. Every year, the Palace summer opening features a special exhibition. This year 2019 exhibition marks 200 years since Queen Victoria's birth. Hop on hop off bus tour See London's iconic landmarks from the comfort of a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. The buses cover about five different routes with more than 60 stops, so there's plenty of opportunities to see the most famous tourism places in London. This will give you the chance to explore more areas and sights. On this tour, you'll have the opportunity to see and explore, Tower of London, Buckingham Place, Westminster Abbey and Oxford Street & Regent Street. In addition to Shakespeare's Globe, St Paul's Cathedral and Trafalgar Square. Every 5 to 10 minutes a bus will depart from the main tourist points and every 15 to 20 minutes elsewhere. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Warner Bros. Studio became one of the most popular tourism places in London, as it provides an amazing opportunity to explore the magic of the Harry Potter films. This unique walking tour takes you behind the scenes and shows you the magical world. Also, it reveals some facts about the special effects that made these films so popular all over the world. Begin your tour by stepping inside to discover the Great Hall. Explore Dumbledore’s office and the famous cobbles of Diagon Alley, like Ollivanders wand shop, Flourish and Blotts, the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You also can see Harry’s Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s motorcycle. And rediscover other memorable sets such as the Gryffindor common room, Hagrid’s hut, Potion’s classroom and Professor Umbridge’s office at the Ministry of Magic.

Safari Jeep Tours Between the Wildlife and Spectacular Deserts

July 30, 2019

Experiencing a safari trip is one of the unique adventures you will ever have. Safari jeep tours offer different tours to please every family member. You can go for a safari in a desert and enjoy a barbecue party. Or you can enjoy one of the amazing African parks and fall in love with the wildlife in different countries such as South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya. Also, you can choose suitable accommodation for your travel style. If you really want to have an unforgettable experience, you should pick you Safari jeep tour now. Types of  Safari Jeep Tours When you decide to have a Safari tour, expand your mind to the wide variety of Safaris in the world, and try to explore a new part of the world. There are two types of Safari Jeep Tours. The first one is a unique type, which allows you to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. These kinds of Safaris take place on the African continent and southeast Asia. The second type offers you the opportunity to simply enjoy the landscape. Commonly these type will be found in North Africa and the Middle East. What to pack? Going for one of the Safari Jeep Tours needs some preparations, as you neither deserts nor wilds would allow you a chance to buy or borrow anything you forgot. So you have to make sure that you have got everything you need with you. However, there are some important things you should pack in your backpack. Personal first-aid kit such as headache pills, antihistamine cream and hygiene wipes are important as you must be ready for any circumstances. Also, protective eyewear, sun protection for skin and lip balm are essential to protect yourself and your family from the sun. Don’t forget the photographic requirements like batteries, chargers, memory cards and of course binoculars to be able to watch the wildlife animals closer. A backpack is recommended for any safari as the space on safari jeeps are limited. And a day pack is advised for carrying personal items like binoculars and cameras. What to wear? Generally, the days on Safari are warm, so shorts and t-shirts are ideal, although nights can be cold, so long-sleeved shirts, trousers and jackets are essential. Also, the trousers and long-sleeved shirts act as protection from mosquitoes. If you picked one of the Safari Jeep Tours, beware of wearing bright colours may affect animal behaviour, so you should wear in earthy colours such as brown, beige and olive. On the other hands, wearing comfortable and practical footwear is recommended, especially for walking activities. Best Safari jeep tours This Safari Jeep tours in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania will let you witness the annual migration of wildebeest across the plains. But if just watching the migration is your only goal, don’t go for this Safari, as it is full of great adventure and a unique experience. Masai Mara is located in Kenya, it is a northern extension of Tanzania’s Serengeti. Having a Safari Jeep tours in Masai Mara will give you chance to watch different types of wild animals such as lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and rare black rhinos. South Africa’s largest park the Kruger National Park, will give you a chance to experience one of the most beautiful Safari Jeep Tours. Where you can watch many wild animals alongside plenty of other mammals and birdlife. Also, you can book in one of the three treehouses and enjoy a night under the stars. While it is known that Safari Jeep Tours is more common in Africa, India has something different to offer in Ranthambore Park. As the main character, you will meet is the tiger. Most tourists ride giant open-sided trucks or private jeep tours in the park. On other hands, Siwa Oasis offers a great Safari Jeep Tours in the desert, where you can have a sleep the sand dunes under the moon and the stars. It allows you to enjoy the landscape and experience the traditional Siwan dinner cooks. Awake to the beautiful desert sunrise and enjoy the Siwan music under the stars at night. For more Safari jeep tours: Safari packages.

