Learn to kite board in 2 half day lessons with a friend

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Duration: 6 hours
Price: € 170
6 hours of group kiteboarding instruction for beginners.
This course is aimed at getting beginners to an intermediate level to practice safely alone in the least amount of time.  Two Students to One professional instructor. Group Kiteboarding lessons are recommended if this is your first time kiteboarding, reserve your lesson and learn with a friend and watch each other ride while you progress to the next level. 

STEP ONE: Kite Skills. We start with the trainer kite on land to teach you the steering reflexes that are so important to successful kite-flying. The trainer kite is smaller than the full-size kite you will be using in the next steps. The trainer kite allows you to experiment with the wind and get the feel for the kite. During this process you will also learn about wind direction, flying in the wind window, using power zones, using the harness and using the other safety systems.

STEP TWO: We move onto the larger inflatable kite. The inflatable kites are what we use in the water because they float and can be relaunched. You will discover how to handle the kite and use the depower system, and steer one-handed. We show the correct way to set up the equipment and how to use the various safety systems. Moving from the land to the water you will learn how to launch the kite safely. 

STEP THREE: We then learn to fly the kite on the water without the board. We start with some body surfing behind the kite and use kite power to return to the beach and to provide locomotion. This is also called “body dragging”. You will fly away from shore, and surf a downwind course and return to the beach and self-exit. Next, you learn to steer the kite “single-handed” while holding the board

STEP FOUR: Board Skills. You will learn how to launch with the board, and how to recover the board in deep water. You will learn board handling skills and the Theory of the water start. The waterstart combines the board skills with the kite-flying skills. As you gain experience using the board and kite together you will begin to pop up on the board and start to ride a short distance

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