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Sri Lanka Tour: Beauty, adventure and impossible greenery

September 12, 2019

Situated in beautiful colorful Asia, the culture and nature of Sri Lanka are as unique as they are alluring. The country is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination and for a good reason. A beautiful Sri Lanka tour can provide an ideal vacation for any kind of traveler. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or a laid back traveler you are bound to love Sri Lanka If you are traveling alone or accompanied by a family or a huge group of friends you are bound to love Sri Lanka. Formerly known as Ceylon, the island country is home to multiple cultures and languages. More than 3000 years of culture and 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites make Sri Lanka such a fascinating destination and unbelievable nature makes it such a colorful tour. So let’s take a virtual Sri Lanka tour, check with us the beauty, adventure and impossible greenery of the charming country. Uda Walawe National Park Elephants, elephants, and more elephants, how cute is that! Spreading over an extensive area of 30,821 hectares, the reserve was established in 1972 to provide sanctuary for wild animals. The park is most famous for elephant watching, but it is also home to herds of wild buffalo, sambar, spotted deer, and giant squirrel. Uda Walawe is a significant habitat for Sri Lankan elephants. The park comprises the Udawalawe Elephant Transit Home which was established in 1995 for the main purpose of housing abandoned elephant calves. Elephant calves are nurtured at the transit home and then released back in the park when they are capable of living on their own. World’s End, The Horton Plains It takes around 3 hours to hike the 9.5km round trip, however, the view is more than worth it! Although the magnificent beauty and greenery of the plains alone is a major attraction, the trail takes you around the three main attractions in the area Mini World’s End, World’s End, and Baker’s Fall. World’s End is a stunning escarpment that plunges 880m, the hiking trail takes you there and then back to the entrance of the park, so you will not get lost. You might get a little chilly though, both from the cold as well as the view. Try to go as early as possible as the view gets obscured by mist later on the day, particularly in the rainy season from April to September. But do not fret; watching the thick wall of fog from the top is a magical experience on its own. This magnificent experience may not be for the faint-hearted, but the beautiful Baker’s falls provide a beautiful spot to relax and take a breather after the hiking and the dramatic view. The train ride to Ella This picturesque hilltop village is surrounded by beautiful green tea fields. If you take one of the most beautiful train rides in the world from Nuwara Eliya to Ella you will most definitely fall in love with the surroundings and the small laid back town. The nights are cool in and the days around 28 degrees, so the weather is almost always perfect for vacation. The Nine Arch Bridge on which the train passes is a stunning piece of architecture amidst the lush fields, so make sure to check it after you arrive and relax in the town as it would be hard to see from inside the train. You can even sit and sip Sri Lankan tea on one of the quiet cafes in the area and watch the trains pass. The ancient city of Polonnaruwa The royal capital for three centuries, Polonnaruwa was the thriving commercial and religious hub of Sri Lanka 800 years ago. The ancient city comprises many temples and religious buildings, all in a compact area that you can navigate in a tour, and all surrounded with the renowned Sri Lanka greenery. The ruins of the ancient city are mostly in good shape. You can still admire the architecture and see what once has been. If you cannot clearly see how everything looked in the old day, the museum there has models of how the city looked in ancient times. Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary A visit to the scenic town of Hikkaduwa is a must during a Sri Lanka tour, if only for the pristine beaches. The beaches in Hikkaduwa are one of the best spots for surfing in the world. You can relax or play watersports on the amazing beaches by day and enjoy the lively nightlife in the coastal city by night. What makes the visit even more marvelous is checking Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary which houses a wide array of rich colorful corals, vibrant beautiful fish, and numbers of endemic turtles. To have a real Sri Lanka tour check this: Tour packages in Sri Lanka For more tours around the world: The land of mountains and magic: Top things to do in Nepal Caribbean Countries: a tour in the Caribbean Islands Land of Fire: things to do in Azerbaijan