Eating & Dining

Brunch in Bahrain: top restaurants for brunch in the kingdom

April 04, 2019

As a cosmopolitan country, the food scene in Bahrain is really exciting; restaurants in the kingdom are varied and plentiful. You can easily find different cuisines anywhere in the country. So which of these various restaurants is the perfect spot for a nice brunch in Bahrain? Brunch has always been the most mesmerizing meal, some love eating breakfast food for brunch, and some prefer a more hearty dish for this meal. Moreover, unlike other meals, almost no one eats brunch at home, brunch is a meal for outings, going out with your spouse or your friend for the weekend, having a business meeting over a nice meal, or just enjoying a relaxing time in a nice place all by yourself. If you are looking for the best place to enjoy this meal in the kingdom, these are the top restaurants for brunch in Bahrain. Big Texas BBQ & Waffle House Some people say that this is The Place for brunch in Bahrain, and we do not disagree. Located in the heart of Juffair, this restaurant offers a true southern American cuisine, and everything they serve is simply delicious. The decor is just as appetizing as the food,  the welcoming wooden interiors, and the comfortable casual setting make this place perfect for almost every occasion. Whether you are alone or with a large group, you will feel welcome and relaxed in there. The brunch specials are highly recommended, huge portions, good value for money and great taste. Pro tip: You have to try the brisket, either in a sandwich or pizza, it melts in your mouth good. La Vinoteca Barcelona A diverse menu that includes amazing Mediterranean dishes and delightful Spanish dishes, this restaurant will definitely please brunch lovers. Their philosophy is that sharing a meal with loved ones is the best form of nourishing, as it nourishes the body as well as the soul. And thanks to this theory the place and the extensive tapas menu are built around having a great time with your company. Their brunch menu is simply delightful, everything from the starters to the varied desserts aims to please the senses. Furthermore, the outdoor seating area provides the perfect backdrop for weekend brunch when the weather permits. Pro tip: You absolutely have to try the Paella! It is a Spanish restaurant after all. Plus, it is simply wonderful. Trader Vic’s The laid back atmosphere of this place makes it a fabulous spot for a relaxing brunch in Bahrain. Add to that the fact that the food is beyond perfect, and you get a wonderful gastronomic experience that makes your whole weekend. Trader Vic’s serves a traditional Polynesian cuisine across an extensive menu, it aims to add a beachfront vibe, as well as scrumptious dishes that bring back to mind a relaxing island lifestyle to everyday living. Therefore it is the best place to forget all about the hectic urban day to day life and enjoy a great brunch with your favorite people. Pro tip: The salmon is not to be missed! Baharat Located inside Le Méridien City Centre, Baharat offers a magnificent Friday brunch. The restaurant has won an award for 'Best International Cuisine', which says a lot about the place. The food is toothsome, the service is impeccable and everything in Baharat delivers a wonderful experience. The place comprises a very nice kids’ play area and the Friday brunch features live music for a great atmosphere. In addition to the wonderful brunch on Friday, the restaurant serves an amazing seafood night on Thursday, try it. Pro tip: Leave room for dessert, they serve a great variety of desserts and all are scrumptious. Lanterns Gourmet Lounge Lanterns serves amazing Indian and Asian food across five branches in Bahrain. However, if you want to enjoy brunch in the restaurant we highly recommend visiting Lanterns Gourmet Lounge in Amwaj Island; it serves breakfast food until 2 pm during weekends and offers a pleasant seating area overlooking the Gulf and a lively ambiance. The place serves some international dishes in addition to their renowned Indian menu, but Indian food is what they are famous for so trying it is a must. Pro tip: You absolutely have to try the splendid Dal Makhani they make! Aroma Restaurant & Cafe This may be one of the most budget-friendly options for brunch in Bahrain, but do not worry, the quality and the variety of the food will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Aroma Restaurant & Cafe is a family friendly cafe, it features a kids’ play area and serves shisha for adults, fun times for you and your kids. Pro tip: Try the Manaqeesh and you will not regret it. To learn more about Bahrain see also: Tour packages in Bahrain Bahraini adventure: Top places to visit in Bahrain Best value for money: the top 7 cheap hotels in Bahrain


