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Khasab Musandam beach camping with a full day dhow cruise is the best way to spend a romantic night on a remote sandy beach. Dolphin watching, snorkeling swimming, view of small fisherman villages, and exploring the breathtaking Musandam fjords is just the starting of this great trip. Along with camping in Musandam, you will enjoy BBQ dinner, breakfast, traditional Omani lunch on the dhow, and enough refreshments. Explore the details of Khasab Musandam beach camping and reserve your seats for this adventurous trip.

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Khasab Overnight Camping Itinerary

Meeting Time: 09: 30 AM: It is suggested that you have to reach Dhow Tour’s office at sharp 9 30 AM to join the staff of the tour. After reaching our office you will be led towards the Khasab Dhow port.

Tour starting time: 10:00 AM: Your full-day tour of Khasab Musandam beach camping will start sharply at 10:00 AM from Khasab Dhow port. Our tour staff will help you to settle down on the dhow crew. You will be served different types of drinks, coffee, traditional Omani tea.

Dolphin watching: 10:45 AM: Your first place where you will enter on your boat is Musandam Fjords at 10: 45 AM. Here will start dolphin watching. Our staff will take you to the best place for dolphin watching in Khasab Musandam. On beach tours, dolphin watching is always considered an amazing activity. Don’t miss this opportunity because most of the time dolphins come along to the boat and make very beautiful scenes for you which definitely prove memorable time.

Telegraph Island: 11: 30 AM: After done with Musandam Fjords dhow will move towards historical Telegraph Island where our boat will stay for an hour for swimming or snorkeling. The view of the island is wonderful and eye-catching. It is one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling. Basic equipment including snorkeling gear and life jackets for swimming will be provided to you by us.

Onboard lunch: 01: 00 PM: A delicious and traditional Omani lunch will be served to you by our staff members. In traditional Omani lunch, you will enjoy fried rice, fried chicken, vegetable gravy, Arabian bread, Humans, Salad, freshwater, and different type of soft drinks.  

Seebi island: 02: 00 PM: After having lunch, we will move to Seebi Island. It is also a place where you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming as well and make your time memorable. Here you will also enjoy the colorful fishes and underwater life which make you feel happy.

Departure to the campsite: 03:00 PM: After getting entertained by the view of Seebi Island we will leave for the Khasab harbor around 03:00 PM. On the way, you will see the small fisherman villages like Nadafi, Qanaha, Maqlab, See, and Shem. After crossing these villages our boat will reach at beach campsite around 04:00 PM.

Arrival at Khasab Beach Campsite: 04:30 PM: You will reach Khasab campsite transferring here by speed boat. Our staff will here for your welcome, you will find here all necessary arrangements for your night spending under the moonlight and the shines of stars. Chairs, tents, mattresses, toilet, lights, campfire, music, volleyball, badminton, and play cards all these things are included and will be provided to you in your starring night.

Dinner on campsite 07: 30 PM: You will be served a delicious BBQ dinner at 07: 30 PM. Fried rice, fried chicken, fish, Tikka, Arabian bread, humans, fresh salad, water, soft drinks, and plain water.

Breakfast: 07: 30 Am: After spending the whole night under the wonderful sky full of shiny stars, now it’s time to have a fresh morning with breakfast. On Khasab beach campsite you will be served breakfast at 07:30 AM including boiled eggs, bread, jam, juices, yogurt, coffee, water, and soft drinks.

Leaving for Khasab Harbor: 08:30 AM: After done with your all tour activities the time comes when we have to say goodbye to each other with a lot of unforgettable memories. You will be transferred to Khasab dhow port.

Beach Camping Tour includes:
Traditional Omani lunch and BBQ buffet dinner
Omani coffee, tea, soft drinks, plain water
Basic toilet necessaries, freshwater bags
Electricity, wood for campfire in the night
Mattresses, Tents, blankets, and pillow
Chairs, tables, music system
Badminton, football, volleyball

Overnight Beach Camping Activities
Exploring Musandam Fjords
Snorkeling and swimming
Natural dolphin watching
Visiting Telegraph and Seebi Island
View of small fishing villages

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