Adventure plan

Canary Tour: Where to go in the Canary Islands

June 25, 2018

If you are planning a trip to the Canary you are already on the right track, but first, do you know where to go in the Canary Islands? Near perfect weather year round allows tourists to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Canary Islands anytime of the year. Whether it is summer or winter in your home country you can travel to the Canary and enjoy a sublime weather and a beautiful vacation. This is one of the reasons why the islands are very popular among tourists. We are here to help you schedule your vacation wisely so you don’t miss a thing! If you do not know where to go in the Canary Islands here is a nice itinerary for you. Check our list of the absolutely must see sights and must do activities in the Canary Islands: Catch a cable car to Pico Del Teide With an impressive height of 3,718 meters, Teide volcano is the third highest volcano in the world and Spain's highest peak. To catch the stunning view from the peak of El Teide, The cable car provides the most enjoyable as well as the easiest way to get up. It takes only eight minutes to climb up 1200 meters to the top station. Each car holds 35 passengers and the cars leave every 10 minutes. Be sure to choose a clear day though (check the weather before you go) because if the peak is covered with clouds you might not see a thing. Some people find the experience of hanging among clouds a magical one though! However if the sky is clear, you can catch a stunning view of the volcanic valley spreading out splendidly below. You can even see the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro rising up from the Atlantic. A truly magical view!   Explore La Gomera, the island lost in time No international airport in La Gomera, no five star chain hotels, and no masses of tourists. Nonetheless, the small island boasts magnificent natural beauty, an authentic way of life and picturesque colorful local homes. The tiny villages in the small island are one of its most attractive elements, each with its own personality and beauty. Make sure to check El Cercado to watch how local potters carefully craft traditional ceramics using techniques inherited from their ancestors. The island features one of Europe’s last remaining cloud forests due to the huge banks of swirling fog surrounding the emerald peak which rises 1487 meters above sea level. Which leads us to our next must see in the Canary Islands.   Check the surreal Parque Nacional de Garajonay Lush greenery shrouded in mists, this surreal park looks like an enchanted forest out of a fairytale. This cloud forest enjoys a much cooler temperature than the rest of the island due to the elevation and humidity. Inside this unique atmosphere you will feel like you have travelled to another world, one that is not utterly real. Garajonay is one of the best-preserved subtropical rainforests in Europe that is largely due to preservation efforts on La Gomera. The park is home to around 400 species of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic to the Canary Islands.   Scuba dive in La Restinga Marine Reserve Thanks to the warm crystal clear waters, which allow more than 30 meters of visibility, The Canary Islands are a haven for divers. If you know how to dive, or interested in trying, then you shouldn't wonder where to go in the Canary Islands. Go Diving! Diving in the Canary Islands allows you to enjoy one of the best underwater biodiversities in the world with a water temperature of more than 20 C all year round. La Restinga is a sanctuary on El Hierro Island where turtles, tunafish, rays, grouper, dolphins and barracudas visit every year. The rich and varied biodiversity there is unbelievable, and so it the clarity of the water.   Catch a unique show at Loro Parque If you are still wondering where to go in the Canary Islands you have to catch the only killer whale show during your visit! Loro Parque is located in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife; it comprises an aquarium where sharks, rays and fish swim among coral reefs just a few feet away from visitors. It also features a globally renowned orca show. Killer whales dance to the music and dive and jump around a giant transparent tank, which allows spectators to see all of their underwater acrobatics. Sometimes the stunts are so spectacular that those spectators get splashed by water. Moreover, the park is also renowned for its impressive collection of exotic birds. It is home to more than 300 species of parrots. If that is not enough, the park also boasts the largest penguinarium in the world, home to more than 250 penguins. It boasts an enormous enclosure as well, where visitors can see gorillas, tigers and even anteaters. The Loro Parque Foundation aims to set a safe place for the protection and conservation of endangered animals. The zoo has earned the 2008 Animal Embassy Award for sustainable and responsible management.