Tourism in France: The Best places in France to visit

July 30, 2019

When we talk about France, the image of Eiffel tower is the first thing came out on the mind. Everyone knows France as the only Paris, although it has many other places that have the same charm as Paris. France has many tourist attractions. This article will show you the best places in France, where you can visit and enjoy it. Champs-Elysées champs-Elysees needs no introduction, it is one of the top French capital’s attractions and best places in France. You can go and admire its majestic monuments, or enjoy a shopping spree. It is nearly 2 km in length, this historic road runs from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe. Paris Disneyland Paris Disneyland is one the best places in France you could enjoy, it's not only for children but for adults too. You can immerse yourself in the Disney stories and soak up the Disney magic. Also, you can enjoy over 50 attractions, shows offer magical experience and exciting adventures. It has a Disney village, which is full of restaurants, entertainment and shopping. In addition to Gulf Disneyland for amateurs and professionals with the clubhouse. Chocolate Museum For more interesting things to do, you can visit the chocolate museum. Located 10 minutes from downtown Strasbourg, it is considered one of the best places in France. The museum tells the chocolate and its secrets, and how it is made through videos and animations. You will see how cocoa is turned into chocolate. Activities and workshops are also offered for children. Palace of Versailles Palace of Versailles was built first as a hunting lodge in 1624, then it became more ornate over the years. The royal palace is located outside Paris and is known for its hall of mirrors and beautiful gardens. Versailles is associated with the French queen Marie Antoinette, who was beheaded during the French revolution. Gorge du Verdon Gorge du Verdon is considered one of the most beautiful river canyons in Europe. It is located in southeastern France between Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. The area offers the best view of the green emerald. Dune of Pyla Dune of Pyla is one of the best places in France, located in the Arcachon Bay. Also, it is the tallest sand dune in Europe. It grows eastwards at about 4.5 meters a year. You can enjoy a spectacular view with the Atlantic coast and the Bay on one side and a large pine forest on another, at the top of the dune. Palace of Fontainebleau One of the best places in France is the Palace of Fontainebleau, where is located 65 km far from central Paris. Fontainebleau is one of the largest French royal palaces. It is built in the 12th century, as a hunting lodge. Also, it is the place where Napoleon abdicated his empire. The Palace is filled with ornate buildings, which have more ornate interiors. Promenade des Anglais Promenade des Anglais is the most famous walkway along the Mediterranean. And one of the best places in France you can visit. It is known as Le Prom, located in Nice. You can go for summer sunbathers, skateboarders and in-line skaters as well. Camargue Camargue is the largest river delta in Western Europe, and one of the best places in France. It hosts about 500 species of birds including the pink flamingo. Also, it is famous for its small white horses, which roam the extensive marshlands. The Camargue is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone river delta. Nimes Roman Monuments Nimes is a city used to be one of the most important cities of Roman, it is located in southern France. The city is often referred to as the French Rome. It hosts a collection of Roman buildings such as the amphitheatre and a Roman temple. Val d'Isere If you are an adventurer, so you should visit Val d’Isere. It is one of the best places in France, where you can enjoy skiing. Val d’Isere is a popular ski resort in France, and it hosts men’s ski racing in the 1992 winter Olympics. The charming village many visitors and tourists in winter. Cannes Film Festival Meeting your favourite star, is not a wish anymore, as you can see him/her every May in Cannes. Cannes International Film Festival held every year in France, where all the world’s movie-making industry show up. Although the screening is not open to the public, you can look for your favourite stars, as they dine out the restaurants, shop or visit any tourism place in France. Eiffel Tower Eiffel tower is the symbol of Paris, it is considered one of the best places in France and top tourist attractions. The tower has been visited by more than 200 million people, making it the most visited tourist attraction in the world. It is built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, also it is the highest building in Paris with 324 meters tall. Eiffel offers stunning views of the city below. You can see more trips to France: Travel packages to France.


