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Two-night Desert Camping weekend near Al Ahsa

By Ootlah Saudi Arabia

Join us for a marvelous adventure in the desert. Two nights camp starting from 8 pm Thursday to Saturday evening. The camp can accommodate 12 people.

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Hiking in Saudi Arabia
  • Outdoor Parties

The Camp features the following:

-One 6*12 tent with its furniture.

-One 5*8 tent with its furniture.

-One portable toilet (Fiberglass with its Tank of Water)

-One 5*8 outdoor ground Majlis with its furniture

-One separator to isolate one side of the camp or a certain area

-One power generator 

-Set of lighting inside and out of the tent.

-Two fire grills

-Speaker for entertainment

The Camp features the following activities:

-Badminton (2rackets)-Volleyball -Anbar ball game-Airgun or a throwing arrow game -Boardgames. - A sand slider with rope.

-Other games and activities such as treasure hunt and oriental Oud performance.

Trip Agenda


8:00 PM

Arrival at the campsite

8:15 PM

Welcome Coffee, Dessert (GSHD Kunafa and So on) + Fire starts with Tea with mint, Karak

8:30 PM

Orientation about Agenda, facilities, safety such as first aid kit, fire extinguisher location, nearest hospital, use of snake sticks

8:45 PM

Dinner prep: Angus burgers, sweet potatoes, salad

10:00 PM

Board games start


7:30 AM

Coffee, dates + Kunafa

8:00 AM

Breakfast: Omelet, Labna with Zattar, Olives, White Cheese, Peanut Butter, perhaps some turkey sausages, Tuna

9:00 AM

Walking exercise on the hills, some sand sliding, badminton, and treasure hunt game

11:30 AM

Lunch prep time Lamb Kabsa

1:30 PM

Head towards Al Gara Mountain

2:20 PM

Arrival at Al Gara Mountain 

3:30 PM

Head towards Alasfar Lake which is in the middle of the desert.

6:00 PM

Arrival at Alqaisariyah Market which is 400 years old for a quick tour and coffee

7:30 PM

Head towards the campsite

8:30 PM

Oriental Oud performance starts for about 2 hours

10:00 PM

Chill out and continue board games

12:30 AM

Horror Movie starts


9:00 AM


9:00 AM

Breakfast: Omelet, Labna with Zattar, Olives, White Cheese, Peanut Butter, perhaps some turkey sausages, tuna with mayonnaise

1:00 PM

Lunch BBQ Chicken

3:00 – 5:00 PM

Chill out + Games + Volleyball

Select Date/Time & Number of Guest

335.00 USD / per adult
Customer Reviews
Michaela A.
Michaela A.
February 18, 2021

We had such an amazing experience spending an entire weekend in the desert. Not only did this weekend allow us to escape the bustling city life but it also allowed us to enjoy the Arabic hospitality. It was a beautiful weekend with a great host in a well set up camp with a very traditional feel and never ending hearty Arabian food and refreshments. The day activities were well planned from visiting a Date farm, exploring the Al Gara Mountains, visiting Al Asfar lake, sand boarding and ending an evening off at our camp with a Oriental Oud Performance next to a campfire. All this made the weekend so much fun and filled with adventure and cultural experiences. I truly recommended to book an overnight desert safari and experience and enjoy the wonders of the desert.