Adventure plan

7 Things to do for the perfect road trip

September 09, 2019

If you are a free spirit with a soul that craves adventure then you might want to consider a road trip. The perfect road trip is where you will get to create unforgettable memories, ones that will definitely last for a lifetime. There is nothing exciting like a starting an adventure and exploring the world. Here is what you need to know to plan for the perfect road trip, a trip that will definitely refresh your soul and restore your faith in adventure. Prepare an epic playlist When the road is long, nothing makes it more fun and entertaining than a playlist of the latest hits and the music you and your buddies enjoy listening to. The trick here is to know how long the road will take and create a very long playlist so you and your friends don’t get bored from listening the same songs over and over again. Smart Packing The perfect road trip requires a different kind of packing. Besides your clothes and shoes; you should carry first-aid kit, spare tires, mobile charger, jumper cables to jump-start the car in case it dies as well as food, sodas, cold water and your favorite treats from chocolates, nuts and whatever makes your trip twice the fun. Plan ahead your stops You got to have some fresh air otherwise boredom will just get to you and your friends. Before hitting the road, study the route and its stops so you know ahead of time when and where you are going to recharge your batteries to keep going for a while more till your next stop. Capture every moment Road trips are the perfect opportunity to make memories and capture the beauty of the world around you. If you are travelling between countries or cities; then you should stop and do some sightseeing; dine there and have an authentic experience. Capture as many pictures as you can for the place, you and your friends! It is in these trips when you know you are creating everlasting memories. Get your car checked To avoid any unfortunate events and to make sure your road trip goes as planned, you better run a full car check before taking to the road. It's better to do this weeks before your road trip so as to give it a trial and try it out first before officially starting your trip. Don’t forget your camping gear Road trips are all about stepping out of your comfort zones, exploring the world around you and just having the adventure of a lifetime. Hence, make sure to pack your camping gear from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, air mattresses and more. If you are traveling for days, instead of staying at a motel or a hotel; you can consider becoming one with the nature and just have a perfect night sleep under the stars. Prepare games Bored with music! Then games are your second option to opt for as they will keep you entertained during your road trip. There are plenty of road trip games that you will actually enjoy such as singing games, movie games, the name game…etc. If you do all this, you'll get the perfect road trip that you dream of, all you have to do is to plan well for a memorable journey. Also, read: Unforgettable Road Trips: 12 Road Trips you should not miss


The most beautiful islands: The alien beauty of Socotra Island

February 24, 2019

They call it the most alien-looking place on Earth, but Socotra Island is definitely one of the most beautiful islands as well. Part of an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, The island of Socotra is so isolated that more than a third of its plant life is endemic, meaning that it is found nowhere else on Earth. The Archipelago of Socotra has been totally isolated from any large landmass for millions of years. That is why it is now home to an astonishing display of biodiversity. This unique diversity makes Socotra one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. They say that if you fall asleep and wake up on Socotra Island you might think that you have been abducted by aliens, the Island does not look like anywhere else on the planet. So let’s discover the unparalleled beauty of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, take a look at Socotra Island. What does the Island look like? Located between the Guardafui Channel and the Arabian Sea, Socotra Island is the largest of the four islands that make the Socotra archipelago. The three smaller islands are Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa. The territory is officially part of Yemen, and had always been a subdivision of the Aden Governorate. However in 2013, the archipelago became its own governorate, the Socotra Governorate. 240 kilometers east off the coast of Cape Guardafui and 380 kilometers south of the Arabian Peninsula, The Island is seriously isolated. It is one of the most isolated landforms on the planet of continental origin rather than of volcanic origin. How long has it been on the map? Despite its isolation, the Island of Socotra has been a significant stop in trading routs surfing the Indian Ocean for many years. In 2001 a group of scientists of the Socotra Karst Project investigated a cave on the island where they found a large number of inscriptions, drawings and diverse archaeological objects. Additional examination showed that these findings had been left by sailors who visited the island between the 1st century BC and the 6th century AD. Even though Marco Polo did not pass anywhere near the island, his travels stated a report about what he heard of its inhabitants through his journey. He heard that the inhabitants of the unique island practiced ancient magic rituals despite being baptized Christians. However these might just be the tales of the sailors as he has never been there himself. How many endemic species are there? Socotra Island is an oasis of biodiversity in the Middle East. The island is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in the world after the rain, when those most unusual plants are in full bloom, and the most unusual birds are chirping. A team of United Nations biologists conducted a study of the archipelago’s flora and fauna In the 1990s. They counted nearly 700 endemic species, found nowhere else on earth. No wonder the island looks so alien! One of the most renowned as well as the most unusual endemic plants in Socotra Island is the dragon's blood tree (Dracaena cinnabari). This weird-looking tree with its snugly-bundled branches that look like upside down roots has a red sap that people in ancient times thought to be the blood of dragons. This plant is locally known as Dam al-Akhawain, which means blood of the two brothers. The island is also home to numerous endemic fauna, mainly birds and reptiles. Unfortunately many endemic bird species are endangered as a result of predation by non-native feral cats. The good news is that the island was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage site in July 2008. Who lives on Socotra Island? Most of the inhabitants of Socotra live on the main island of the archipelago, specifically in the main city, Hadibu. The other islands are either sparsely inhabited or uninhabited. Unique to the core, the main language of the people in Ssocotra is The Semitic language Soqotri, spoken only in Socotra. People of Socotra have traditionally worked in fishing, raising cattle, and cultivating dates. The island's exports mainly consist of dates, fish, ghee and tobacco. How can I go there? The construction of a new airport in 1999 opened Socotra to the outside world. Regular flights are available to and from Aden and Sana'a. Moving around the island though is another matter. Road construction has been deemed as damaging to the island and its ecosystem. For more eco-friendly alternatives, companies have started offering bicycle for touring the island. There is a port on Socotra as well; Ships connect the port with the Yemeni coastal city of Mukalla. However, the service is used mostly for cargo.  