Honeymoon or Valentine: the 6 most romantic destinations in the world

February 03, 2019

People are always looking for the most romantic destinations where they can have the best romantic vacation, especially around valentine’s day. Valentine’s day may not be a major holiday, but it is a perfectly nice chance to celebrate love, and if you love traveling, it is a great chance to travel. What counts as a romantic destination is different from one person to another, however some destinations are undoubtedly romantic. Whether you are looking for a place to take your wife on a romantic getaway or looking for the best honeymoon spot, these are the most romantic destinations in the world. Santorini, Greece Whitewashed buildings that seem to rise from the sea, or sprout from the volcanic rocks, Santorini looks like a magical town right out of a fairytale. The dreamy island is a very popular honeymoon destination, and for good reason; the beauty of the azure beaches under the sunlight is only matched by the beauty of the well lit tiny homes under the stars. The west side of the island features the renowned caldera and its impressive cliffs, it is home to some of the most expensive hotels in the world, these hotels offer an understated luxury and unparalleled views. The east side on the other hand features a different experience with its colorful beaches and laid back resorts. No matter where you choose to reside, Santorini is bound to give you an unforgettable romantic vacation. Tour packages to Greece Kyoto, Japan A true hidden gem, Kyoto offers a stunning Japanese experience, and if you manage to plan your trip during the Cherry Blossom season you will have the most magnificent trip in your life. With around 2000 temples, many wondrous gardens and numerous stunning tea houses, you will not lack for things to see and do in Kyoto. What makes this city the most romantic destination in Japan is that it features spectacular landscapes and offers an authentic Japanese experience that you may not find in larger cities. If you take your significant other to Kyoto, make sure to check Nishiki market or Kyoto’s kitchen for a culinary adventure through the Japanese cuisine. Seychelles The picturesque archipelago is one of the most renowned and the most expensive honeymoon destinations, if you can afford it though, a trip to Seychelles is definitely worth every penny. Untouched powdery fine beaches and lush green vegetation make the 150 islands a true paradise for travelers. Add to that the fact that you can get a tourist visa at the airport and you get the best spontaneous romantic getaway. The warm Indian Ocean water around the island’s make the beaches perfect for water sports and scuba diving, so does the existence of magnificent coral reefs. Tour packages to Seychelles Little Corn Island, Nicaragua A caribbean getaway like no other, the white sandy beaches of Little Corn Island offer a wonderful place to relax, while the other cities in Nicaragua offer a wide range of activities and attractions if you want a change of pace. When you arrive at the no-car island, and see the clear blue water splash against the white sand under the shade of the coconut trees covering miles and miles of pristine beaches, you will know for certain why this island is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. And best of all, the island island is home to a wide range of hotels, ranging from five star resorts to backpacker hostels, so you can easily find whatever suits your budget. And when at Little Corn Island, explore the beaches; the island has got more than meets the eye and many beaches are untouched, you can have the whole place to yourself. Langkawi, Malaysia One of the most budget friendly romantic destinations in the world, and one of the most breath taking! Why not declare your love to your significant other atop the Sky Bridge, then celebrate by having the most perfect seafood dinner. The small island features a beautiful laid back vibe as well as mesmerising scenery. Moreover, the balmy beaches are perfect for water sports, you can even try night time diving. And if you find it too relaxing after a few days, head to Kuala Lumpur or any of the other mesmerizing destinations in Malaysia where you can find more attractions than you can count. Tour packages to Malaysia Honolulu, Hawaii Colorful beaches, crystal clear waters, the most laid back beachfront atmosphere ever, coconuts and pineapples, Honolulu definitely is one of the top romantic destinations in the world. In addition to being picture perfect, Honolulu is home to numerous attractions and a multitude of activities which Hawaii is famous for. If the hussle and bussle of Honolulu is not your thing, head to one of the smaller quieter islands for a few days.   To learn more about romantic destinations around the world see also: Caribbean Countries: a tour in the Caribbean Islands Tanzania tourism: top things to do in Zanzibar Ancient architecture and green mountains: Top places to visit in Georgia

