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Take a breathing trip at the ORION NEBULA

By Masarat Adventure Club

When looking at the sky there will always be something wonderful close to being a piece of paradise, something that catches your eye and would like to take a picture, especially at night. Join us for an extraordinary night on a journey through the legends of the sky and hear the wonders of the Orion Nebula. Join us on a journey to enjoy the most picturesque atmosphere, learn about astronomy, and enjoy space photography.


  • Hiking
  • Hiking in Riyadh
  • Hiking in Saudi Arabia

We will gather at Masarat Adventure Club at 11:00 PM to have some snacks, coffee, get a brief about the program, get to know the Masarat team, and a quick check of equipment before we get going. We will get moving in 4*4 SUVs passing through the desert to the trail. Upon reaching the trail, we will start the hiking trail of about 4 KM. Along our scenic hike, we will enjoy 10 minutes of silence in nature. We will afterward enjoy a delicious meal. Then start our astronomy session under a blanket of stars where we will map the Orion Nebula trail and exploring the hidden gems of the sky. We will be arriving in Riyadh at 21:00.

- Trip equipment and personal clothing.
- Flights arriving and departing from and to Riyadh.

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115.00 USD / per adult