Best Hotels

Where to stay in Bali: The best hotels in Bali

May 27, 2018

No matter what you want, or what kind of tourist you are, you are bound to love Bali. The island promises everything and more! If you are the kind who appreciates luxury Bali is your fancy haven. If you want a backpacking adventure Bali is your perfect destination. If you want extreme water sports Bali is your aqua park. And just like the island, hotels in Bali are diverse and plentiful. If you want to know where to stay in Bali we have got you covered. From luxurious resorts to cozy hostels, hotels in Bali are generally unique and beautiful. And the generosity and hospitality of the Balinese are unmatched. So, if you are heading to the island with mesmerizing scenery and wondering where to stay in Bali we are here to help, these are the best hotels in Bali. Where to stay in Bali? Alassari Plantation Featuring the remarkably rich Balinese culture, this hotel sits high in the rain forests of the sacred Mount Batu Karu in central Bali. Alassari Plantation offers one of the most unique luxurious accommodations in Selemadeg. It also offers an outdoor pool and an authentic spa. A family hotel developed with love, the entire property was designed and constructed by the owners and their staff. It is marvelously designed and constructed with natural wood and open areas as the main design elements. The private villas are very spacious, and the hotel grounds resemble a private jungle, complete with a stunning waterfall. Puri Wulandari Boutique Resort & Spa With an infinity pool overlooking the jungle, this hotel offers one of the most luxurious accommodations in Bali. The design of the hotel resembles a Balinese village amidst beautiful emerald rice fields. The rooms are simply decorated in an elegant rustic style. And the amenities of the hotel are all state of the art. The hotel is renowned for offering the best hospitality in the area, and also the best breakfast and the most delicious bakery. This chic hotel enjoys one of the best locations in Ubud, situated amidst picturesque scenery and overlooking a small river. Moreover, some rooms in the hotel feature private swimming pools for you convenience. Chapung Sebali Resort & Spa This luxurious five star resort is situated amidst a traditional village on scenic hillside of Ubud. The hotel comprises elegant yet simply designed villas with private pools set among incredibly beautiful scenery. You can enjoy a multitude of activities in this hotel, such as yoga classes, rice field trekking, horse-riding and cycling activities. You can even take a bike to the nearby town. Some of the most renowned features in this hotel are the stunning infinity pool overlooking the valley and the world famous Jungle Fish pool bar. i-Villa by Karaniya Experience When luxury blends with tradition in a uniquely stunning mix! This hotel promises to tailor a luxurious experience just for you! The exquisitely designed villas feature private pools and beautiful sundecks with an added bonus of a personal round-the-clock butler service. The hotel also offers complimentary bikes; you can ride your bike to the nearby Seminyak Beach. In addition to that, toothsome breakfast and a refreshing high tea are served daily to hotel guests as well as mouthwatering organic chocolates. Mandala Desa Typical Balinese design and architecture distinguish this beautiful quiet hotel, as well as the marvelous location amongst lush green fields and local villages. This peaceful retreat with soothing views of the rice fields features an outdoor pool and an organic restaurant that serves both Balinese and international cuisines. If you really want to experience the true essence of Bali without compromising your comfort then this serene getaway amidst villages and rice paddies is the perfect choice. Putu's Paradise Guesthouse For the adventurous type looking for an authentic Balinese experience and looking for a traditional accommodation in Bali we have picked this quaint guesthouse. Small does not mean that it sacrifices either beauty or comfort, , Putu's Paradise Guesthouse features a lovely terrace overlooking the lush private garden. All rooms are spacious featuring sitting areas, and some rooms even feature private balconies. The best thing about this hotel is that it is situated in close proximity of the landmarks in the area. This lovely guesthouse is Located within 300 meters of Ubud Monkey Forest, a short distance from Ubud Market, 1 km from Ubud Palace and 2.7 km from Elephant Cave. You can either use a bike like traditional Balinese to tour these attractions or you can even walk among the beautiful fields. To learn more about where to stay in Bali see also: Tour packages in Bali

