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Hike through the secret oasis in Riyadh

By Masarat Adventure Club

Have you ever come to question the historical mysteries hidden in the corners of mountains? Did you ever wonder about the secrets rocks whisper to one another during the night? Nature grew tired of our silenced minds, the shallowness that occupies our daily life, our lack of curiosity towards things. Let’s read into it, let’s explore right through it, let’s indulge in the depth of it. Let us carefully listen to the echoes of our nature’s past to be able to comprehend exactly where it came from. Join us on an adventure to the secret oasis to enjoy hiking and barefoot walking.

  • Hiking in Riyadh

We will gather at Masarat Adventure Club at 07:00 AM to have some snacks, coffee, have a briefing on the program, get to know the Masarat team, and a quick gear-check before we get going. We will get moving in 4*4 SUVs passing through the desert to the trail. Upon arrival to the trail we will start the hiking trail for about 7KM, Along our scenic hike, we will enjoy 10 minutes of silence in the arms of nature. We will afterward enjoy a self-cooked delicious meal in the modesty of the wilderness. We will be back in Riyadh at 18:00.

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105.00 USD / per adult