Hot Air Balloon Activity: Journey to discover the world from above

July 30, 2019

Hot air balloon activity is a unique adventure you could have. It is a type of sport, that makes you experience a great sight for land inside a colourful balloon. The hot air balloon takes you on a fictional journey, by flying between clouds in the sky. Taking a tour in a balloon in the early morning is a thrilling and fun experience. It enables you to enjoy watching the world from above. What is a hot air balloon? A hot air balloon is a kind of aircraft. Fire is usually the way of lifting it up, as it is lifted by heating the air inside it. Hot air must weights less than the cold one, as the greatest the difference between the hot and cold air, the greater the difference in density and the stronger the balloon will pull up. In other words, that means that the balloon can lift up easier when on a very cold day or if the air inside the balloon is very hot. What to wear? Wearing comfortable is the answer, however, there are some tips for considering what to wear in hot air balloon activity. Wearing casual is more comfort and be aware that the weather up high is about the same as it in the ground. But be careful of the ride timing whether it is during sunrise or sunset. If you prefer a sunrise flight, so don’t worry about having a jacket, as the weather warms in the morning. But for those are flying at sunset, bringing a jacket will be great to wear it when the sun goes and the weather chills. Other passengers highly recommended wearing a hat or anything on the head, as the basket is small, and the burners are about 6 and a half feet from the floor, the heat will radiate downward. Hot air balloon activity is a sport, so wearing flat solid shoes or sneakers is a wise option, as climbing in and out the basket is almost impossible in high heels. Competitions Hot air balloon activity sometimes has competitions. In these competitions, pilots use the shift in the wind at different altitudes to navigate to carefully positioned goals or to achieve a maximum / minimum distance between 2 fixed points. Festivals There are many festivals in different countries for hot air balloon. During these events, the ballooners fly their balloons together, in the morning and in the evening, if it is possible. Sometimes the balloons are lit up against the night sky in a very beautiful view. At these festivals, you can see various shapes of balloons, usually, they are kind of round, but they may have formed. Also, at the festival, you may see about 700 balloons flies in the air. Where can you ride it? You can enjoy riding the balloons and have an unforgettable adventure using hot air balloon activity, in two ways. The first one you can join one of the annual hot air balloon festivals in any country, that has this kind of festivals. Second, there are some countries that offer hot air balloon activity all the year, which allow you to enjoy riding the hot air balloon any time. Festival Rides Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place in New Mexico, in the first week of October. This city is the ideal spot for ballooning. It is considered the world’s premier ballooning event. It also witnessed more than 500 balloons lift into the sky. While Canberra balloon Spectacular takes place in Australia, in March. It is held over 9 days and features several balloons’ shapes. You can see about 100 air balloons gathering together in the sky at Saga international balloon festival. It is located in Saga in Japan and hosts more than 800000 visitors. One of the great and unique things in this festival is that it has a hot air balloon school, where pilots explain the basics of ballooning. Saga festival features fun shapes of balloons like animals and popular cartoon characters. Mondial Air Balloons festival was started in 1989 to celebrate the bicentennial of the French revolution. It takes place in Lorraine in France, every July. The festival attracts more than 400,000 visitors. There are many other festivals such as Taiwan International Balloon Festival in Taiwan, European Balloon Festival that takes place in Spain, and many other festivals. Countries Rides Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Hot air balloons in Kenya is a kind of luxurious tourism, as it offers not only an adventure in hot air balloon activity but also the most spectacular view above the wildlife. The best time to visit is between July and October. Cappadocia, Turkey One of the most popular places for hot air balloon activity is Cappadocia in Turkey. You can enjoy a unique ride, where the amazing view of the striking limestone spires and dwellings etched into the rock. Luxor, Egypt Hot air balloon activity in Luxor in Egypt is one of the amazing rides you can have, especially for those who love ancient monuments. As balloon ride, Luxor will take you across the most famous and important ancient temples and monuments such as the Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Temples of Ramses II and III. Cost Of course the cost differs from place to another, but in general, there is an average for it. For a group of five-person or more, it could cost around $275 / person. But for a private ride or for couples the prices are different in each country. For more hot air balloon activities: Hot air balloon packages.