Eating & Dining

Dine like an Egyptian: The best restaurants in Cairo

January 23, 2019

Situated in the heart of Egypt, the capital Cairo stunningly hugs the river Nile. The city is famous for its rich ancient history, the pyramids, the Islamic city, the Coptic city and many more. But if you visit Cairo do not get stuck in the mesmerizing past, you also have to enjoy the hip and happening present, including the rich dining scene in the ever buzzing capital. Restaurants in the city are as varied as they are plentiful, so what are the best restaurants in Cairo? Where would you dine in a city that offers thousands of amazing restaurants? In a quest to feed the hungry and the traveling, we have tried to compile a list of the best restaurants in Cairo. With a main focus on brilliant Egyptian food, here is our list of the must try restaurants in Cairo. Abou El Sid, Zamalek The first place that comes to mind when Egyptian food is mentioned is Abou El Sid; the restaurant has become a synonym with Egyptian fine dining. And even though the restaurant has several branches, the Zamalek branch with its authentic atmosphere remains a favorite. There is a charming fictional story behind the restaurant’s name. The story says that Abou El Sid was a humble man in old Cairo who loved cooking. He was so generous and opened his door for all people. But the Sultan wanted him to be his private chef. Abou El Sid missed cooking for the people so much that he escaped from the palace and wrote all his recipes in a cooking book that he hid well. Years later people found his book, used his recipes to make people happy and named the restaurant in his honor. Pro tip: Order The Molokheya with rabbits and the Veal with Fereek, they are not to be missed. Battaw, Heliopolis From the traditional food to their unique twists on some famous Egyptian dishes, everything this restaurant serves is absolutely delicious. The name Battaw is Egyptian all the way through, Battaw is upper Egyptian bread. And as the name suggests, the restaurant exemplifies Egyptian simplicity, warmth and deliciousness. The décor is simple and elegant, from the rustic open air area to the chic indoor area. Like a rustic Egyptian home, the main focus is bright sunlight, natural wood and white and blue pallet with the added touch of Egyptian ornaments.. Pro tip: They make wonderful Feteer Meshltet (Amazing buttery fluffy Egyptian pastry) for breakfast during the weekends, order some Cheese and Chutney with it and have a blissful morning.   Farahat, Al Azhar If you go to Cairo you have to visit Al Azhar and Khan Al Khalili, and if you go to Al Azhar Street you have to eat at Farahat. It is as simple as that. This Egyptian landmark is simple, unique, and all over amazing. It is one of the best restaurants in Cairo, and one of the most famous as well. An authentic Egyptian street food experience, the food options might be limited but they are certainly flavorful. Stuffed pigeons, grilled Kebab and Kofta, and Neefa (Goat meat). That’s it! As a side dish, Farahat serves green salad, Egyptian whole wheat bread and pigeon soup. Not only is Farahat one of the best authentic restaurants in Cairo, it is also the best place to enjoy a hearty meal after you finish touring Al Hussein area. Pro tip: They claim to serve the best stuffed pigeons in town, they are not kidding! Andrea Mariouteya, New Giza Offering one of the most limited menus, Andrea is a longtime favorite among the best restaurants in Cairo for a good reason. It used to be in Mariouteya, hence the name, until the restaurant moved to the new location overlooking Cairo from atop hill in New Giza. The simple open décor is outstanding, the view is beautiful and the food is absolutely delicious. The place is renowned for serving a very simple menu of roasted chicken, fries and rice with liver, in addition to some salads and appetizers. The menu has not changed at all over the years, neither has the tasty food. Pro tip: You must try the fried kofta appetizer with their freshly baked whole wheat bread, and some Tahini. Sea Gull, Agouza Superbly prepared fresh seafood right in the heart of the river Nile, what else can a person ask for? Sea Gull is without a doubt one of the best restaurants in Cairo, especially for seafood lovers. Choose your own fresh fish from the icy display, then order a feast of salads and appetizers to keep you company while the fish is being prepared. Indoor and outdoor seating are available; both are nice and homey so choose according to the weather. The salads are all amazing and the fish is so fresh you can smell the sea scent once you enter the place. Pro tip: You must try the grilled Singari, an Egyptian specialty, and the fried calamari. Sequoia, Zamalek Egyptian and Lebanese cuisine accompanied by the best Nile view in Cairo. There is sufficient reason why this place with its sophisticated ambiance is an ultimate favorite. Due to the popularity of the venue, booking in advance is highly recommended especially on weekends. The whole place is open air, covered only by a white fabric for a ceiling that prevents the sun but allows the air to flow through. At night, the lighting is provided exclusively by wooden lanterns that create a cozy and classy atmosphere. Pro tip: Try the Bisara salad with their freshly baked bread, both are simply toothsome. Try to leave room for the main course though, everything is delicious there. P.S: Unfortunately the restaurant is closed now, but we are hoping that it will reopen soon. To learn more about vacations in Cairo see also: Tour packages in Cairo Sun, salt and seafood: the best restaurants in Alexandria


Tribal lifestyle: the life of the Tuareg

July 09, 2018

Tribal lifestyle has always been fascinating for people living in urban locations. The life of Sahara nomads such as the Tuareg tribe for instance is much different than the life of city people in many regards. How does this tribal lifestyle look like then? How does the Tuareg, or the Sahara nomads live? Early travelers stories often referred to them as the Blue Men of the Sahara Desert, the Tuareg men are known for veiling their faces with an indigo cloth. And sadly, that is the extent of many people’s knowledge about the Tuareg. So let’s dive in the tribal lifestyle here and learn more about the life of the nomads of the Sahara. Who are the Tuareg The Tuareg are a substantial ethnic population that crosses the boundaries of several countries, but have no majority of inhabitants in any specific country. The Tuareg call themselves Imohag, which means free man. The language of the Tuareg is called Tamacheq, but Tuareg also use a written script known as Tifinagh. They lead a semi-nomadic life across the Sahara Desert, in the North African countries of Mali, Niger, Libya, Algeria and Chad. Semi-nomadic means that they traveled a lot but they also had homes and lands in which they grew some crops. In the old days, Tuareg society was divided between those who tended the land and those who did not, plowing the land being the work of lower classes, while the upper classes worked in trading. However, that changed over time as trading was off the table. Early History Part of the Berber group of people, the Tuareg have lived in extreme living conditions in the heart of the Sahara for over a thousand years. The Tuareg first crossed roads with modern civilization at the beginning of the fourteenth century, when trade routes to the profitable salt, gold, and ivory markets between North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East sprang up across Tuareg territory. The Tuareg began to work in trading and utterly controlled these routs because of their extensive knowledge of the Sahara. After the establishment of nation-states in the region in the early 1960s, Governments started to impose restrictions on trade with neighboring countries in order to protect national economic interests. As a result, the Tuareg started to lose economic strength and political power.   The legend of the veil The most famous aspect of the Tuareg men and the most mysterious one is the blue veil. Tuareg men begin wearing a veil at the age of 25. This blue veil conceals their entire face except their eyes. It is almost never removed, even in front of family members. It is commonly believed that men began wearing the veil to protect their faces from the Sahara sands. However why it has gained such significance is unknown.   Tuareg marriage The men often write beautiful poems and try to gain the women’s affection in many ways. That is largely because the end decision rests with the women themselves. When the woman finally says yes they start preparing for the wedding, which is an elaborate week-long event. When a woman gets married, her female family members usually give her a tent as a dowry. The bride often keeps that tent during her lifetime. The Tuareg believe that the house belongs to the woman. The woman also owns the family’s livestock. That might be because the men travel a lot. And because they travel a lot, men highly value their camels and swords, they consider them their most valuable positions.   Tribal Lifestyle Tuareg mostly live in tents. They make these tent-like homes by setting up wooden posts and then covering the posts with cloth or fabric. And to help cool down these houses and to keep the desert sand from getting inside, they put straw mats on the inside of the cloth walls. The Tuareg believe in educating all the members of their tribe. All the little kids are taught how to read and also taught the teachings of the Quran. Tuareg Tribe is one of the few matrilineal tribes around the world; this means that family lines are traced through women rather than men. One of the significant sources of income for the Tuareg is selling their art and handcrafts. This art is mostly in the form of jewelry, leather and metal saddle decorations, as well as beautifully crafted swords.   Tuareg Food The Tuareg do not eat meat often. They are not vegetarians, it is just that livestock is too precious. They only eat meat on special occasions like festivals and weddings. They substitute it with eating a lot of non-meat protein, such as milk and cheese. Their diet features a lot of dates and melon as well. Sometimes on special occasions they consume a nice beverage called eghajira, which is created by pounded millet, dates and cheese mixed water.