The land of mountains and magic: Top things to do in Nepal

April 19, 2020

Largely known in the travel world as backpackers paradise, you can easily find various things to do in Nepal even if you happen to be traveling alone. With breathtaking landscapes as a striking backdrop, tourism in Nepal caters for both, budget travelers as well as leisure travelers, and so does the diverse activities available in the beautiful mountainous country. Situated between the Himalayas and the jungle, Nepal is a magic land where everything seems possible. The country comprises eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest. That is why people mainly think of mountain climbing and trekking when they hear the word Nepal. However, there are many things to do in Nepal other than mountain climbing. Here are the top things to do in Nepal. Explore Chitwan National Park The first national park in Nepal, Chitwan National Park was established in in 1973. The park spreads over a massive area of 332 square miles. Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, the natural reserve is home to many species of flora and fauna. This is the place to see bears, tigers, crocodiles, elephants and one-horned rhinos in their natural habitat. If you are very very lucky, you might even spot a Bengal tiger. Taking a tour in this park is definitely one of the top things to do in Nepal. Some people even choose to book a night at one of the nearby hotels to spend more than one day at the park. Paraglide over Pokhara You cannot visit Nepal without visiting Pokhara, the second largest city and one of the major tourist hubs in the country. And what better way to experience the stunningly beautiful city than to paraglide over it! The city itself possess a spectacular laid back charm, with its beautiful blue lakes and surrounding snowy mountains, however its true fame stems from being the best paragliding spot in the globe. In addition to paragliding, many trekking trails start from Pokhara, and boating in the lakes is a very popular activity as well. No matter what you do, Pokhara is a must visit in Nepal, it is a city of unforgettable beauty.   Explore Nepal trips from here   Visit the old parts of Kathmandu The capital, the largest city and the most populous city in Nepal, Kathmandu is a city unlike any other, you will be amazed by the sounds, colors and sights of the city once you step out of the airport. Start your trip at Thamel, the old neighborhood has been the most famous tourist hub in Kathmandu since forever. The narrow allies of Thamel, many of which pedestrian streets only, comprise everything from authentic food to budget hotels to handmade souvenirs. While in Kathmandu, make sure to check the ancient temples and to get to know the Tibetan culture. This ancient culture is one of the oldest and the richest cultures in the world. Take a panoramic flight over the Himalayas Trekking and mountain climbing is a magic experience not to be missed in Nepal, but if this kind of extreme sport is not for you opt for a panoramic flight instead. This way, you get to experience the true allure and magic of the Himalayas from the comfort of a plane. Many travel agencies in Nepal offer airplane tours that allow you to see the most majestic peaks on Earth up close. These tours are without a doubt some of the top things to do in Nepal. It is an experience that you are bound to remember forever. Walk through the City of Beauty Patan’s old Sanskrit name is Lalitpur, which means City of Beauty, and the massive architecture of the ancient city truly is a thing of beauty. In the heart of the city lies Patan Durbar Square, it is an architectural wonder that truly embodies Newar architecture. The square which includes several ancient temples is a  UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Pay a visit to Everest The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is by far the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal. Even if you will not attempt to climb the mountain, very few people do so anyway, you should at least check some of the trekking trails at the base of the mountain. There are some beautiful villages at the base of the mountain that you can visit, there is also Sagarmatha National Park which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. For more unusual destinations see also: Land of Fire: things to do in Azerbaijan Tourism in the Alps: what to do in Liechtenstein Hidden gems: Explore the marvelous beauty of Saint Kitts