Hot summer? Cool down at the best water parks in the world

May 05, 2019

Summer is associated with water fun as much as it is associated with hot weather. Whether that water fun is going to the beach and surfing the waves, or splashing around in infinity pools or going to fabulous water parks. Now that it is almost summer, why don't we check the best water parks in the world! Water parks around the world vary greatly in size and rides, ranging from a couple of slides around a swimming pool to the size of a football field. But which of these water parks are the coolest? The most unique? The most impressive? Which are the best water parks in the world? Let’s take a look together. If you are having a hot a summer why not head to one of these destinations and check one of the best water parks in the world to cool down! Disney's Blizzard Beach, Orlando, Florida "The most slushy, slippery, exhilarating water park anywhere!"        Disney's Blizzard Beach is a theme water park inside the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake near Orlando, Florida. The park was opened in 1995; it was the third Walt Disney World water park at the time. All water areas in the park are properly heated. And the major attractions at the park are built around Mount Gushmore, which is a 90 feet high artificial hill split into three colored slopes to help guests navigate the park: Green, Red, and Purple. As it is a Disney park first and foremost, the park has a very interesting fictional story: According to Disney, there was a snowstorm in the area which led to building the first ski resort in Florida. Of course, the snow did not last long in such heat. This left behind a collection of drenched yet snow-less ski slopes and chair lifts. The ski resort operators were preparing to cut their losses and close the whole thing when they heard an echoing "YAHHOOO!!!" coming from the direction of the melting snow mountain. They looked up to see a blue alligator, wearing a red scarf and gold inner tube, speeding down the mountain. Ice Gator, the water park’s mascot, then landed in a huge pool of melted snow at the base of the mountain. This made the operators realize the park's potential, and the melting mountain of snow became Blizzard Beach. Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis, The Bahamas "An "aqua" adventure unlike any other!" Aquaventure Waterpark is the largest and the most elaborate water park in the Caribbean. This one-of-a-kind 141-acre water park features over twenty million gallons of water, incredible high-speed water slides, a thrilling mile-long river ride with rolling waves, 20 swimming areas, a spectacular kids water-play fort, 11 swimming pools in addition to an aquarium full of exotic sea life. Moreover, as it is located in The Bahamas, Aquaventure is connected by a lush, tropical environment mixed with a unique theme of Mayan culture and the lost world of Atlantis. One of the most unparalleled experiences in the park is The Serpent Slide. This thrilling ride sends guests sliding through dark tunnels on a double tube. The spiraling ride drops you into a tunnel that runs directly through the shark tank inside of the aquarium, giving riders the illusion of swimming with the sharks. Although not necessarily steep or speedy, this ride is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Waterbom Bali, Indonesia “Beyond the world-class slides lies a carefully landscaped sanctuary of gardens and water systems proudly representing the beauty of Bali.” Waterbom Bali was designed to blend with the magnificent natural environment. More than 50% of the park constitutes green space which is home to some endangered native species. It is one of the best water parks in the world, and also the greenest. More than the thrilling state of the art slides; the park also comprises some lush green gardens and intricate water systems which showcases the natural beauty of the island. Waterbom Bali spreads over an area of 3.8 hectares and comprises many amazing water rides, including Asia's steepest slide: The Climax. In this ride, you enter a capsule with a trapdoor at your feet, which then releases you down a near-vertical dip for a thrilling ride. Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain “Blissful relaxation or adrenaline-pumping thrills? It’s your choice – just dive in!” Situated in the stunning Canary Islands, this amazing water park is a must-visit for anyone vacationing in Spain. Opened to the public in 2008, Siam Park has been voted as the best water park in the world on Tripadvisor for four consecutive years. Siam Park comprises the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside Thailand. It features a Thai theme across all of the rides, park buildings, and restaurants. Not only spectacular but also smart, Siam Park comprises a desalination plant, which desalinates seawater to be used in the rides. After the water is used in the rides, it is recycled by using it to water the park's green areas. This cycle was designed to conserve the island's water. For more about water activities see also: Amazing Tour Around the World: Best Cruise Trips in the World Diving into water: Discover The Underwater World’s Magical Colours A Tour around Seas and Oceans: Most Unique Beaches in the World


Malaysia truly Asia: Top things to do in Malaysia

May 05, 2019

The national slogan for tourism in Malaysia is ‘Malaysia truly Asia’, and it is the most accurate slogan for it. You can find a million things to do in Malaysia, but the most important thing is that you get to experience true Asia. Malaysia offers an immersive experience in Asian culture, traditions, and cuisines, in addition to some of the most stunning scenery in the continent. No matter what your preferences on vacation may be, you will absolutely love Malaysia. If you like getting to know local cultures, heritages, and arts you will find numerous things to do in Malaysia. And if you want to stay in fabulous resorts surrounded by stunning scenery you will also find several things to do in Malaysia.   Here is our list of the top things to do in Malaysia: Start with the capital: Kuala Lumpur   KL is home to several landmarks, including the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers: Petronas Twin Towers, The 400 million years old Batu Caves and the all-night street restaurant Jalan Alor. The multicultural capital of Malaysia offers a unique mix of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures, which is very apparent in its neighborhoods, shops, and cuisine. You will never lack for things to do in Malaysia if you start your trip with visiting Kuala Lumpur. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur there is a list of must visits and on top of this list is Batu Caves. Located approximately 11 kilometers to the north of Kuala Lumpur, this limestone hill comprises three major caves, a number of smaller ones and a 100-year-old temple. You should also check Chinatown while you are in KL, and Sunway Lagoon theme park. Also, a must do there is visiting the firefly colony in Kuala Selangor, watching the glittering fireflies sparkle in the trees is a must have experience! Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site: Penang In 2008, this stunning island off the west coast of Malaysia was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most beautiful and lively tourist destinations in Malaysia, Penang has a focus on conservation and preservation, this marvelous city is renowned for both history and lush greenery. If you travel to Penang make sure to visit its Tropical Spice Garden that showcases the best of the region’s flora and fauna. It is the only spice garden in South East Asia. Moreover, this cosmopolitan island's rich multicultural history, which goes back to the beginnings of British colonization in the 18th century, is full of Chinese, Indian and European influences. Penang is also renowned for being the "food paradise" of Malaysia. That may be due to the abundance of exotic spices and the mixture of cultures! Tour the historic town of Malacca Famous for being the unofficial historic capital of Malaysia, this picturesque city features incredible sights and rich heritage. You can explore the magnificent historic sites that Malacca has to offer on foot, the city is small and the historic streets are easy to navigate. If you happen to be in Malacca though, you have to visit the Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary. This one of a kind tourist attraction 15km northeast of Malacca town, also known as Taman Rama Rama, is home to a various collection of animals ranging from striking butterflies to snakes, lizards, crocodiles, and koi fish. Relax and Sunbathe in Langkawi Powder-fine sand, swaying coconut trees, spectacular seafood restaurants, and luxurious resorts! Langkawi offers something for every traveler; this Asian paradise is rich with amazing scenery, lively tourist attractions, simple local life, and world-class resorts. If you happen to be in Langkawi you have to hike to Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells Waterfalls). Located in Mount Mat Cincang, this breathtaking natural formation encompasses a series of seven connected natural pools fed by seven separate waterfalls. Or, if you want to admire the amazing sceneries which the island has to offer without hiking, check Langkawi Sky Bridge, this thrilling tourist attraction is a 125-meter-long curved pedestrian bridge that overlooks Gunung Mat Cincang, Telaja Tujuh waterfalls, and several islets surrounding Langkawi. To Access the Sky Bridge, ride the Langkawi Cable Car, the ride provides a world of fun all by itself. Get away to the Genting Highlands The city of entertainment, Genting Highlands make the most amazing getaway to people residing or vacating in Kuala Lumpur. The highlands are at about 1760 meters above sea level, you can get a glimpse of the valley in which Kuala Lumpur is situated from the top. Genting Highlands is home to the biggest theme park in Malaysia, which consists of an outdoor amusement park and an indoor amusement park, as well as an amazing water park. Genting is also home to a couple of magnificent hotels. Due to its altitude, the temperature in Genting Highlands is much cooler than Kuala Lumpur. This makes it the perfect getaway to the capital. For more about things to do in Malaysia see also: Tour packages in Malaysia